Ashe Thurman

Fiction and Interactive Storytelling

United States

Technical illustrator turned script writer, narrative designer and voice actor. She takes these skills, throws them into a centrifuge, and watches them spin out into fantasy interactive fiction and narrative games featuring magic, relationships, and just a dash of ennui.


Interactive Fiction and Narrative Design

Short Stories

Flash Fiction Online
Kitsune no Yomeiri - Flash Fiction Online

I found the painting in the basement in a Japanese tansu. Noriko had moved in a lot of antique furniture when we got married, primarily from the late Edo period, and I had lost track of most of it. The painting itself was buried underneath a stack of clothing and wrapped in old brown paper.

Infective Ink

“He leaned forward over the bathroom sink and stared up at his ragged reflection in the mirror. He needed a shave probably. The part time job he was forced to work as a condition of his residence in this house wasn’t especially picky about employee appearance, but he was already on thin ice. Oh, well. He couldn’t be blamed for being unemployed if they fired him, right? He played with the part in his scraggly blond hair. He needed a haircut, too. Also needed to get some of the squishiness out...

Pixels and Pins
A Question of Culture

“Rasheed, they need signatures on this paperwork going around. Can you run this over to Social Sciences next door?” the Director asked roughly, half shoving the stack of papers into my hands. “That’s the Thessaloniki building, right?”

Long Form Fiction Excerpts

In Progress
Marigold and the Monsters: The Man in Gray

She didn't see the trap in time. The snare had been well-hidden in the dead leaves on the forest floor, and now Marigold was hanging by her ankle from a tree, the inverted world swaying around her slowly. This was not a good place to be to begin with, and the situation only became worse when the perpetrators of her capture became apparent only a few minutes later

TSTC Literary Magazine
Of the Stars Excerpt

It fell from the sky in a blazing, cyclonic ball of light, screaming through the heavens. A silky spider web ejected into the sky with a grating rip as it hit the lower atmosphere. The soft-edged shape tumbled through the yellow sky with impossible slowness for something that had hurtled so angrily through the cosmos only moments before. It came to rest somewhere beyond the line of the horizon, and Ava imagined she heard a dull, distant thud echo through the thick air.

Produced Scripts