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August 12, 2019

Remote Writing Jobs

Remote writing jobs offer ambitious writers an unprecedented opportunity to make a living doing what they love while enjoying the flexibility and independence of working from home (or anywhere, for that matter). Here, we’ll delve into the field of remote writing and share some pointers for those interested in breaking into it.


Feature Story Ideas

Feature stories are an ideal medium to showcase your dexterity as a writer. When used as the cornerstone for your Clippings.me portfolio, they can make a strong case for your abilities and demonstrate how your writing style is unique. But where should you get started?


Becoming a Science Journalist: Dalmeet Singh Chawla

There is a science to being a successful freelance journalist. Just ask science journalist Dalmeet Singh Chawla who has managed to carve out a full-time career writing for publications like Nature, Science, Physics Today, Undark Magazine, BBC Future, The Guardian, The Economist, Slate, Pacific Standard and Medium.


My Career Break: Lyz Lenz

In our latest freelancer profile, writer Lyz Lenz shares how she went from dreaming about a writing career – while holding down a mom blog and marketing job in Middle America – to becoming one of the most respected voices in freelance journalism in the US.