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Michael Conway


As a recent graduate from Marist College with a degree in Communications, double concentration in Journalism and Sports Communications my goal is to obtain a job in the media field. My experiences include working with television and radio production as well as on-camera talent. Working my way up the editorial ladder with the student paper from a contributor, staff writer, and eventually editor of the sports vertical we covered a variety of professional, local, and collegiate sports topics. During the Fall semester of my junior year, I got the opportunity to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. In addition to that semester abroad, I also received the opportunity to participate in Marist in Manhattan, a special internship program located on New York City's Upper East Side. My experience includes internships with Footwear News and Complex Networks in a social media and editorial capacity. Working regularly with both publications, publishing content, and curating social media on a daily basis I gained valuable experience on the inside of the content industry. I’m a journalist by trade and a sneakerhead at heart. In the middle of the Venn diagram where those two traits meet is when I am at my best. Other interests and hobbies include cigars, music, my friends, and Netflix.

Natasha Nurse

Speaker, Coach, and Content Creator

Natasha is the owner and co-founder of Dressing Room 8, an online platform dedicated to helping women learn how to think with clarity, dress with confidence, and live with purpose. Aside from being a professional fashionista and fashion blogger, Natasha is also a published poet, animal lover, body-positive activist, and co-creator of the WokeNFree Podcast

Amanda Marksmeier


The first story I remember writing was called “A Ladder to Nowhere”, it was in fifth grade. I don’t really remember what it was about, except it was a ladder that went nowhere. What I do remember is how I felt when I completed it. The feeling of completion, using my voice to engage an audience and the way words connect people. As I have grown as a person and a writer I hope to continue engaging and connecting with others and lending my voice so others can be heard.


Jill Kapinus


Left unchecked, creative work can quickly spill outside of a project's parameters—in budget, in scope, in message. As a diligent Creative Services Project Manager, I see a project through from brainstorm to the bigwig's inbox. I've written for both large and small companies. For both the broad industry audience and the curious, inquisitive individual. Copy, content, design direction, and project management for landing pages, banner ads, email campaigns, articles, infographics, and more. Education, publishing, e-commerce, and personal mortgage industries. Located in Austin, TX.


David H Hubbard

Writer and Editor; Independent Contractor

As a writer and editor, I am somewhat self-taught with cherished guidance and sound advice garnered over the years from my editors, publishers and associates. Through my writing I get closer to the visual artist I couldn't become; more of the jazz musician I wish I was. I no longer allow my "grand ideas" to grow to the point they scare me off. I have learned the value of creating and composing within the limits and parameters of the next assignment. I find the theme, feel the structure and progressions, find the flow, then churn my riffs and phrases with an economy of words to deliver a solo worth reading; with due respect for the story. I offer this portfolio as a retrospective of my work to this point.


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Tasha Shayne


With more than 12 years of professional experience, I excel at crafting intriguing and polished copy. I strongly believe that clear communication is the key to conveying professionalism and expertise. If your company's emails, flyers, website, or other copy contains errors or isn't easily understood, you'll lose credibility with your audience. Opt for a professional who can write compelling content for a number of audiences, maintain brand voice, and nobly uphold the laws of grammar. I excel at writing clear, concise, and accessible copy — and I love doing it. Over the course of my career, I've written for such notable clients as Gaia, Sling TV, Organic India, Colorado State University Global, and more. I've worked with content marketing agencies, non-profits, e-commerce sites, and numerous entrepreneurs. My work experience includes writing copy for sales funnels, email newsletters, one sheets, research articles, websites, marketing proposals, animation scripts, style guides, training manuals, power point presentations, ads, and more. Have a project you'd like help tackling? Let me know what you're looking for, and we'll work out the details. Shoot me a quick email at [email protected]


Kelli Sanders

Storyteller * Communicator * Marketer * Game Changer

A sure-to-be lifelong Iowan with a passion for creative communications, connecting people to life-improving services and helping outstanding organizations tell the authentic, inspiring stories that define them. Magazines * Ad Campaigns * Newsletters * Print * Digital * Television * Social Media


daisy barringer

Freelance Writer

Experienced online content producer and storyteller who excels in finding new and important stories to tell in a way that is compelling and resonates with readers.


Nancy Schuessler

Writer | Editor | Storyteller

Tell me your story, and I will find your audience. To me, the most compelling way to reach an audience is by telling a story, whether it is through the eyes of a rescue worker, animal rights advocate, or young physician saving lives. I bring stories to life using print, digital, film, video, social media, photographs, and websites. Helping people understand the world and improve their health and lifestyle is my passion. I live in Tucson, Arizona and New York City.


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Jacqueline Smith

Urban Garden Freelance Writer

I am a budding writer in the sustainable urban gardening arena. I have 5 years experience of freelance writing in sustainable food cultivation, food justice and homesteading. I am a contributing writer for Nature Hub online blog as well as Chicago's South Shore Current magazine. I write for my own blog Chronicles of an Urban Grower by Jacqueline Smith where I share my experiences in sustainable food cultivation, indigenous growing,homesteading and permaculture. I look forward to continuing my work as a freelance writer in urban growing. EXPERIENCE / SKILLS SEO Blogger Lite Google Docs Wordpress Squarespace Microsoft Office 365 AWARDS / RECOGNITION Contributing writer of the Environment and Food Justice blog, 2014 Winner of the Green People Green Planet Award awarded by Green America, 2017 Certified permaculture designer by Black Oaks Center for Sustainable and Renewable Living, 2017