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Top 5 AI Writers — Are They the Future of Writing?

As AI writers get more advanced, many writers wonder if these bots are gunning for their jobs. Today’s AI writers can generate convincing sales copy, product descriptions, and even complete blog posts. But they’re not taking over from human writers — they’re making those writers’ lives easier.

Today’s AI writers produce solid first drafts. They need editing to be publication-ready and may have factual errors, since they’re trained to write and not research. But they get words on the page, often hundreds of them in a matter of seconds.

AI writers can help you to up your productivity, beat writer’s block, and generate higher volumes of original content. Here are the best ones to check out, based on real-life testing by a professional writer.


Based on ease of use and the quality of content generated, Jasper is the best of today’s AI writers. It features multiple templates that cover the most popular content types including email, websites, product descriptions, and blog outlines. 

Jasper can also generate material using popular copywriting frameworks. Here’s one based on Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, or AIDA:

Image source

Jasper generates copy like this in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is apply a human touch and check it for readability, accuracy, and brand voice. With a few edits, it can be as solid as anything a pro would create, and in much less time.

You’ll also get access to a Content Improver tool that can tweak up to 400 words of existing content. It’s a great feature for those moments when you’re not sure about what you’ve written, and you’re wondering if there’s a better way to say something.

Why It’s the Best

Jasper is easy to use with an intuitive interface. When you open a template, it asks you for detailed information about your topic. Most require a product description, but the optional fields are what really make the content shine.

Jasper knows that good copy is branded and targeted to a particular kind of reader, so it asks for audience information and tone of voice. It even asks for example titles if you’re requesting blog post ideas.

Because it touches on these aspects of effective content, Jasper’s results are the best in the business. It’s smooth, readable, and more on-brand than you’ll get from most competitors.

A Recipe for Great Content

Possibly the best feature on Jasper is the “Recipe” function. Recipes are workflows that will lead you through the process of long-form content creation using a series of prompts.

You can create your own Recipes or get started with one from the Jasper site. There are several featured options, including Blog Post and Press Release. The most detailed and useful for beginning marketers is the Idea Factory:

The only downside to Recipes is that to run them, you need a Pro plan or higher. But even with the more basic Starter plan, you can browse sample and community-generated Recipes and use them as manual templates. 

You can also create Recipes of your own with any Paid plan. You may not be able to run them unless you have a higher-level plan, but they’re still great for project planning and workflow management.

How to Get It

Jasper has three price points:

  • Starter: $29 per month for 20,000 words
  • Pro: $109 per month for unlimited words
  • Boss Mode: $119 per month with additional features

All plans come with a seven-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it with no risk (if you remember when your seven days are up).

2. CopyAI

Fair warning: Once you have CopyAI, you’ll never want to let it go. You might not use it for days at a time, but when the dreaded writer’s block hits, you’ll be opening its bookmark faster than you can say “cold email.”

Where CopyAI Shines

CopyAI has templates for almost anything a professional copywriter produces, and it CopyAI remembers your product description across templates. You can use the same blurb to get an original email, some Facebook headlines, Google descriptions, and even an outline for a blog text.

You can even use CopyAI for your personal projects, from resume bullet points to — no joke — love letters. The 400-word description is all that’s required, but you have the option to specify a target audience, occasion, or promotion. The more detail you offer, the better and more targeted your results will be.

CopyAI doesn’t let you specify a tone of voice, but you can generate an unlimited number of ideas. Plus, the platform offers a collection of incredibly helpful writing tools including Change Tone, Sentence Rewriter, and Simplify Sentence.

How to Get It

Try it for free with no obligation — CopyAI’s seven-day trial doesn’t require a credit card. Just sign up with your email and when your trial expires, you can choose the $35/month Solo plan or the customized Multiple Seats plan for larger writing teams.

3. Copysmith

Like other AI writers, Copysmith generates content and sales copy using templates. You won’t find the same variety of templates as you’d find on Jasper or CopyAI, and the interface is a little bit less intuitive. For example, it’s not immediately apparent that to create new copy, you need to click “Create File.”

Copysmith does have plenty of benefits, though, and they make it well worth a try.

Where Copysmith Shines

Copysmith can be more than just an AI writer. It’s set up to be your central hub for content generation, even across multiple projects.


Copysmith does a great job of helping you organize your samples. From your home page, you can create multiple Projects and customize each one with target audiences, a URL, keywords, and a description.

Copysmith will use the information you enter every time you generate new content for that project. You can even sort project content into Folders to keep related samples together. It’s a great way to generate copy for specific ad campaigns, keep your blog materials all in one place, or sort your work by client.

Long-Form Content

Unlike many top AI writers, Copysmith can create an entire blog post at once. You provide a sample intro paragraph and the first sentence of the first three paragraphs, and the tool will generate up to 1,200 words.  

This feature is still in beta, so generated blog posts might need more editing compared to shorter-form outputs. Also, long-form blog posts are only available to higher-level subscribers, and most plans have a post limit.


To help you polish your content, Content Enhancer as well as a Content Rewriter. The Enhancer is ideal for moments when you just want to tighten up your writing without completely revamping it.

The Rewriter gives you multiple versions of the same text. You can pick your favorite or cobble multiple options together — or save the different options and use them to update your webpage or copy.

How to Get It

Like CopyAI, Copysmith has a free trial with no credit card required. Once your trial expires, you can upgrade to one of four plans:

  • Starter: $19 per month
  • Professional: $59 per month
  • Teams: $118 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Higher pricing tiers have more blog credits and options for multiple users.

4. WriteSonic

WriteSonic functions a lot like Copysmith, in that it organizes your copy by project. The website does force you to create a project before it lets you generate text, but that means you’re less likely to lose track of what you’ve created.

WriteSonic is a subscription service like most others, but it uses a credit system on top of that. Most templates cost at least one credit, per use and that can add up when you only get 75 credits with the lowest-tier plan.

The platform’s interface is clunky at first, but it makes a lot of sense once you get used to it. Each project has:

  • A New Copy tab where you can generate material
  • A Saved tab where your bookmarked copy goes
  • A Usage History tab for all of the content you’ve generated in that project  

WriteSonic’s Templates

WriteSonic has a wide variety of templates, comparable to industry leaders. It can produce:

  • Digital ad copy
  • Website copy
  • Product descriptions and titles
  • Video copy
  • Emails

WriteSonic also features a strong selection of writing tools, including a Content Rephraser that rewrites your material in a voice and tone you specify. Most AI rewriting tools don’t let you specify tone, so this tool alone makes the platform worth a look.

Long-Form Article Writing

WriteSonic’s best and most unique feature is probably the AI Article Writer, which leads you through creating long-form content in four steps: Idea, Intro, Outline, and Generation. In the Idea step, you provide a topic and WriteSonic gives you multiple possible titles for one credit. You choose the one you want to develop.

You then provide a 100- to 150-word introduction. The platform will use that to generate multiple five-section outlines, at the cost of another credit. You choose your favorite and WriteSonic will create your article from there, charging you one credit per two sections.

The generated copy is about as rough as Copysmith’s, but it makes a great jump-start.

How to Get It

WriteSonic has two sets of pricing plans, one for writers and one for marketers. The Marketing Platform includes more copy types including ads and product descriptions. It costs a bit more, beginning at $13.05 per month for the Starter plan and adding more credits at higher levels.

The Writing Platform focuses more on blog posts and writing tools. It starts at $11.25 for a monthly subscription. Both starter plans offer 75 credits.

You can try WriteSonic with a free trial, no credit card required. The free trial includes all features and 10 credits so you can play around with several different kinds of copy.

5. Rytr

Rytr has a simpler presentation than its competitors, but it’s still a heavy hitter.  It has more than 30 use cases, including the standard sales copy types you’ll get from its competitors.

Where Rytr Shines

Rytr is one of the easiest AI writers to use. It even has a template called “Magic Command” that lets you treat Rytr as your personal copywriting butler. Just give the bot up to 250 characters of instruction, the more detailed the better.

For example, when asked to write a cover letter for a copywriter with 10 years of experience and positive reviews, Rytr produced results like:

“I am a copywriter with 10 years of experience. I provide custom copywriting for small businesses and organizations in need of a talented wordsmith. I would like to apply for the position of Copywriter at your company. I am confident that my writing skills, strong work ethic, and positive client reviews make me an ideal candidate.”

Rytr presents its content in an easily editable format. It lets you bold and italicize text, create headlines, insert hyperlinks, and more. It’s like working in your favorite word processor. You also have the option to download the generated content or simply copy and paste it.

Rytr also has a broad range of text editing templates that will shorten, expand, reword, or refine your text. There’s even an Append Content function that will finish your sentences for you.

How to Get It

Rytr’s cost accessibility is one of its top features. The free plan lets you generate up to 5,000 characters per month. If you need more than that, it’s easy to upgrade to the $29-per-month premium plan.

Starting Out with AI Writers

By this point, you have a starter list of high-quality AI writers. Choose one to begin your journey and play around with some content creation. Generate content or ideas for a real-life client or create some promotional material for yourself.

You’ll still have plenty of work to do, but it will go more smoothly and happen faster than if you had to struggle for ideas on your own. That’s the true value of AI writers today — they get words on paper so wordsmiths can do their thing!