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Jason Liebler is a writer, English teacher, and instructional coach. His articles have appeared in Veer Magazine and The Health Journal in Southeast Virginia. He has been an English instructor and mentor in secondary and post-secondary classrooms for over 10 years, Jason is currently an instructional coach with Henrico County Public Schools.


The Health Journal - Williamsburg, Virginia

Health Journal
The Need for Bone Marrow Donors - Health Journal

Lisa Brandt had dedicated herself to a life of public service as an Air Force reservist, police officer and EMT. For nearly a decade she has been a Chesapeake firefighter. But earlier this year she received news that would put her work in jeopardy.

Health Journal
Artificial Intelligence: The Future of AI in Medicine - Industry News

I n 2011, Jeopardy! champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings squared off in two exhibition matches against IBM's Watson supercomputer. It may have been a test of man versus machine learning, but it was no contest. The human legends couldn't keep up with Watson's speed in response and accuracy at hitting Daily Doubles.

Health Journal
Bugs Around Your Home You Should Know About - Health Journal

Do you hate bugs? Do you hate them with a fiery passion only matched by the Grinch's abhorrence of everything in Whoville? Thankfully, there are people like Brien Straub. He's a certified commercial applicator for Clegg's Pest Control, and he has spent over a decade saving entomophobics - those with an intense fear of insects - from anything with more than four legs.

Health Journal
Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Beer? - Diet - Health Journal

No question, America has a love affair with beer. For a long time, the relationship has been with the macro-breweries - you know, the ones whose names you immediately recognize - those that produce beers such as Budweiser and Coors Light. Even today, Anheuser-Busch (with more than 100 different brands) is king with 46 percent of the market share.

Health Journal
Human Trafficking: How Women Become Victims - Health Journal

In the public mind, the image of a human trafficking victim is one of a foreign national, kidnapped or otherwise coerced into traveling to another country for work or the promise of freedom, only to be betrayed and forced into modern slavery through sex or labor.

Health Journal
DNA: Who Do You Think You Are? - Health Journal

Companies have dramatically increased the reliability and range of at-home genetic health testing while reducing the price. But if we are honestly concerned and want to be informed about our health, what should we do?

Health Journal
Keeping Students SAFE

With the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., parents have begun to question the policies and procedures school districts enact to keep students safe. But who creates a school's crisis plan? What should parents and students do in the case of an emergency?

Health Journal
Bernstein at 100

The Virginia Arts Festival and Virginia Symphony Orchestra will join many of the most prestigious ensembles across the globe to celebrate the 100th birthday of the beloved musician, composer, educator and humanitarian Leonard Bernstein. "Bernstein at 100" is a worldwide appreciation of one of the most influential American musicians - the first American-born conductor to [...]

Veer Magazine - Norfolk, Virginia

Veer Magazine
Until They Find A Cure

Two Virginia Beach residens find inspiration and support for a worthy cause.

Veer Magazine
Drawing Lines in the Ocean

It's no secret the waves at the Virginia Beach oceanfront are less than epic. The nickname "Lake Atlantic" is an accurate description of the ocean which gerally sends only 1-2 foot waves slowly rolling ashore, often prompting disappointed surfers to toss their boards back into storage.