Temarrio Thomas

Associate Producer

United States

I'm an entertainment industry professional with 10 years of relevant work experience. While working for WWE as a Producer, I have learned valuable professional skills such as broadcast media, segment producing, and creative services. In my professional life, I have been consistently praised as efficient by my peers and management. I apply proven leadership, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills, which I can leverage into the appropriate role at any company.

The Collegian
The agony of defeat is the opportunity to learn

By: Temarrio Thomas "You can't win them all," these infamous words from Philadelphia Athletics manager Connie Mack ring true to anyone who has competed in anything. A loss is painful but can prove to be one of the best learning opportunities a student has outside the classroom.

The Collegian
Sam Slade keeps family tradition of tennis alive

By Temarrio Thomas Sam Slade, a rising star on GPC's Men Tennis team, shared his goals for his remaining tenure a GPC and beyond. The C: Last year, when you and Celestian Nkoueleue won the USTA/ITA Junior College National Championship for doubles in S.C., you also played in the "Super Bowl" for the overall small college national title.

The Collegian
Jump like Mike

By: Temarrio Thomas For athletes looking to become artists of the slam dunk, start with conditioning and strengthening the body and practicing techniques. Conditioning Training Run the first sprint for 70 yards. Continue to increase distance of each run by ten yards after finishing the previous sprint.

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Student athletes: Jocks or gifted students?

By: Temarrio Thomas When the captain of the school's soccer team walks around campus, one can automatically assume that his life is easier than most students. The images portrayed by popular media outlets today would have people believe that the star athlete always gets the attractive girl and receives an easy ride thanks to partisanship exercised by the school faculty.

The Collegian
Finding your fitness inspiration

By: Temarrio Thomas One day you wake up, look in the mirror and you are unhappy with what's staring back at you. Admit it, we have all been there. You then ask yourself, "What do I do to change the way I look?" The motivation to be present at work each day is there.

It Came

Horror/Suspense short story

Temarrio Thomas

What happens when you're no longer at the top of the food chain...