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Do you want to earn more money as a freelance writer?

In these uncertain times, you probably aren’t shaking your head No to that, but… How can you earn a higher wage without adding more low-paying projects to your already overfilled plate?


When I got started as a writer, I saw myself pumping out a portfolio of fascinating articles and cashing checks from grateful clients. While that scenario sometimes reflects real life, I have learned that a freelance business also involves quarterly tax forms, client turnover, customer service, and ninja-like time management skills.

At some point, there’s only so much work I can do without burning out and heading back to my corporate cubicle. When I reach the ceiling on work volume, I need to improve my business offerings by including things like content strategy in my service array.

That’s why I’m looking forward to a course called Earn More as a Content Strategist with the legendary Jennifer Goforth Gregory. Here’s what the course is about and why you might want to take it, too… or why you might not.

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What can we learn from “Earn More as a Content Strategist?”

Here’s an exclusive sneak preview of the content offered in the four-session course:

In the kickoff session (which doesn’t count toward the total of four), Jennifer will lead us through what content strategy is and how we can make more money by incorporating it into our businesses.

“How much more money?” you ask.

To that, I can only say, “Attend the session and find out.” (I say that because I don’t know how much the upper limit may be, but Jennifer has brought in $148,000 in a single year.)

In the first session, we’ll talk about how to turn your current writing clients into content strategy clients whom you can charge more. We’ll cover topics such as how to create an editorial calendar and a social media plan.

Session two is all about evaluating clients’ content needs. We’ll learn how to do content audits and competitive analyses. In session three, we’ll talk about creating a content strategy plan, and the concluding session will cover how to identify clients, market yourself, and get hired as a (handsomely paid) content strategist.

The secret sauce of this course:

Access to 300+ hours of OTHER trainings while you take this one and live Q&A time and homework feedback from the content strategy expert, Jennifer Goforth Gregory.

Bonuses to check out

It’s worth noting that signing up for this course who register early can also get two great freebies from Freelance Writers Den. The first is worth $97 and is a copy of Carol Tice’s Pitching 101 e-course, complete with pitch templates you need for nearly any approach. The second is a book from Jennifer herself; The Content Marketing Writer, which really covers the fundamentals of content writing.

Who is Jennifer Goforth Gregory?

Branded as “The Content Marketing Writer,” Jennifer has led a successful freelance content writing business for 20 years. Her clients include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Adobe, Samsung, and American Express; and her work has appeared in Success Magazine, Enterpreneur.com, MSN Money and Fox Business. She also holds a master’s degree in technical writing. 

A hardworking six-figure freelancer and content-marketing expert, Jennifer has NEVER partnered with another platform before. So this is a super-exclusive opportunity for writers looking to level-up to content strategy work.

Why I’m excited about this course

Print publications are shrinking as a whole, and many other marketplaces simply don’t pay enough for writers to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. Today, content marketing is probably the largest, most easily accessed marketplace for freelance writers to earn good money for their work.

But writing is only one piece of content marketing and not the most lucrative piece. That’s strategy. Fortunately, it’s easy to pair content strategy with freelance writing. Jennifer has done it for years and turned her business into a six-figure enterprise. 

Besides the timeliness of the course content, I know that Freelance Writers Den always offers great value in online writer training. Having logged more than 300 hours of trainings with 1,300 members, they’re deeply experienced.

As we’re all likely to be stuck at home for the foreseeable future, there’s one other bonus I want to mention – it’s got to do with the importance of community. It can be hard, as a freelancer, to access support groups. Now, Freelance Writers Den only officially opens for new members twice a year, so there are limited opportunities to take advantage of their forums, training courses, job boards, networking sessions, etc etc…

The only exception? When they hold a bootcamp such as this one. Now is when to hop in and get training that includes expert feedback. With a seven-day refund guarantee, I have nothing to lose.

Why you might not find this course a fit for you

There are a few types of writers I honestly might not recommend this course for:

  • If you’re aching to write fiction, scripts, or screenplays, this probably isn’t the course for you.
  • If you’re already successfully integrating content strategy services with writing, you may find some of the course material too basic or repetitive for where you are.

However, if you are brand new to writing for content marketing or you’ve been writing for a while but never done more with strategy than try to integrate keywords for a client, then you may find that Jennifer has a lot to offer you in this course.

Can I try it first?

As of this week, and for a limited time only, you can: there’s an early module online entitled “Discover the $3,000-a-Month Opportunity in Content Writing.”

Click here to check out the preview.

In the video, you’ll learn how Jennifer moved up from slaving at content mills to having steady, $3k-a-month retainer clients, including some big-name companies.

How to sign up for this course

Clippings.me is a partner for this course, so you can head on over to the Freelance Writers Den site and signup for the course by clicking here and you’ll be supporting us by doing so.

See you there!

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