Morgan Zubasic

Copywriter / Content Creator

United States

I passionately create content for Pittsburgh North Fitness. Yes I enjoy writing,
but I do enjoy dogs just a little bit more.

*My hardcopy portfolio contains more work and variety*


Copywriting / Advertising / Marketing

Mango Slushy Flyer

I created this flyer to advertise a new Shake of the Month flavor for clients.

Writing Samples

Sitcom Compression Project

This is a compression project my team and I created for my Publication Design course showcasing the history of Sitcoms.

Press Release
Press Release

I wrote this press release for my Writing for Non-Profits course to promote a La Roche University event.

Courier Article

This is an article I wrote for the La Roche University Courier. It delves into the psychology of dogs and their behavior.

Courier Article

I wrote this article for the La Roche University Courier. This article follows a survey format about the relationship between dogs and their owners.