Emily Leonick

Content Marketing Writer

United States

Over the last few years, I've found that well-researched content is bolstered by a clear, effective narratives. Optimizing content for SEO purposes while being able to clearly express why your content matters is the key to maximizing your ROI. That is the approach I take in all content pieces I work on, whether that be a blog post, a product page, social media updates, or a whitepaper backed by data. I strive to use data and research to tell the "why" of the matter, regardless of word count.


Electronic Arts

EA Help
I can't log into my EA Account

We've got steps to help you find your email and password, and our advisors can help with anything this article doesn't answer.

EA Help
Field Pass in Madden NFL 23

New to Madden NFL, Field Pass is a reward track available to every player for free in Madden NFL 23. Learn more about the different pass types.


AR Scavenger Hunt

Campaign I pitched, planned and created based around company's Accounts Receivable push to sell RCM services to customer base. Built using ion asset creator.

Telehealth as a Long-Term Solution For Your Medical Practice

Blog: Telehealth can play a key role in maintaining your revenue flow as a permanent fixture in your practice's business plan. With patients turning to virtual options for every facet of their lives, the demand for virtual care is here to stay.


CBANC Network
Core Survey Report

Report based on survey of CBANC members about the software used in their institutions.

Social Solutions

Social Solutions
Requests for Proposal - How To Get What You Need for Your Project

Receiving services and products for your organization or government agency from outside vendors involves a lengthy process. Increasingly often, this process requires a Request for Proposal, or RFP, be submitted to these potential vendors. Requests for Proposal are important as they ensure you're on the same page with vendors regarding your projects.

Social Solutions Case Study

As the Chief Deputy Court Administrator, Michelle Ardabily is responsible for overseeing around a dozen programs at the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Pasco and Pinellas counties. The Circuit is home to one of the largest drug courts in America, along with sizeable family court, adult drug court, veterans’ treatment court, and dependency treatment court systems.

Social Solutions
The Importance of Being Earnest (About Diversifying Your Funding) - Social Solutions

Nonprofits can feel that worrying about funding is against their mission; why talk about funding when should focus on service delivery? Funding is tied to service delivery, and that means it's something worth caring about. There are different sources of funding available to you and it's important to consider utilizing multiple funding streams for your nonprofit funding models.