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Lee Hedgepeth

Writer, Reporter, & Storyteller

Lee Hedgepeth is a graduate research & teaching assistant at the Tulane University of Louisiana, where he is a Ph.D. student studying political development. Lee earned an M.A. in political development from Tulane University in 2020 and an M.A. in community journalism from the University of Alabama in 2018. His earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Alabama in 2017. He has worked for various news organizations, including most recently for The Anniston Star. He also worked at Inside Alabama Politics and Alabama Political Reporter, for which he covered the state legislature full time in 2014. Lee also wrote Montgomery Minute, a state politics column in Lagniappe, Mobile, Alabama's local newspaper. Lee's reporting has been cited by The New York Times, PBS Newshour, CBS, the Washington Examiner, and other respected outlets.

Amelia Townsend

Accomplished Communications Professional

Using strategic communications and verifiable data to drive business goals and support revenue by building relationships, increasing positive brand awareness, and developing people. Accomplished writer, editor and presenter. Former journalist and video producer


Lee Anna McGuire

Creative Content Manager at Lewis Communications

After graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Journalism degree, I decided to follow an unconventional path and write music instead of news. I was lucky enough to nab a licensing deal, and not long after, a publishing and artist contract with a small label in Nashville. In the meantime, I was freelancing, writing social copy and blogs, and side-hustling my little heart out. The stereotype of a “broke musician” exists for a reason. I was fortunate to end up with songs placed in TV movies, commercials, and trailers in the U.S. and internationally. And although I continue to write, perform, and produce my own music for fun, I’ve bookmarked that chapter of my life, for now. For me, creativity has always about connecting with people. Whether it was in a song, a blog, or a headline, or a video, the goal is always the same – understand the person you’re talking to and speak their language. Empathy is king. In 2014, I leaped into the e-commerce world, and soon, I was fully immersed in digital marketing and persuasive copywriting. In search of more topical diversity, I moved on from e-commerce into advertising where I snagged a position writing content and copy for Lewis Communications. That’s where I am now, as a Creative Content Manager. My role is a hybrid of creative content direction, concepting for videos, blogs, and social campaigns, developing an overall content marketing strategy based on performance metrics. And from time to time, I handle some proofing and editing to help keep junior writers on brand. With every blog I write, I work closely work the designer to concept the images that will elevate the content. In videos, I write the concept, the script, and I handle the interviews. Then I work closely with the editor to fine-tune the final product. On social, I work mostly in concepting and strategy that works together with the overall content strategy. I also proof junior writers copy to keep social on brand. And in case you are wondering, I do not have a stance on the Oxford comma. I am Switzerland. Whatever the client says, goes.

The World Into Words

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” ― William H. Gass, "A Temple of Texts"

LAUREL SCOTT's prose has been called "seamless," her editing "exact," and she routinely delivers on tight deadlines. A versatile professional, she has decades of experience in reporting, content/copywriting and editing for both print and web (with recent excursions into video and commercial script writing). Promotional, advertorial and native advertising copy are her specialties, while horses and history are her greatest delights.


Andrea Calabretta

Freelance Writer, Editor & Content Strategist

I help companies and organizations use the power of language to define their brands, position themselves in the marketplace, and pursue the most effective content strategies. With experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, I know how to communicate to a variety of different audiences and how to use content to engage and inspire. I am particularly interested in progressive, change-making initiatives, cultural institutions, and international work.


Kelly Gaines

Freelance Writer/ Editor

Writer and editor with four years of freelance experience. Skilled at forming long-term partnerships with clients and creating well-informed content for both fiction and non-fiction. B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Saint Joseph's University in 2016. Niche specializations include senior care, travel writing, screenwriting, comics/ graphic novels, folklore/mythology, and history. Proficient in: FinalDraft, WordPress, Squarespace, Celtix, Microsoft Office, MLA, APA, and SEO optimization Send me a message if you're looking for a: Writer Ghostwriter Editor Reviewer You can also catch me on the DC Comics News Podcast available here: https://dccomicsnews.com/category/podcast/

Michael Collazo

CEO, dahday, LLC

Founder of dahday, llc, a ticket brokerage, Collazo has over 15 years experience in sports and entertainment ticket sales. My freelance writing focuses on sports (usually baseball, basketball and boxing), the concert business and some politics.

Deenah Jacques

Freelance Copywriter

I am inspired by words and believe that I can craft a story that will inspire you and your target audience.


Bill Miller

Dedicated & highly experienced writer with expertise in all news beats, brand journalism, editing, newsroom management

Analytical and highly qualified, I bring several years of experience in journalism and an extensive background in online and print environments to each assignment. Through permanent positions and as a freelancer, my record of accomplishments spans across multiple projects and publications. Through a combination of solid decision making, dedication to producing quality work, and a keen understanding of how people – whether employees, vendors, customers, or partners – impact operations, I offer a track record of developing engaging content to help drive web traffic and establish brands as industry thought leaders. Engaging and collaborative, I am relied upon to guide special projects and content strategy decisions to identify and capitalize on opportunities for market penetration and audience growth.

Bridget Kiley

Content Marketing & Social Media Strategist

Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy: Blog content, email & website copy, thought leadership, and social media. Industries include insurance, real estate, technology, business, health, beauty, and culture. My professional writing experience is backed by a passion and deep knowledge of creative writing, for which I hold an MFA from The New School.