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Feature Story Ideas

Feature stories are an ideal medium to showcase your dexterity as a writer. When used as the cornerstone for your Clippings.me portfolio, they can make a strong case for your abilities and demonstrate how your writing style is unique. But where should you get started?


Becoming a Science Journalist: Dalmeet Singh Chawla

There is a science to being a successful freelance journalist. Just ask science journalist Dalmeet Singh Chawla who has managed to carve out a full-time career writing for publications like Nature, Science, Physics Today, Undark Magazine, BBC Future, The Guardian, The Economist, Slate, Pacific Standard and Medium.


My Career Break: Lyz Lenz

In our latest freelancer profile, writer Lyz Lenz shares how she went from dreaming about a writing career – while holding down a mom blog and marketing job in Middle America – to becoming one of the most respected voices in freelance journalism in the US.


Squarespace vs Wix: Writing Portfolio Showdown

We’ve selected three online platforms that we think are perfect for writers looking to quickly cultivate an online presence – we'll be pitting Squarespace vs Wix vs online writing portfolio specialist Clippings.me. So, what platform is best for your specific needs and what should you know before you put your portfolio online?