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Alison Weiss

Writer/Editor/Content Developer

Behind every technology or product, there’s a compelling story. The key is to create the right content at the right time to delight customers, build brand identity, and increase market share. I tell the stories that attract audiences and help my clients grow their businesses.


Stevie King

Writer & Comedian

Stevie King (they/them) is a comedian, writer, and loyal wife to a colony of loving brother-husbands. They love spending their days sitting at home waiting for their children to call ...


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Isabel Chao

Student at the University of Southern California

Isabel is a student at the University of Southern California pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing as well as English Narrative Studies. She has past experience as a features writer in the Daily Trojan, USC's student-run newspaper, and has an affinity for writing academic papers. Isabel has an interest working in tech, entertainment, and education fields, passionate about the intersections between psychology, design, storytelling, and business. Contact her through LinkedIn or send an email to [email protected]


Kirsten Mathisen


Head in the clouds, ideas in writing. EXPERIENCE articles | blogs | website, print and social media content published weekly poetry series SKILLS on the one hand: creative writing & big ideas on the other: research, compiling, & concisely synthesizing information (214) 538-8462 [email protected]


Margo Schafer Pelak

Versatile Writer / Reporter

MY BACKGROUND I began my career as a TV and print journalist and have media contacts throughout the world. As a freelancer, I've covered more than 300 news and feature articles for Chicago's largest print outlets as well as nationwide periodicals. My early career morphed, out of financial necessity, into a career in PR and marketing leadership for Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations. MY FUTURE I am now ready to return to my journalism roots and reunite with my true love: journalism. It's perfect timing--I now have the financial means, the time, and the drive to cover local news, and I have vowed to bring my innate curiosity, energy and passion to this new endeavor. WHAT ABOUT PR and MARKETING? I've won PR and marketing awards for my work at the largest non-profit healthcare system in Illinois as well as for Fortune 500 corporations. At Presence Healthcare, where I spent nearly 10 years, I earned my MBA while working as Director of Public Relations and Marketing. I've worked in a C-suite, as a trusted member of a Senior Leadership team, and I believe my business contacts and experience will serve me well as a reporter. I am the kind of person who can (and does) talk with anyone, about anything. THIS SITE This site contains a small sample of my work - though my greatest asset is my brain! I would love to meet or talk by phone so I can tell you more about my goals, your goals for your newsroom, and how we might find a way to accomplish something together. MY MISSION IN LIFE I've figured out my mission, though parts of it I knew early on, and parts I've recently discovered: I'm meant to use my writing abilities to educate and inform the public about news and events. It's what I love most, coupled with what I do best. Some of my other characteristics: I can take instruction. I meet deadlines. I like grammar. I know AP format. I am punctual, thorough and organized. I do check facts. What this means for YOU: I will happily cover meetings, enterprise topics and features. I'll cover as many stories as you need in a day or a week. I'll take exceptional photos if needed. I'll develop sources and be innovative. I'll report the news clearly and concisely. One day, I hope to win awards for you.


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Brett Barnes

Former Senior Digital UX/UI Designer (Content) @ att.com

I design interactions. Look and feel is important, but it doesn't mean anything if our customers can't complete the task. I've spent the last 8+ years making a behemoth corporation, AT&T, a warm and inviting place for our millions of customers. I can help you too.


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Tantra Bensko

Editor, Writing Instructor and Coach

With an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop, I've immersed myself in the academic world, teaching writing for seventeen years of my life; I'm an online fiction writing instructor with UCLA Extension Writing Program and Writers.com. I also edit manuscripts with Book Butchers, as well as my Online Writing Academy, where I also teach, consult and coach. I warmly welcome potential editing clients and students to contact me. Magazines and anthologies have included hundreds of my short stories, poems and many essays as well. Publishers have released my books including chapbooks, collections, novelettes and novellas. I've published many authors as well, and have four novels. My writing has won many awards such as gold medals, and I've been listed with one of the top dozen Thrillers of 2018. If you're interested in writing services, let me know.

Carrie Straus

Current Role: Advocacy & Campaign Content Director

I'm a NYC-based content strategist with 10+ years of experience in the nonprofit world. Prior to that, my words seduced you into acquiring cosmetics, music, fast fashion, soda and other items you didn't really need. My obsession is flawlessness and my specialty is advocacy and campaign work that drives actions and delivers real change, but I love to craft, fix and shine all kinds of copy, from fundraising appeals to advertising pitches. I'm a caring project and people manager, ace website QA-er and know my way around a spot of HTML. Get in touch: [email protected]


Brianna Hillier

Intern, The Herald of Randolph

I am a student at the University of Vermont living, writing, and learning in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Contact: [email protected]


Meaghan Wamboldt

Content Marketer and Blogger

Writing is a passion of mine. I take a deep interest in people and experiences, I enjoy bringing light to difficult situations. I'm also health and wellness junkie.