Alyssa Klein

Journalist & Social Media Strategist

United States

Hi there, my name is Alyssa Klein. I'm a New York City-based journalist and social media strategist working at the intersection of art and advocacy. I created and host a podcast and community uplifting, amplifying, and connecting feminists in film and TV. It's called Filminist Pod.

Teen Vogue
The Best Teen Movies of the 2010s on Netflix

To mark the 21st Century making it through its teen years, the #20teens is a series from Teen Vogue celebrating the best in culture, politics, and style from the last decade.

#TIMESUP On Surface-Level Representation In Film Criticism

In its opening weekend, "Captain Marvel" shattered box office records, along with the age-old myth that women-centered action movies can't do as well at the box office. One thing that didn't shatter with it-the gender imbalance of who actually reviewed the movie.