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Remnant: From the Ashes - How to Get the Void Armor Set

Remnant: From the Ashes is packed with hidden weapons and armor. You can find many of them by searching through your surroundings and smashing every crate and bookshelf that gets in your way. But some require you to solve actual puzzles.

Overwatch's Idea Of Diversity Could Use Some Work

Overwatch was once praised for the diversity of its characters, but the longer the game goes on, the more its problems with representation appear. With the introduction of the game's latest hero, Sigma, Blizzard seems to be putting its worst foot forward, adding a character that does nothing to expand the diversity of the cast while playing on harmful tropes about mental illness.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Dev Harassed About Microtransactions, Leaves Twitter

Following harassment from players over Wolfenstein: Youngblood 's microtransactions, Mitja Roskaric, one of the game's lead level designers, has deleted his Twitter account. The move came just a few days after Roskaric was forced to lock his profile to try to escape his harassers, but evidently felt that even that wasn't enough to protect him from their vitriol.

NBA 2K20 Gets Heavily Review Bombed By Fans - Here's Why

the latest in the annual basketball franchise from publisher 2K, came out late last week and it's already getting review bombed by users on Steam and Metacritic. That makes it the third year in a row that the series' latest entry has received overwhelmingly negative user scores, with NBA 2K17 being the last release to get even a marginal rating.

Poetry in motion --- Gris review

I always feel some amount of fear when I start playing a game that I'm looking forward to from a fledgling developer.

Finding your way --- Tips to get started in Pathfinder: Kingmaker

If you're someone who thinks modern games suffer from holding the player's hand too much, Pathfinder: Kingmaker may be the game for you. With its brutal difficulty spikes and labyrinthine rules, Kingmaker is more likely to chop off an extended hand than hold it. Based on the notoriously complex Path

Tell me sweet little lies --- The Low Road review

The year is 1976. Rookie Noomi Kovacs is gathering intel that may lead her to a kidnapped scientist being forced to work on a world-changing technology. Somewhere in the distance, a twangy guitar plays out a Bond-esque tune. Noomi shuffles through a dossier on her contact, expertly using its content