Madison Hanna

Brand Strategist | Storyteller, Copywriter, & Marketer

United States

With more than 8+ years of global communications experience, Mads has taken her storytelling skills on the road with her. As a remote brand strategist, she partners with innovative, ethical, and bold brands to help tell their story with impactful articulation.

She's passionate about women's entrepreneurship, education, eco-friendly innovation, feminism, travel, and the outdoors.

Basecamp | Denver

Freelancer Spotlight: Madison Hanna, Brand Strategist & Copywriter

Name: Madison Hanna Location: Denver, Colorado Skills: Storytelling, Copywriting, Photography, Media Relations Find me: LinkedIn [bite-sized branding & copywriting guidance ], Everything else: Curated Compass [brand therapy for the modern business] Instagram [brand spotlights & tips/tricks to up your copywriting game] It all started because I wanted an "adult gap year."

Client Work (Technology)

Cowork7/24 Blog
A CUAsia Experience, by Madison Hanna | Cowork7/24

After traveling 30+ hours, via five airports, four planes, two taxis, and a shuttle bus - I arrived in Penang, Malaysia. This was my second coworking conference (the first being Coworking Europe) and I was pumped to experience CUAsia for the first time.

Welcome to the HappiLabs Blog
A Message from our CEO Tom: Post-YCombinator at HappiLabs

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes of HappiLabs the last few months. As we mentioned in our last blog post, this summer, we joined world-class accelerator YCombinator (YC), to help advance our virtual lab manager technology. A couple weeks ago, we participated in a pivotal part of the program, Demo Day,...

Cowork7/24 Blog
My First Coworking UnConference | Cowork7/24 Blog

Earlier this year, I dove headfirst into the coworking industry. In some circles, I'm a seasoned coworking pro and in others, I'm a total newbie. With coffee in hand, and an eagerness to learn and make new friends, I walked into the Coworking Europe conference (or rather call it the Coworking Unconference!)

Cowork7/24 Blog
Mostar's Leading Coworking Startup Accelerator: Spark

While traveling through the Balkans this autumn, I found myself in the charming town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a couple of weeks. A town filled with rich history, spectacular hiking, and even better food, I was thrilled to discover there was a small, but mighty coworking culture.