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Jenny Platt

Copywriter, Content/Communications Manager, Brand Strategist

What have I got that "they" haven't got? Machine-like Work Ethic: No coffee needed. Crashing only occurs outside of work hours to the tune of couches and Netflix. Imagination: Forming new wrinkles in my right brain daily; in the box, outside the box, around the box, sometimes not even including the box. Punctuality: I crush deadlines. Punctuation: Show me a missed comma and I'll implode. I might even shed a tear. But I'll never eat Grandma...unless you ask nicely and we both sign a waiver. Integrity: I care deeply about the quality of work I provide. It ranks second on my list of things I care about the most, underneath "puppies" and above "cheese." Individuality: According to Myers-Briggs, I have the rarest personality type. If you want to shake things up in your corporate structure, I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. Initiative: Candy Crush makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork. Rest assured, I will find something productive to do, even if you didn't know you needed it. This is my brand. How can I help you with yours?


Susie Norris

Cookbook Author; Food & Travel Writer

My goal in writing is to teach. That's probably a legacy from my years as a Pastry Chef/Instructor at culinary school in Los Angeles. Now I write about desserts, travel, culture, and cuisine. I teach classes on baking techniques and food policy, and I run HappyChocolates.biz, an artisan chocolate company. This portfolio is an archive of my articles and reviews, including those about my cookbooks, CHOCOLATE BLISS (Random House/Celestial Arts, 2008), HAND-CRAFTED CANDY BARS (with Susan Heeger; Chronicle, 2013), and the latest, A BAKER'S PASSPORT (Amazon, February 2019). The blog FoodMarketGypsy.com chronicles these adventures and won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Digital Media Award, 2016. In other writing realms, I served as a television executive and a grant writer. I look for collaborations on story concepts, familiarity trips, reviews, junkets, and those who share the philosophy that baking and breaking bread are important, humorous, and life-affirming pursuits.

Desmund Ullrich

Content Writer | MS in Information Management

Content Writer with 5 years of experience in crafting traffic-driving articles for a variety of major media sources including The Blast and MSN. Adept in developing original content that matches the tone and integrity of existing platforms.


Diana Carson-Walker

Freelance Writer

Storytelling, acting, raising children and a strong science/research background make me a natural liaison for content creation, parenting, technical, adventure, environmental and instructional writing.


Mark Berman

Writer / Content Producer / Music Nerd

CSULB journalism grad. I've created a wide range of music/media-related content both DIY and in local publications, in the form of interviews, criticism, feature writing and digital audio/video production. "I have a lot to say about this sad sack of **** song that I love..." -Bob Castrone, Throwback Podcast (2019)

Valerie Kalfrin

Writer. Editor. Script Consultant. Storyteller.

I'm a multiple award-winning journalist, film and fiction fan, and creative storyteller. From writing articles, essays, reviews, lists, and profiles to collaborating on books and screenplays, I have a knack for detailed, engaging stories. My interviews include director John Sayles (Baby It’s You), screenwriting guru Robert McKee (Story), actor/director Joely Fisher, actor/writer Tricia Leigh Fisher, and screenwriters Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli), Patrick Sheane Duncan (Courage Under Fire), and Isaac Adamson (Bubbles). My work has appeared at The Hollywood Reporter, RogerEbert.com, The Guardian, Script magazine, Bright Wall/Dark Room, The Script Lab, ScreenCraft, the Final Draft blog, Signature Reads, MovieMaker, Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, Film Racket and more. I’m also a "Rotten Tomatoes" approved critic and an emerging script consultant working with the Tampa Bay Film Society and Screenwriters of Tomorrow.

Thomas H. Ward

Author, Teacher, Story Teller, Entrepreneur, and Engineer

Need a writer for brochures, website content, technical articles, or for story telling, then let me help you. I write in a manner that reflects how everyday people speak and act. Please scan through my portfolio and book summaries below. I think you will agree they are clear and understandable, thereby sparking your interest. Maybe, you will end up buying one of my books because of that book description. Yes, I think you will do just that. All it takes is the right words that provide a spark of interest to the reader. So, which one of my books do you want to read? Thank you for reading my Portfolio. Let me help your company. Let me help your business increase sales and/or readers. I have over 30 years experience in international sales and marketing which you can use to gain customers and/or readers. A number of my books have been Amazon best sellers in their genre. Summary of Education and Experience: Thomas H. Ward, prior to becoming an Author, was a Metallurgical Engineer and Business Owner. He obtained an MBA in International Business. Having traveled extensively to thirteen different countries his favorite ones are China, Japan, and South Korea where he was based for a period of time. He has made 150 trips to Asian and Europe over a 20 year time period. He owned and operated three different types of businesses before becoming a Teacher. Subjects he teaches are high school reading, writing, math, history, and business. Thomas has published twenty-seven books on Amazon. Eight of these are non-fiction with four being related to international business, accounting, and investments. Nineteen books are fiction stories. A special note: Ward's book "TEMPLARS QUEST TRILOGY: THE LOST ARK." won a 2018 President's Award from the Florida Author and Publishers Association for a historical fiction story. Some of the books are included in this portfolio. Ward started writing white papers, technical manuals, and business books years ago. He has composed over 40 white papers, many on Associated Content in the past, before Yahoo closed the site. The papers cover a wide variety of subjects such as; travel, guns, investments, business, global warming theory, quality control manuals, and engineering reports. Ward has also written website content for three websites which are; Kemco International Associates, Great Earth Vitamin Stores, and Premium Nutritional Products. Ward's industrial experience in manufacturing included writing process control manuals, test reports, assembly instructions, and inspection procedures, which provide a well rounded background. "In every truth there is non-truth, in every fiction there is non-fiction." ~Thomas H. Ward

Caitlin Cook

MA in Mass Communication


Smith Granade

Digital Copywriting & Content Strategy

° Editorial professional specializing in digital content creation. ° Past experience working on: websites (up to 100 pages), search engine marketing (SEM) campaign landing pages, and email campaigns. ° Primary experience spans biopharma, healthcare, financial services, higher education, and high-tech; and various verticals and segments in these industries. ° Past B2B & B2C work; B2B experience especially in financial services. ° Quickly finds creative solutions to complex problems. Skilled at turning intricate, technical messaging into plain, digestible language. ° Shrewdly pieces together short-form, headline-driven copy (e.g., in landing pages), as easily as long-form, paragraph-driven content (e.g., in blogs, thought leadership pieces). ° Performs best in deadline-driven, fast-paced environments. Works well in team settings and appreciates feedback from colleagues and supervisors.


Kristina Manente

Entertainment, Travel, & Lifestyle Writer

Kristina Manente is a freelance journalist, audio engineer, podcaster, and all around nerd with a travel addiction and a tea obsession. Her focus is entertainment & lifestyle.