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Clippings.me was founded in 2011. Today, it's the world's largest journalism portfolio site and is the virtual home of journalists from around the world.

Clippings.me makes it as easy as possible to add work to your portfolio. Simply sign up for a portfolio and add each item of work with a click. You can even embed video and audio items, which are displayed in your portfolio alongside written pieces and can be viewed by visitors without leaving the page. Customization is a breeze too - you can upload a profile image, a background image and change the colors used on your site in seconds.

In education

Clippings.me is recommended by several journalism schools as a way for students to showcase their work. We're the proud home to portfolios from CUNY School of Journalism, Medill and Stanford University students, among others.

It's also used by other educators as a simple e-portfolio solution for project collations or coursework. Premium branded portfolios (complete with school logos) are available for educators on request.

Directory - clippings.me examples

Our awesome portfolios are showcased in the journalist directory, an open resource of the world's journalists sortable by beat. It's a great way to find clippings.me portfolio examples, but to have yours added you'll need to ensure you've added some description tags to your profile and have added clippings to your portfolio.