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Emily Leonick

Content Marketing Writer

Location icon United States

Over the last few years, I've found that well-researched content is bolstered by a clear, effective narratives. Optimizing content for SEO purposes while being able to clearly express why your content matters is the key to maximizing your ROI. That is the approach I take in all content pieces I work on, whether that be a blog post, a product page, social media updates, or a whitepaper backed by data. I strive to use data and research to tell the "why" of the matter, regardless of word count.



CBANC Network
Core Survey Report

Report based on survey of CBANC members about the software used in their institutions.

Social Solutions

Social Solutions
Requests for Proposal - How To Get What You Need for Your Project

Receiving services and products for your organization or government agency from outside vendors involves a lengthy process. Increasingly often, this process requires a Request for Proposal, or RFP, be submitted to these potential vendors. Requests for Proposal are important as they ensure you're on the same page with vendors regarding your projects.

Social Solutions Case Study

As the Chief Deputy Court Administrator, Michelle Ardabily is responsible for overseeing around a dozen programs at the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Pasco and Pinellas counties. The Circuit is home to one of the largest drug courts in America, along with sizeable family court, adult drug court, veterans’ treatment court, and dependency treatment court systems.

Social Solutions
The Importance of Being Earnest (About Diversifying Your Funding) - Social Solutions

Nonprofits can feel that worrying about funding is against their mission; why talk about funding when should focus on service delivery? Funding is tied to service delivery, and that means it's something worth caring about. There are different sources of funding available to you and it's important to consider utilizing multiple funding streams for your nonprofit funding models.

Social Solutions
Mission Capital - Partner Interview - Social Solutions

Social Solutions is pleased to introduce Mission Capital as one of our valued partners! We sat down with Chelsea Hartness, the Membership Manager at Mission Capital to learn more about their organization and to get more information surrounding our partnership.

Social Solutions
How Will Victim Services Case Management Software Make a Difference in Your Service Delivery? -...

Documentation is a part of best practices when it comes to domestic violence service delivery. Data is increasingly important in today's world, and your nonprofit will benefit from collecting and tracking your data. Tracking your clients is a requirement for VOCA, HUD, and ESG CAPER, but going beyond the basics and tracking more data can help you with service delivery in the long run.

Social Solutions
Top 3 Mistakes Made By New Nonprofits and How to Avoid Them - Social Solutions

A new nonprofit is the product of a person or group of people seeing a need that isn't being met and setting out to address that need. Trying to solve a problem within a community is not easy, and how your organization is run on day one will more than likely be different from how it's being run at the end of your first year.

Client Work

Etruscan Press

Etruscan Press
An Interview with H. L. Hix

"I feel completely flooded," says Etruscan author H. L. Hix, "I can't write fast enough to keep up with the stuff that wants to come out."

Etruscan Press Newsletter
Hungry for Information: An Interview with Lynn Lurie

“Literacy is like nutrition,” says Etruscan author Lynn Lurie (Quick Kills, 2014), “it's essential.” Lurie is one of many Etruscan authors who have participated in the Etruscan outreach program. The outreach program, developed by Executive Director Phil Brady, was created to promote literacy in underserved communities. Within the central hubs of Youngstown, Ohio and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania the program has established “Little Free Libraries,” which circulate free books among these...

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