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Will Hiles


I'm an experienced narrative designer/writer/editor. I began my industry career with Richard Garriot and Origin Systems/EA writing game manuals and collateral content (Ultima Online). I've created original stories, scripting, lore, and content for such games as City of Heroes/Villains, Dungeon Runners & Tabula Rasa (NCsoft). I created the Duels universe for Challenge Games, was senior writer/world creator for Chronicles of Herenvale (MOSOSH), Ravenskye City & Ravenwood Fair (Roaring Bull/Lolapps), SyFy's Monster Island (Sneaky Games), Elements: Broken Lands (Team Chaos), Pearl's Peril, Agent Alice, Mass Ammo (Wooga), Wargaming.net (Hybrid Wars), the science fantasy MMO Splinters of Ares and Men in Black: Aliens and Agents (BullTiger Productions). With One More Story Games, I am developing licensed literary properties into interactive media (including the work of Charlaine Harris of True Blood fame and an original horror story/game). I was the lead writer on Danielle's Inferno ( a parody of Dante's Inferno, based on a story by Olivia Rivard), which won the 2017 PC Game of the Year from the Toronto Game Devs. My Berlin Wooga writing team was a finalist in the 2014 Develop Awards for Use of Narrative. I have also been a professional writer for over 25 years, with credits in writing short stories, game strategy books, non-fiction game articles/reviews as a magazine editor (Computer Games Magazine & GameSpy), comic books, and screenplays. I'm published by Perseid Press, which is owned by fantasy/science fiction author Janet Morris, and by Iron Clad Press. I am a member of the Writers Guild of America West. In 2016, I won the Wheel of Osheim Writing Contest hosted by Mark Lawrence. I was the Lead Narrative Designer and Team Lead for Tau Station, a story-centric Sci-Fi MMO being developed by All Around the World. I also adapted Cixin Liu's The Wandering Earth for Crazy Maple Studios. Most recently, I was the Managing Editor for Beijing Kunlun Tech's Stardust Works Studio (Moments Interactive Stories). I am the author of the novelette "Red Rain" in the anthology Heroika: Dragon Eaters and co-author of the YA fantasy Little Wonders. Both available on Amazon.


Alex Puncekar

Freelance Writer

Alex Puncekar is a writer, game designer, and editorial assistant for both Lightspeed Magazine and Nightmare Magazine. His fiction has appeared in Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy and Jenny Magazine, with author spotlights appearing in Lightspeed Magazine. He lives in Cinncinati, Ohio.

Heather Ryerson

Engaging Content For The Cannabis Industry

I specialize in creating engaging and actionable content for CBD websites and product web pages. By combining my writing and digital marketing knowledge with the latest SEO techniques, I can improve your website's ranking and increase your conversions. Let me help you upgrade your existing website with content-rich, valuable information that your clients will want, or assist you with some fresh new content that will convert your readers into buyers. I can't wait to hear from you! Heather [email protected] Alternatively, You can leave me a message by clicking on the envelope icon below.


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Eric Silverman


A detailed and passionate writer who takes the time to listen, research, and evaluate a topic with an individual and carefully curated approach. With a keen understanding of how to draw an audience in, his unique perspective and style presents his readers with work that is both memorable and interesting, while providing the necessary information in a constructive and authoritative manner. Working always with a clear goal in mind and a proactive mindset, his unique problem solving capabilities and can-do attitude keep him from dwelling on minor setbacks, to get real results (because somebody’s gotta do it).

Nancy Hawley

Content- and product-development leader and creator

I love content. I groove on strategy. I've made it happen from concept to taxonomy for: Apple, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, IBM, AARP, Weight Watchers, Starbucks, Style.com, Epicurious, and, in spades, Unstuck. Here, you'll find a sampling of my work — written word, product concepts and execution, video, and newsletters. Challenge me. The possibilities are endless.


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Margaret W. Crane

Medical Writer with Eclectic Tendencies

With 20 years' experience as a writer and editor for academic and non-profit organizations, I specialize in translating complex research issues into lively, readable prose for lay audiences. I also love writing profiles and human-interest stories across a variety of fields and settings. My clients and employers have included Weill Cornell Medical College, the New York Academy of Sciences, NYU Medical Center, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, and the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans, among others. My work has appeared in The Scientist, the Los Angeles Times, and on numerous health and education websites. I also delight in working with individual authors as a ghost-writer, collaborator, and editor.


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Plaserae Johnson

Professional Writer, Editor, Content Developer

Hi, Thanks for stopping by! Here is a little blurb about me: I am a published author, poet, journalist, and proposal writer bringing you the elite of the millennial generation. In my earlier years, my grandmother was helplessly addicted to cigarettes. Her daily smoking habits could’ve caused her death if I had not reached out. I encouraged her to stop, the best way I knew how – by writing. I wrote her a letter at 12 years old and it reassured her that she could overcome the unhealthy habit. Now, she has been clean for over 13 years. That moment is one of the many occasions where my writing bared heavy influence. Since, I could remember, writing has been my way of communicating. Regardless of what I am writing – articles, poems, speeches, proposals, reviews, presentations, media pitches, scripts, or essays, I know it is what I was made to do. I put everything into every word. I am always grateful and excited to employ my talent and training. I have experience in newswriting, sports writing, feature writing, columns, editorial writing, content developing, book editing, and I've recently made my way into the corporate proposal realm! I can work with Microsoft Office products (Word and PowerPoint) and Adobe Suite products (InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere, Reader, Acrobat, and DC) on a day-to-day basis. I am digitally savvy, always willing to learn new things, and require minimal supervision. Furthermore, my experience casts out to online blogging and publishing and newspaper design, which you will see in some of my samples on my portfolio and website. Whatever it is you need writing or editing for, I am your professional. Genuinely, Plaserae Johnson


Amber Gabrenas

Writer and Editor

I'm a passionate storyteller with a proven knack for translating complex concepts into easy-to-read copy that educates and engages. I have over 10 years of professional experience writing and editing content on a range of subject matters, including health and wellness, education, military benefits, retail marketing and execution and more. I currently work as a full-time freelance writer and editor based in the San Diego area.


Amelia Townsend

Accomplished Communications Professional

Using strategic communications and verifiable data to drive business goals and support revenue by building relationships, increasing positive brand awareness, and developing people. Accomplished writer, editor and presenter. Former journalist and video producer


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Katie Quirk Dunyon

Writer/Editor, Web Content Producer, Marketing Communications

Katie Quirk Dunyon is a writer and marketing communications professional based in Seattle, WA. She's currently the content manager of Kids on 45th and social media manager at Mom365.com, where she also contributes regular blog posts, informational articles, and sponsored content. –Experience crafting email copy, slogans, landing pages, blog posts, and SEO-friendly web content –Background in journalism, editorial, and internal communications –Proven ability to organize and convey complicated information in an easily understandable way –Dependable, dedicated, and detailed writer and editor Technical Skills: Microsoft Office, WordPress, MailChimp, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Suite For more writing and social media samples, please visit the Kids on 45th blog at https://kidson45th.com/blog and click on these buttons:


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