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Ashley Childs

Expression Aid/ Writer

The poetry/literature written by Ashley is an infusion of her emotional depths and the desire to understand the transitions of life. Every vulnerable expression of her heart is what she hopes will provide a bridge between logic and emotion as she shares her perspective on universal truths. She aspires to continuously lend words from her heart as she fulfills her childhood dreams through literature.


Rhiana Jones

Freelance Writer

Hello there! I'm a freelance writer for web content, eBooks, ghostwriting and more. I have a casual style perfect for the internet. Below are a few examples of my clippings from various outlets I've worked for. I also have several Kindle books you can view on Amazon. https://tinyurl.com/y25mz28g

Kathleen W Curry

Freelance Writer, Technical Writer, Editor, Blogger

Can I tell your story? Let's get it on paper, make it a reality, bring it to life. I have interviewed entrepreneurs and artists in Charleston, SC for local magazines and newspapers, including the Charleston City Paper and West of Newspaper. I have sample links posted below, but a more complete set of my published work can b found at my website. I also have experience in technical writing and customer service. At my namesake blog, KathleenWCurry, I muse about language, word use, and communications issues. I have been blogging about Easily Confused Words since 2012. Each post features an original very short story, and there are close to 1500 of them. Please contact me via email if you have writing or documentation work you need.

Corey M

Writer and Media Producer

Hi--I'm Corey, but I also go by CM Gorey for fun. I'm driven by my passion for writing about subjects ranging from higher ed, art, drama, travel, and music to business trends, fintech, sports, and film. As a freelance writer and editor, I've collaborated with universities, startups, art galleries, magazines, blogs, marketing agencies, book publishers, bands, and screenwriters about software, apps, luxury brands, the arts (visual, musical, drinkable), travel, and more. Though I'm from New York, after five years working out of São Paulo, Brazil, I have been living in Charlottesville, Virginia since 2016.


Scott Finger

Writer. Editor. Your new best friend.

Welcome! Come in and warm yourself by the content. We have stories, articles, photography, film, and even some wild Photoshop jobs for the adventurous soul. What's around the corner? Is it an article about sports? A documentary film on the military? A tidbit about Krampus, the Christmas monster? Only one way to find out. Enjoy your stay, take it all in, and if you like what you see, please feel free to get in touch with me.


Erin Reyes

Communications Coordinator

Communications • Marketing • Copywriting • Editing Administration • Operations


Haley Lunde

Freelance Writer

I graduated college with a Bachelor's of Arts in Cinema and Media Studies and I'm looking to pursue my passions of creative writing. I dabble in a a wide variety of formats and styles including, but not limited to, poetry, prose, screenwriting, play-writing, and creative non-fiction.


Jenn Spicer

Marketing, Social Media, Writing

Hi! I'm a mother of three who grabs every spare moment to read, write, and think. I love to travel, renovate my house, and geek out about the latest in tech, finance, and politics. When I'm not throwing a dinner party, you can find me seeking solace at the library or in the sauna after a workout.

Tanya Roscorla

Writer | Editor | Collaborator

Please contact me by email at [email protected]


Ivor Levene

Writer, Photographer, Music Junkie

I've been into music in one way or another for most of my life. I love to interview musicians, write about music, and read about music. When it comes to writing my credo is "Be nice, be honest, and be interesting. If you stick to this, everything will always work out". When I write, I write with a purpose, to inform and entertain. My articles have appeared in Relix.com, Goldmine Magazine, Rock Cellar Magazine, JoniMitchell.com, EastCoastRocker.com, and The Los Angeles Beat. I'm going to enjoy every single minute of what I do!