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Lauren (Klopfenstein) Miller

Communications Creative

Lauren completed a Bachelor of Arts degree through UGA's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications, a curriculum ranked among the top three journalism schools in the country. Lauren has worked in public relations for about ten years in agencies in Atlanta, New York, and Charleston. With a passion for communications, Lauren has gained valuable PR experience across several industries, such as fashion, lifestyle and entertainment, and B2B tech/enterprise. These experiences have enhanced her passion for the communication and lifestyle industries, and she aspires to continue her professional development in these areas.


<b><big>Copywriter<br> • Promotional Journalist<br> • Marketing Professional</b></big>

<b>Talented, creative, and efficient content copywriter and marketer. Experienced in a variety of industries spanning a bevy of fields. Long term writing contracts for prominent corporations including Apartment Guide, Visit Philadelphia, Rent., Nexxt Jobs, PODS, Eric Alper PR, Spectrio, and more. Draws from years of full-time, freelance, and agency writing and marketing environs. Comfortable producing B2B, B2C, B2G, creative, data-driven, lifestyle, instructional, and CTA copy, in both professional and conversational styles.</b> Concentration in copywriting and marketing journalism, with additional skillsets in email & event marketing, advertising & promotions, broadcasting, copyediting, comedy writing, and graphic design. Seeking an opportunity to join a progressive organization and utilize my unique writing and marketing skills and experience. A desire to help take a creative team the next level. Possesses a broad spectrum of knowledge, able to step into nearly any industry or channel without missing a beat.


Elizabeth A. Baker

Public Relations & Communications

Elizabeth Baker is a Portland-based public relations and communications expert focused on strategic planning and execution, messaging, crisis communications, branding, content development, project management, copywriting, social media management, thought leadership, and advertising. She has more than two decades of experience in the finance, healthcare, higher education, food, nonprofit, environmental, government, and journalism industries. She is passionate about creating compelling messaging that will move people to action.


Marcy Fletchall

Senior Career Coach | Resume Writer

Marcy is an experienced senior and executive career coach and prolific resume writer. Her reputation as a subject matter expert in executive, career coaching, and outplacement services is well-known. She understands the job search, career pivot, and career transition processes, offering expert advice to support client success. Marcy is a trusted advisor for leadership development and performance. Her industry experience covers information technology, oil and gas, pharma, healthcare, insurance, banking, consumer products, education, manufacturing, telecommunications, advertising, nonprofits, and government. She holds an MBA as well as various certifications. Skills: Career Development/Job Search-----------------------Excellent coach/consultant Transformational ATS Compliant Resume Writer-------Communication in all forms Career Search, Pivots & Transitions--------------------Empathetic/Active Listener Collaborator/Relationship Builder----------------------Engagement Strategist Client-Focused/Client Engagement---------------------Inspires trust/confidence Problem Solver/Logical Thinker-------------------------Outplacement Operations Detailed Oriented/Organized----------------------------Significant HR Knowledge Resilient/Adaptive/Flexible/Agile------------------------Data-Driven/Analyst Leader/Strategist---------------------------------------Business Acumen AREAS OF EXPERTISE • Assisted clients in Identifying their Career Goals: Guided clients in exploring their career interests, establishing career goals, exploring their strengths, and developing action plans to achieve success. Collaborated with clients to define clear achievable career goals, aligning them with personal strengths and aspirations. Facilitated workshop through the goal setting, resume writing, and job search process. Developed customized action plans, helping clients make informed decisions and progress toward their desired careers. • Conducted virtual coaching sessions: Successfully conducted over 196 virtual coaching sessions, catering to diverse clients at different career stages. Utilized virtual communication platforms to provide interactive, engaging, and informative coaching experiences. Achieved a 99% client satisfaction rate through virtual coaching, fostering strong client relationships. • Extensive Experience in Career Development: Significant experience in career development and coaching, working with a diverse range of individuals, successfully assisting in their career journeys, from students and entry-level professionals to mid-career changers and senior executives, understanding the nuances of each group. • Strong Educational Background: MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources; strong coaching and mentoring skills; learned from the most respected industry leaders, understanding the complexities of career development. • Expertise in Assessments and Analysis: Proficient in conducting assessments and introducing exercises to evaluate clients' skills, interests, and values, and applying this information to provide tailored career strategies aided clients in gaining valuable insights into their skills and preferences that align with their goals and aspirations. Offered actionable feedback and personalized advice to help clients enhance their self-awareness and make informed career decisions. Enhanced client self-confidence and decision-making, resulting in a 40% increase in successful career transitions. • Exceptional Communication Skills: Successfully communicate effectively, setting clear expectations with clients to build strong rapport, trust, and respect; make every effort to understand the client needs and guide them through career exploration and job search. • Results-Oriented Approach: Focus on achieving measurable outcomes for clients, such as increased job satisfaction, successful career transitions, and effective career pivots through improved job search techniques. • Knowledge of Industry Trends: Commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, job markets, and hiring practices to provide relevant and current advice to clients. Actively engaged in ongoing professional development, continuously updating knowledge of industry trends and emerging best practices. Regularly take online courses to implement new coaching techniques, strategies, and resume writing. Shared insights and taught clients, ensuring they benefited from the latest industry knowledge and techniques. • Networking and Relationship Building: Help clients build and expand their professional networks by encouraging them to foster meaningful industry relationships, enhancing their career prospects. • Personalized Career Planning: Tailored coaching sessions to suit individual needs, recognizing that each client has unique strengths, challenges, and goals. • Empowerment and Motivation: Ability to inspire and empower clients to actively take charge of their careers using a motivational approach to overcoming obstacles and encouraging proactive career development. • Continuous Professional Development: Avid learner who watches podcasts or webinars, speaks with colleagues to understand trends and industry advancements, keeping up-to-date with skills and knowledge in the field. • Passion for Helping Others: Enthusiastic and dedicated to helping individuals find meaningful and fulfilling careers. Demonstrate a genuine desire to positively impact people's lives; receive consistent accolades. • Maintain accurate client records: Meticulously documented client progress, keeping detailed records of assessments, coaching sessions, and action plans. Ensured client confidentiality and privacy, maintaining accurate and secure client files. Streamlined record- keeping processes, improving organizational efficiency and data security. Contact Marcy at: [email protected]


Will Hiles

Narrative Designer/Writer

I'm an experienced narrative designer/writer/editor. I began my industry career with Richard Garriot and Origin Systems/EA writing game manuals and collateral content (Ultima Online). I've created original stories, scripting, lore, and content for such games as City of Heroes/Villains, Dungeon Runners & Tabula Rasa (NCsoft). I created the Duels universe for Challenge Games, was senior writer/world creator for Chronicles of Herenvale (MOSOSH), Ravenskye City & Ravenwood Fair (Roaring Bull/Lolapps), SyFy's Monster Island (Sneaky Games), Elements: Broken Lands (Team Chaos), Pearl's Peril, Agent Alice, Mass Ammo (Wooga), Wargaming.net (Hybrid Wars), the science fantasy MMO Splinters of Ares and Men in Black: Aliens and Agents (BullTiger Productions). With One More Story Games, I helped to develop licensed literary properties into interactive media. I was a lead writer on Danielle's Inferno ( a parody of Dante's Inferno, based on a story by Olivia Rivard), which won the 2017 PC Game of the Year from the Toronto Game Devs. My Berlin Wooga writing team was a finalist in the 2014 Develop Awards for Use of Narrative. I have also been a professional writer for over 25 years, with credits in writing short stories, game strategy books, non-fiction game articles/reviews as a magazine editor (Computer Games Magazine & GameSpy), comic books, and screenplays. I'm published by Perseid Press, which is owned by fantasy/science fiction author Janet Morris, and by Iron Clad Press. I am a member of the Writers Guild of America West. In 2016, I won the Wheel of Osheim Writing Contest hosted by Mark Lawrence. I was the Lead Narrative Designer and Team Lead for Tau Station, a story-centric Sci-Fi MMO being developed by All Around the World. I also adapted Cixin Liu's The Wandering Earth for Crazy Maple Studios. I was the Managing Editor for Beijing Kunlun Tech's Stardust Works Studio (Moments Interactive Stories). I am the author of the novelette "Red Rain" in the anthology Heroika: Dragon Eaters and co-author of the YA fantasy Little Wonders. Both are available on Amazon. I have written episode spec scripts (Jezebel in Hell) for a proposed Showtime series created by Stephen Romano (Masters of Horror/Black Light/Ressurection Express). Most recently, I was a senior narrative designer for Civilization Online (Leyou/Tencent) and senior writer on Ilysia VRMMO (Team 21 Studio).


Kelly Skarritt-Williams

Freelance Copywriter and Editor

I am a writer and editor with 20 years of experience working in journalism, public relations, marketing and communications. I've written for such industries as faith-based institutions, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, small-business marketing, health insurance, government, health care, and higher education. I've managed social media channels for faith-based, B2B, higher education and nonprofit organizations. Through concise, compelling copy, I deliver content that drives the reader to take action. I am a strategic thinker who regularly considers the wide-ranging impact a message could have on a variety of audiences and delivery systems. I also apply a healthy dose of creativity to each project I tackle to achieve a piece that not only informs, but also entertains. Contact me at [email protected] for rates and availability.

Jessica Ward


Jessica is a passionate writer residing in the Greater Boston area. A copywriter and editor by profession, she spends her days brewing endless coffee and adding to her "words to use later" list. And writing, of course. Even outside of her 9-5, she can't stop writing. She's a contributing writer to indie music blog Unheard Gems, and lends her skill to a variety of freelance clients, mainly in the music industry. She herself is a lifelong musician, having studied songwriting under seasoned industry professionals and Grammy voters. She uses the writing of music and lyrics as a way to understand the world around her. Whether those songs will ever see the light of day, only time will tell. While she mainly writes about lifestyle and the arts, she is also well-versed in the world of creative fiction. She took classes to enrich her storytelling in Copenhagen, Denmark in the fall of 2019, where she wrote her first-ever short play.



Communications Strategist | Visionary Leader | Creative

Here's what I believe. "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world," as Nelson Mandela once stated and I will add that education can change one's economic status, as well. In order to stand valiant against opposition, students and lifelong learners should exercise mental acuity to war on the battlefield of ideas. Here's what I do: I make an organization's efforts shine and gain traction in the marketplace and the digital space by executing ideas. Here's what you need to do: Connect with me today to discuss how we can implement ideas through strategic communications.


Kathy L. Harris

Content Director, Managing Editor, Senior-Level Writer

30 years of experience in multichannel communications management, copywriting, editing and content strategy. Includes print, digital, mobile, video, social media and more. Emphasis on brand-building, eliciting emotion and action, and cultivating loyalty. ANY CHANNEL • ANY TACTIC • ANY DAY