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Hayley Helms

Writer | Editor | Content Creator

I am a writer, editor and content creator with the vision to craft your story and the drive to make it happen. Writing and creating are my way of connecting with the world, and being able to help in bringing a story or concept to life through the written word is what fuels me. I create content for online and print, including editorial features, blog posts, press releases, and scripts, as well as video production. My areas of expertise include outdoors, health and wellness, fitness, sustainability, and travel. I have worked with major publications, fashion and lifestyle brands, startups, trend forecasting agencies, design firms, and private clients. Combined with my knowledge of best SEO practices and Google Analytics, I am able to deliver your unique story to the world. I can't wait to work with you.


David Thackham

Content Marketing Coordinator at TicketReturn in Charlotte, N.C.

Hi, I'm David. I'm the Content Marketing Coordinator at TicketReturn, one of the top ticketing software/service companies in the U.S. I'm an accomplished writer and storyteller with 10 years of experience as an award-winning storyteller across platforms and industries. I'm skilled in web and print design, copywriting and editing, as well as videography and photography. My core competencies include short and long-term project management, interviewing and interpersonal skills.

David ZM Allison

Writer and Content Creator for Endurance Sports, Technology, & Marketing

For the past 15 years, I have been writing articles, web content, copywriting, blogging, creating videos, and social media posts to grow various businesses and projects both as a freelancer and as an employee. I would describe my natural writing style as humorous, thought-provoking, and conversational in tone. Areas I am most adept in writing about are: running, endurance sports, fitness, digital marketing, video scripts, ad or marketing campaigns, and creative narratives. In the past few years, I have also done more work on the graphic side of the aisle - creating brochures, sales collateral, banner images, presentation slide decks, etc. I have a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania.


Jennifer Collis

Writer | Editor

I've been writing and editing professionally for over a decade and have a knack for transforming ideas into engaging, well-written copy.


Tara Hudson


Passionate writer out to help people through words to connect the purpose to the people. Experienced with thorough research and writing for SEO. Experience with email newsletters, lead generation emails, and social media content writing. Editor at The Borgen Project.


Erin O'Neil

Writer, Editor, Journalist, Copywriter, Content Manager

Over seven years of professional content writing, digital media and editing experience working across all mediums, from communications, copywriting and white papers to journalism and lifestyle pieces. I've created content for a variety of companies on a variety of subjects, including: News, finance, business, marketing, copywriting and editing for various types of products and businesses, infographics and lifestyle pieces. My copywriting and editing experience includes business to business, business to consumer, email marketing, digital marketing, social media and social media marketing, product descriptions, SEO, white papers, mission statements. I have a penchant for analytics and enjoy content strategy. Click on the subject categories below to find the clips that interest you; feel free to contact me for more information.

Randy Marr

News Editor, ZeldaUniverse.net

I'm an Austin, TX based writer with almost a decade of experience working for technology companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Facebook. Having several technical support rolls has helped me hone my ability to communicate complex technical jargon as heavily or lightly as needed so that my readers can get what they want from the articles they read. I've also studied to be a journalist with a minor in creative writing. Putting words to use is a long time passion of mine, and I continue to work on doing just that to this day. Right now I'm a news writer and assistant editor at ZeldaUniverse.net, and have written for sites like Smashboards.com. In my spare time I work on designing table top board and card games. I have two games that I am currently working on Kickstarter campaigns for.

CC Winder

Content Writer / Copywriter

Need an informed cannabis writer? I'm your gal! A writer since the beginning, I haven't stopped since I first put my fingers on a keyboard. I've been a medical marijuana patient for many years, and I possess a wealth of information on the herb's ins and outs. My blog "The CC Sound" is a cannabis blog dedicated to "special" recipes, strong opinions, and sharing meaningful knowledge. With experience ranging from content writing to captivating story-telling, I know how to keep your reader's eye on the page. Still curious? Contact me today, and let's get started!

Kristin Larson

Senior Writer/Content Writer

Magazine editor turned senior copywriter with 15-plus years of experience writing about a diverse array of topics for leading consumer brands and publications.

Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie

Writer. Language Instructor (English and Spanish). Copy Editor. Translator. Journalist. Cat Daddy. Proud Uncle.

More information and work portfolio by visiting below my website, Twitter feed, Linkedin profile, or by going to About.me/jcpduthie.