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Mary Meadows

Writer | Editor | Bibliophile

Mary is a writer who believes that storytelling has the power to transform lives. She is passionate about connecting people through stories and nurturing a culture of thoughtful readers. Mary is a native Michiganite and spends her free time enjoying the capricious weather with her German Shepherd, Dakota.


Kate Sena

Communications and content professional

Kate Sena is a public relations communication and content professional located in the greater New York City area. She has experience writing for a variety of clients, including B2B technology enterprises, consumer fashion apps and marketing technology platforms. She frequently conducts intake calls with enterprise thought leaders, ranging from technical SMEs to C-Level executives, and creates content on their behalf. Kate is a strong writer and can easily make complex, technical topics resonate with readers of all backgrounds.


Kelly Ward

Writer & Digital Communicator

Experienced communicator and analyst with 4+ years of professional writing experience in finance, sports and politics. Will be relocating to the Los Angeles area by April 2020 at latest. For examples of finance and campaign related work, please inquire via email at [email protected]


Sydney Durst

Journalist & Writer

A music journalist with two years of experience. I currently write for Bearded Gentlemen Music and Ascribed Magazine

Marlot Heerink-Martin


As a former writer for National Geographic Traveler online, I'm a journalist who is always looking for the next exciting challenge! I am skilled in writing, research, editing, social media, WordPress, photography, and photoshop.


Mark Zan Mourer

External Relations Professional

I coulda been somebody in the ring of writing. I'm now training to be a freelance contender. In the past, I have sparred with deadlines, jabbed at newsletters and knocked out press releases. I have produced content for leadership, marketing, campaigns, and non-creatives. I fight to tell the accurate truth. Or, at the very least, my opinion.


Jennifer Collis

Writer | Editor

I've been writing and editing professionally for over seven years, and have a knack for transforming your ideas into engaging, well-written copy.


Jeremy Lyons

Sports Management and Marketing - University of Delaware

Writer for "Odyssey" || Sixers Writer for "ThePhifthQuarter"

Grace M. Taylor

Freelance Journalist, Content and Blog Writer (SEO), Copywriter, Editor, etc.

In 2018 I graduated from Western Washington University with a major in P.P.E. (politics, philosophy and economics) and a minor in journalism (news/editorial). During my time at WWU I gained crucial experience with research, academic and creative writing, fast-paced newsroom functions and publication requirements (copywriting, editing, InDesign/Adobe, SEO functions and content writing as a whole). My passions lie in using the written word to promote ideas, highlight influential aspects of our societies policy, and using the media to create transparency in government and uncover deeper truths. My writing style attempts to portray emotion and connect deeply with readers through vivid storytelling and accurate reporting. I bring the curation of my experiences with political and ethical theory, as well as my knowledge of the world of journalism to produce the best pieces possible every time. While sensitive social, philosophical and political topics are at the heart of my desires to pursue a career in journalism, I also partake in a lot of personal writing surrounding the topics of travel, mental health, what it means to be a millenial in our 9-5 corporate driven society, and overall ethical and deeply connected living. My niche is to connect to a broader public on issues that might often be overlooked and potentially difficult to discuss, through a creative tone of voice that speaks directly to the reader. I want to unpack taboo subjects such as feelings of failure, anxiety, overcoming depression and what that looks like, relationship trial and error, self-image issues and a general discussion of living in a society that often makes it hard to push forward. "Attached to nothing, connected to everything." I pride myself on professionalism and effective, ethical journalism.


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Caitlin Nolan

Freelance Content Writer & Editor

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