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Mac Hubbard


I get that you're busy, so I won't make you read the thousands of pages I've written over the last few years. Here's a collection of highlights that should, at the very least, give you a sense of my range when it comes to voice and subject matter. Don't see the kind of storytelling you're looking for? Ask and you shall receive.


Seleba Ouattara

Content Strategist and Social Media Expert

Hi, I’m Seleba — a seasoned storyteller and results-driven creative strategist. With almost ten years of experience — and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Francisco — I bear extensive knowledge in speaking to a brand’s vision, and executing with unique, first-of-their-kind ideas. My ideas can be spotted across digital platforms for brands of all sizes and verticals, like Pinterest, Luxardo USA, and Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water — in addition to my own personal channels that I manage in my free time.


Zachary Fried

Narrative, Screenplay, and Freelance Writer

Published a poem, “Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra” in the magazine of National Spanish Honor Society. In addition to the publication, recipient of the Public Service Institute of Nevada's Gratitude Award as team leader for Bus Transportation Savers in the category of Education; former Nevada Senator, Valerie Wiener, chose the recipients as the founder and president of PublicServiceNV. Developed independent projects and scripts like a Twine short story video game called The Interview. Collaborated with video and music producers on productions for celebrity comedian and actor, Pauly Shore. Participated in a 48-hour hackathon for Global Game Jam 2021 as project manager, narrative designer, and a concept designer for a video game called The Nest. Currently, a writer and editor intern at ClothedUp; meanwhile, represented by TNG Models as actor and model talent. #readytowork Email: [email protected] P.S. Sometimes the documents do not load correctly. PLEASE email me so I can directly send you a PDF of any writing or my resume. Thank you!

Pam Gibbs

Writer & Editor

I am a highly skilled writer and editor with extensive experience in a variety of genres, including but not limited to: personal finance and investing; Christian growth and development; spirituality; drug and alcohol abuse; business principles; and leadership. My clients include Dayspring, Abingdon Press, Chic-Fil-A, LifeWay Christian Resources, and Ramsey Solutions, among many others. I have written five non-fiction books and contributed to several others. I have also ghostwritten three books and have been a contributing ghostwriter to two others. I've also written countless blog posts, web copy, emails, and social media posts.


Ashleigh Nicole

Culinary Professional and Aspiring Writer

My name is Ashleigh Nicole and I am an aspiring writer and a culinary professional. I have an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts, which I sought out of sheer passion for food and art. I have always known that I was a born foodie dating back to the Easy Bake Oven days. I have been working in the restaurant business since 2007, and have learned so much. I would be a great fit for any project on this topic. My other interests and expertise include nutrition, writing, web design, and more. Some might say I excel in excellence, or they'd tell you I'm an overachiever. Really I'm just a do it yourselfer honing my writing skills to put them to good use. I


Zoe Sayler

Editorial Fellow, Grist

please enjoy my hilarious articles Stanford Class of 2018, BA Communication Published in: Grist, The Seattle Times, Smithsonian Magazine, Stanford Daily, The Olympian, Peninsula Press, MINT Magazine

Brian Dean Nibley

Freelance Writer

Hi, I'm Brian Dean Nibley. If you're looking for excellent content, you've come to the right place. I'm an experienced writer specializing in topics relating to technology, finance, and blockchain. My work has been featured in premier blockchain and financial news sites such as Blockchain.news, Cryptocurrencies.com.au, BlockDelta.io, StreetWiseReports.com, Dash.org, SeekingAlpha.com, and CoinReview.com. I'm a certified content strategist, able to research keywords and plan topics to drive traffic to your website. Everything I write is SEO-oriented, designed to attract relevant readers and rank higher in search results. Your business will enjoy increased conversions as a result. I'm committed to providing all of my clients with the most preeminent content possible. Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is my most specialized topic area, yet I'm capable of writing on almost any subject. I'm here to help with all of your content needs, including blog posts, articles, social media posts and management, e-books, white papers, informational guides, or anything else. Connect with me on social media or email me through the links below.

Brittany Enzmann

Scientific Marketing Professional

I am a scientific marketing professional with over a decade of research experience who creates and manages content for the biotech and life science industries. I am passionate about leveraging my scientific and creative skills to communicate compelling messages while maintaining scientific integrity. I enjoy creating a variety of materials for inbound and outbound marketing, technical/product support, and sales enablement. It is an exciting time to be in the life sciences, and I look forward to communicating about the new innovations to come. Contact me at: [email protected]


Sydney Durst

Journalist & Writer

A music journalist with two years of experience. I currently write for Bearded Gentlemen Music and Ascribed Magazine

Eric Linden

Communications/Marketing Professional

I am a Marketing/Communications professional who enjoys adventure and marketing plans. I love working in ecommerce, communication/PR and content marketing areas. I also happen to like creative content writing that converts. Drop me an email and say hello.