Andrea Christine Schmidt

Singer, Actor, Writer, Jesus lover, Uber Driver, Cat mom-er

United States

Just a woman on a mission to better understand herself and those around her, and maybe tell a few good stories along the way.


Writing Samples

Sex Has Many Names

A Graduate class research paper discussing sex and what we can learn about it from a few absurdists plays

Chasing Victory Blog
Recipe for the Perfect Proposal

Sample blog post written for a client of Webster Branding Strategy and Design, concerning the perfect recipe for crafting your dream proposal.

Medicare 101

A short sample article written about Medicare from the perspective of a 27 year old who visits the podiatrist and makes an entertaining mistake.

Somino Rem

This is a short story written my Junior year at Hope college for my Fiction writing class. It details the dream-like experience of a little girl and her family during the testing phase of a new drug named, "Somino Rem".

My Yard

A poem written my senior year at Hope college, detailing the mental wanderings of a young girl sitting the refuge of her backyard.

Body of Water

Another poem written my senior year about a woman on the edge, tempting fate as she braves rushing waters.

Death Alone Chose Lillian

Another poem written my senior year. Who knew death would be the only one to find Lillian appealing.

Feminine Riches

And another poem written my senior year, this one laughs and twirls as it tells of secrets women may never let you have.

U and I

A comedic poem, also written my senior year at Hope. Pick up lines may be crude, but in poetic form, they become just a touch more endearing.

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