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Florida State University student majoring in Information, Communication, and Technology.

Tallahassee Reports
MetroNet to Develop Fiber Optic Network in Tallahassee

MetroNet, a fiber optic provider, plans to begin serving Tallahassee following the City Commission's October 16th decision to change the City's Joint Use Agreement. The change allows fiber attachments on City utility poles and opens the door for companies like MetroNet to begin creating fiber optic network infrastructure.

FSView & Florida Flambeau
Camp Green Lake plays Word of South ahead of 'Rock Band Culture' release

Camp Green Lake was excited to perform in Tallahassee's Word of South festival. (Photo: Lexie Pitzen/FSView) Over the weekend, Tallahassee's Cascades Park hosted the fifth annual Word of South literature and music festival, featuring artists, musicians and authors on seven different stages around the park.

FSU student launches Immuto to combat fake news through blockchain

Immuto is beginning with student publications, but it may not be long until they are challenging fake news throughout all news and media. (Photo: Courtesy of Derek Strauss) When most people think of blockchain, they associate the technology with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Blockchain, after all, is ideal for keeping cryptocurrency transactional records.

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Club Downunder presents The Bright Light Social Hour next month

Jack O'Brien, bassist and vocalist, spoke with FSView ahead of the band's upcoming show at The Wilbury. (Photo: Cristian Sigler for the Bright Light Social Hour) The Bright Light Social Hour, an Austin, Texas-based psychedelic rock band, is slated to perform in Tallahassee Tuesday, March 5.

FSView & Florida Flambeau
19th annual Chain of Parks Art Festival takes over Downtown Tallahassee

Art lovers enjoy the work of fine art painters, photographers, sculptors and other unique artists at the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival Saturday, April 27, 2019. (Photo: Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat) Over the weekend, the 19th Annual Chain of Parks Art Festival took place in Downtown Tallahassee.

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Kevin O'Leary's takeaways for young entrepreneurs

Shark Tank co-star and serial entrepreneur Kevin O'Leary talks to a crowd of more than a thousand people about entrepreneurship at the Power Forward business event in the Ruby Diamond Hall, Wednesday Feb. 6, 2019. (Photo: Alicia Devine/Democrat) A palpable sense of ambition flooded Ruby Diamond Concert Hall last Wednesday, Feb.

Camp Green Lake headlines Rock the Vote at The Wilbury

On Monday, Nov. 5, the night before Election Day, energy buzzed through The Wilbury as Club Downunder and the FSU Student Government Association presented Rock the Vote. The concert, featuring Tallahassee-based emo-rock band Camp Green Lake, aimed to promote civic engagement among students and community members.

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FSU College of Music celebrates 19th Biennial Festival of New Music

Warming up for FSU's recent New Music festival. (Photo: Anthony Martinez/FSView) Last week, from Wednesday, Jan. 30 to Saturday, Feb. 2, the Florida State University College of Music hosted the 19th Biennial Festival of New Music, a festival celebrating contemporary composers from around the world and from here in Tallahassee.

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MoFA presents three new exhibitions

The Museum of Fine Arts hosted three separate exhibitions throughout January. (Photo: Lexie Pitzen/FSview) At the beginning of the Spring 2019 semester, the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA) unveiled a whopping three new exhibitions: The "Annual Faculty Exhibition," a roundup of recent faculty work; a video exhibition by Scherezade Garcia; and "Stored," a look into MoFA's inner-workings.