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Katie Kelly

Social Media Strategist at Stream Companies

A digital marketing expert with an immense love for finding trends in writing catchy ad copy, curating creative content, and finding the perfect GIF (definitely pronounced 'GIF').


Sam Perry

Marketing Copywriter & Copy Editor

Specialties: SMB marketing | B2B marketing | Health and wellness industry Current Role: Copywriter at Daxko (Zen Planner, SugarWOD, and UpLaunch brands) Previous Roles: Copy Review Specialist I > Copy Editor - Writer at Isagenix International Copywriter at G/O Digital Copywriting Intern at Make-A-Wish® America Education: Arizona State University | Barrett, The Honors College B.A. in English (Literature) B.A. in Communication


Stevie Delgado

Creative Wordsmith

From the moment I was able to scribble down my first word, I have been in love with writing. Since then, I have worked continuously to further develop and improve my writing. I’ve spent over 20 years exploring the realm of prose, building my writing skills and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to learn more. I received my first paid and contracted writing project straight out of high school when I dipped my toe into “commissioned” writing. From there, I’ve worked professionally as a freelance and ghostwriter. I have written content in just about every imaginable genre and style; I’m fluent in writing anything from poems to articles to eBooks and more. More recently I've been contracted to write articles, which is one of my favorite styles of content to write. I have worked on a wide variety of topics, including video games, nutrition, mental health, motherhood, and more. Regardless of my personal interest in an assigned topic, I write as if it's something I love and provide quality work. I always research my topics thoroughly, including fact-checking and sourcing any information I use. I also follow all provided guidelines and requirements on a project, and strictly adhere to deadlines.


Emily Shue

Project Manager

Combination of creative and professional work. Employed at Womankind, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating gender-based violence. BA in English and Creative Writing. Interested in editing, writing, and non-profit work. Intelligent, passionate, talented, organized. Difficult to summarize. [email protected]


Shaun Chatrath

Film Producer and Writer

I am a Film Production student whose passion is screenwriting. I find people and their stories fascinating. Everyone has something that makes them special whether that be an experience or trait.

Angela Tvarozek

Writer, Editor, and Media Consultant

I am currently located in the Washington, DC area as a technical writer. With five years of experience in journalism and content creation, I have practiced my skills in writing and editing, data analysis, and creating communication strategies from my time at the Washington Post, freelancing for publications, and consulting on major projects. In my free time, I enjoy being astronomy, gaming, and music.

Hayley Helms

Writer | Editor | Content Creator

I am a writer, editor and content creator with the vision to craft your story and the drive to make it happen. Writing and creating are my way of connecting with the world, and being able to help in bringing a story or concept to life through the written word is what fuels me. I create content for online and print, including editorial features, blog posts, press releases, and scripts, as well as video production. My areas of expertise include outdoors, health and wellness, fitness, sustainability, and travel. I have worked with major publications, fashion and lifestyle brands, startups, trend forecasting agencies, design firms, and private clients. Combined with my knowledge of best SEO practices and Google Analytics, I am able to deliver your unique story to the world. I can't wait to work with you.


David Thackham

Content Marketing Coordinator at TicketReturn in Charlotte, N.C.

Hi, I'm David. I'm the Content Marketing Coordinator at TicketReturn, one of the top ticketing software/service companies in the U.S. I'm an accomplished writer and storyteller with 10 years of experience as an award-winning storyteller across platforms and industries. I'm skilled in web and print design, copywriting and editing, as well as videography and photography. My core competencies include short and long-term project management, interviewing and interpersonal skills.

Jennifer Collis

Writer | Editor

I've been writing and editing professionally for over a decade and have a knack for transforming ideas into engaging, well-written copy.