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Jenny Kanevsky

Senior B2B Marketing Manager & Content Strategist


Aurelio Mitjans

Content Creator.

I'm a content creator based in Austin, TX. I have a background in journalism. I've written for magazines, tech companies, and private clients. I've also done video production photography and worked with modeling agencies and magazines. There are 7 types of content in this portfolio divided into sections: 1. Blog Posts 2. Spec UX Writing 3. Spec Ads 4. Social Media Posts 5. Photography 6. Video 7. Magazine Cover Stories I hope you see something you like. Don't hesitate to reach out if you think I can be of service.


David Hasley


Early on I was referred to as a business and banking whiz. I excelled at commercial banking and business consulting, and I moonlighted in cartooning and screenwriting. My evenings took a turn away from entertainment when a banking client asked me to write STARTING UP, a guide for starting and managing your own business. Subsequently, I transitioned to investment management where I oversaw investor communications for a major investment management firm. My real estate and investment savvy grew exponentially during this period as did my writing, designing and editing abilities. Since then, I've owned and operated two successful businesses and I've continued to hone my writing skills. Scripting, training, correspondence, advertisements, marketing and sales materials, investment reports and newsletters are just a few of the types of communications in which I have experience. I would welcome an opportunity to work, learn and grow with you.


Desmund Ullrich

Blogger and Salon Owner

Desmund Ullrich has been a guest writer for a variety of major media sources including The Blast and MSN Entertainment. As the Owner of The Nail Collective in Las Vegas, along with his wife Stephanie Ullrich, he shares content that entertains and educates daily.


John P. Marchi

Creative, Copy, & Content Writer

​Language is our most valuable tool, and I wield it like a swiss army knife. From web copy to stage plays. From academic research to screenplays. From journalism to children's stories. I treat writing like the inexhaustive vehicle it is to drive the content clients want to its final destination.  With over 10 years of writing across various genres/formats, my work adapts to your needs. Find a selection of my works below. 


JJ Regan

Sports journalist

I am an experienced sports journalist with a demonstrated history of generating engaging content in a major market. I have covered a variety of sports and events over my career, but am currently cover the Washington Capitals as a beat writer for NBC Sports Washington. I have been a member of the Pro Hockey Writers Association (PHWA) since 2016. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or (especially) if you want to talk sports.

Kimberly (Gunning) Valentine

Writer & Editor

Business & Leadership • Social Entrepreneurship • Local Startups • Travel & Food Professionally, I have worked as a full-time editor and freelance writer for a variety of print and online publications, ranging from business to lifestyle. I have in-depth research and interviewing experience, and am always looking for unique and engaging stories to report on. I’ve also worked with executives across industries to shape and edit their writing to showcase their expertise and industry leadership. Personally, I am a traveler who's always seeking local experiences, a casual yogi, a long-distance runner and hiker, a food enthusiast, a military wife and a rescue dog mom. I'm in pursuit of a master's degree in communications and media studies from Eastern New Mexico University, and hold a bachelor's degree in journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver.


ToniAmber Jilote

Aspiring Technical Writer/Editor

I recently graduated from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Master of Science in Technical Communication. During my academic journey, I applied a strong focus on building my proofreading and editing abilities while creating usability reports, communication plans, and various other technical reports. I was awarded 1st place and 2nd place, respectively, in the University of Houston-Downtown's 2020 and 2021 Best Graduate Writing in Technical Communication category. In my spare time, I enjoy learning to use new software and listening to women in STEM or tech positions on social media.


Nicole Gibbs

Storyteller. Wordsmith.

Nicole is a freelance writer with an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. She has a Master's degree in Special Education as well, and teaches a high school mod/severe life skills class. Nicole has been published on The Manifest-Station, and Scary Mommy, amongst other places. She is working on a memoir.


Sabrina "Bri" Carrington

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Writer/Editor

Sabrina Carrington is a Writer, Editor, and Public Figure Stylist. As a writer, she enjoys creating content on the latest Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle trends. Sabrina takes pride in keeping up with the trend reports and news, appealing to diverse audiences, and creating content in a timely fashion. As a beauty and fashion writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of creating content, Stylist layouts, Shopping Guides, Product Launches, and news/trend reporting. As a Lifestyle writer, Sabrina contributes to publications by way of conducting interviews; producing Movie, Television and Book reviews; writing Restaurant and Food Reviews; creating Dating & Relationship content, Home and Office Decor layouts, developing food content and recipes, etc...