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Laura Katharyn "Katie" Hogge

Writer + Editor, Digital Nomad, and Wildlife Conservation Advocate.

Lover of southern hospitality, wildlife conservation, outdoor exploration, and joyfully vivacious words ... and, of course, the oxford comma. Just a few of my most fervent passions are community building, leadership development and implementation, wildlife eduction/conservation, and curating tools and resources that encourage people to live out lifestyles that thrive on adventure and exploration. Here, you'll find a wealth of my original content pulled from a number of holistic categories all focused around what I care about most in life.


Elizabeth Dwyer


Elizabeth earned her MFA in T.V. & Screenwriting from Stephens College. Her scripts have placed in a number of competitions, including the Austin Film Festival, the ISA Fast Track Fellowship, and the George R.R. Martin Screenwriting Grant. Elizabeth wrote and co-produced two award-winning short films, "Imagining Vera" and "Pinky Promise," and two of her academic essays were published in the collection "When Women Wrote Hollywood: Essays on Female Screenwriters in the Early Film Industry" (MacFarland, 2018). As a writer for the University of New Mexico, Elizabeth researches, writes, and edits articles on a variety of academic subjects and happenings. Visit elizabethmaud.com to learn more about Elizabeth and her writing.

Katherine Henderson Michalak

Freelance Writer

Katherine fell in love with words at first bedtime story (which she could probably still recite) and credits her 7th grade readings of Eudora Welty and Maya Angelou to be the impetus for her recognition that she, too, might have a story to tell. Katherine enjoys writing about both business and lifestyle topics, philanthropy initiatives, and family issues, as well as conducting personal interviews. She lives in the metro Atlanta suburbs with 3 dogs, 3 sons, 1 husband, and too many books.


Eric M. Ruiz

Writer, Marketing Strategist

Eric M. Ruiz is an LA-based writer and marketing professional from Modesto, California. Most recently, he was part of the Marketing team at Netflix where he helped partners across Latin America—like Telmex, izzi, and AT&T—integrate with the streaming platform. Prior to Netflix, Eric spent six years at Waze (and Google, after the billion-dollar acquisition in 2013), where he launched the company’s first partnerships and marketing campaigns in the U.S. and Latin America. He also led the launch of the Waze Carpool app for U.S. Spanish-speaking audiences. His work has led him to interview numerous CEOs, NYT Best-Selling Authors, renowned academics, and professional athletes. Eric’s curiosity and people-first mentality have allowed him to cultivate a world-class network. His essays on identity, belonging, and culture have appeared in Fast Company, Observer, Entrepreneur, and Howler Magazine. He’s also appeared on NPR Latino USA to discuss his ideas on diversity. Eric has an A.A. from Modesto Junior College and a B.A. in International Business from San Diego State University. Prior to graduating from SDSU, Eric spent a semester at the University of Barcelona, where he furthered his studies in economics and history.

Wendy Rose

Copywriter & content strategist

When you grow up in Silicon Valley, you learn a lot about innovation and creative thinking. I cut my marketing teeth at scrappy start ups and continued into corporate high-tech. During the journey, I've developed a passion for clear and effective communication, with a laser focus on the customer experience. My industry specialties are high-tech, corporate, and food.


Brendan Hesse

Writer, Video Host, Artist, and Game Designer

Hi! I'm Brendan. I'm a writer, artist, and content producer working in the gaming and tech industries. I've held staffed and freelance positions with various publications, including Digital Trends, IGN, and more. I'm currently a regular contributor for LifeHacker. Below is a selection of my work from various publications and media sources. If you would like to see further clips, contact me for work, or just get in touch, drop me a line at: hesse[dot]brendan[at]gmail[dot]com You can also find examples of my art/design work at: https://www.instagram.com/eyeamahab/

Jennifer Danforth

Writer and Public Relations Professional

I am a Writer and Marketing and Public Relations professional that enjoys creative storyscaping and forming unique joint venture partnerships for my clients. My company, Alestra Marketing, Inc., is a social change communications agency that uses the power of stories, media and technology to change behavior, advance policy, build communities and transform thinking. Using a range of communications tools—pr, advertising, social media, video, design, research and everything in between—we build campaigns that create lasting change.


Stephen Yang

Digital Culture | UX | Qualitative Research

Stephen Yang is a junior pursuing a double major in Communication and Information Science at Cornell University. As an aspiring media professional and social scientist, he is passionate about bringing about changes in our digital culture through creative endeavors and research inquiries.

Mario Abad

Freelance Fashion Writer

I'm a freelance fashion writer with experience in runway coverage, lookbook reviews and editorial analysis. I'm interested in writing about the business side of fashion and retail, new product launches and collaborations, in-depth fashion features and interviews/profiles of executives, designers and other notable fashion industry experts. Contact: [email protected]

Beth-Ann Belthoff

Writer I Author I Creative

Clear. Correct. Creative. Content. I set up a story to tell, keep it on brand, and deliver it on time. I have experience in writing for a variety of clients including: a National Bookstore chain, National Land Developer, real estate agents, and a life coach. I’ve authored a humor column, written news articles and a children’s book. I have a deep interest in people and their experiences and have a strong ability to write uplifting pieces that express the human spirit and engage the reader. Below is a list of skills and a few clips of my work. You can read more at https://thebeth-annalternative.com. If you need to produce well-written material, please reach out to me at [email protected] Experienced in the following: Blogging Ghost writing Social media content creation RFPs Awards submission copy Interpretive panels Interviewing Research Editing AP Style Guide Adobe Creative Suite Attention to detail and deadline driven