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Sarah E. Mason

Writer and Podcast Producer

​It is my deep love for stories and storytelling that has guided my professional and personal pursuits. In addition to writing and editorial experience, I have worked professionally as marketer, event planner and economic development strategist in the entertainment, media technology and tourism industries. My writing credits include narratives on Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Janis Joplin and others for A&E's Biography. My biography of film critic, Pauline Kael was featured in the book, "American Women Writers". In 2011, I co-founded The Harold & Maudecast with my partner Jake Essoe. The podcast is approaching its 400th episode. I also produce six other podcasts for The HMC Network including the Age of Distraction, which I co-host with screenwriters Warren Lewis (Black Rain) and Stephen Godchaux (Dead Like Me). The series discusses the impact of streaming, gaming and other forms of storytelling on Hollywood and the creative process.  More information can be found at www.filmtravelers.com. You can listen to the podcasts at the www.thehmcnetwork.com.

#Princess #Leia #Lucas®

Founder, Press Agent, Digital Protected Producer®, CSNP®, Scientist, Trustee, 2019

Guess what? Princess Leia Lucas was actually my name BEFORE Star Wars. That is, I'm a Jewish American Princess, with the Hebrew name, Leia, so everyone called me, Princess Leia. And, I was adopted by my Mother's close cousin, Richard M Lucas, (known at Stanford University for MRI, cancer treatment technologies), to get me away from the abusers in my family. I also grew up and worked with other close relatives in the FBI, Dod and more, which left me with some memory issues. Then, I was finally fully healed, including with Brain Transmission Technologies® harnessed by Richard and I, combined with LOTS of caring support from people, like you. THANK YOU. **** Now, I'm a credentialed Press Agent, and I run the 6/six, Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations -to support trauma recovery for the other 1 in 4 survivors out there, and all those who care about them. We have 250+ websites/listings, 9 million average daily viewers, content sharing with up to 30,000 publishers, and more. And, we do this because, ***1 in 4 people are known to be victims of abuse. 1 in 3 adults will be arrested, often thrown in jail based on stories alone. Yet, statistics demonstrate that ***80% of people are known to fully recover with the correct support. I also invent, research, write about, and publish all kinds of related news. So, if you don't like the news today, or, the lack of good news, then, let's get together and go make some of our own! Why? Because, as soon as we connect, and "join forces", then, "Together we are one. The Force is YOU"©. Find us at, 750 Alma Lane, #8231, Foster City, CA 94404. SAMPLE WEBSITES: http://PrincessLeiaLucas.org https://princessleialucas.webnode.com/ https://princessleialucas.wixsite.com/mysite https://princessleialucas.wordpress.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/princess-leia-lucas/ -Foundation https://www.facebook.com/PrincessLeiaLucasFoundations/ https://www.facebook.com/PrincessLeiaLucas https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/brain-transmissions-heal-us-princess-leia-lucas/ http://www.digitalprotectedproducer.com/ https://combinedintelligence.wixsite.com/ifnbt https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/princess-leias-law-whatever-can-go-right-willgo-princess-leia-lucas-/?published=t www.localcommunities.org/neuroscienceandbrain https://princess-leia-lucas-foundations.business.site/ (Google) https://digital-protected-producer.business.site/ (Google) https://princess-leia-news.business.site/ (Google) https://www.facebook.com/PrincessLeiaNEWS/ https://paper.li/e-1529795614#/ Have Legal Rights Gone Wrong? © https://paper.li/e-1529792897#/ Brain Transmissions Daily© https://paper.li/e-1568650162#/ NEWS®, Newsworthy Edification of Wholistic Systems® ; https://paper.li/e-1570396769#/ Lucas® : Living Unlimited Capacities for Assistance & Support® ; https://www.instagram.com/princessleialucas/ https://twitter.com/PrncssLeiaLucas/media https://twitter.com/PrncessLeiaNews https://twitter.com/PrncssLeiaLucas https://www.pinterest.com/princessleialucas/ https://theforceisyou.blogspot.com/ https://www.revolvy.com/folder/Brains/1046954 https://foursquare.com/v/princess-leia-lucas-foundations-pllf-and-trusts-ifnbt-news-rights-foster-life-force-recovery/5cbc9630c21cb1002cf84d31

Devon Miner

Copywriter and Content Creator

Devon Miner is a Copywriter and Content Developer specializing in advertising as well as the lifestyle industry in Colorado and beyond. Specialties include the travel, health & wellness, retail and dining industries.


Patrick Lee

Writer, editor, digital producer

Patrick Lee has worked for more than 20 years as a reporter, writer, editor and digital producer in print, digital and broadcast news media, covering a wide range of issues. Patrick is currently a freelance journalist, editor and digital producer. He has edited text, news, social media and video text for a variety of clients, including news media outlets, web designers, private companies and nonprofit institutions.

Hans Hetrick

Experienced Writer & Instructional Designer

Contact me at [email protected]


Temarrio Thomas

Associate Producer

I'm an entertainment industry professional with 10 years of relevant work experience. While working for WWE as a Producer, I have learned valuable professional skills such as broadcast media, segment producing, and creative services. In my professional life, I have been consistently praised as efficient by my peers and management. I apply proven leadership, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills, which I can leverage into the appropriate role at any company.

Ashe Thurman

Fiction and Interactive Storytelling

Technical illustrator turned script writer, narrative designer and voice actor. She takes these skills, throws them into a centrifuge, and watches them spin out into fantasy interactive fiction and narrative games featuring magic, relationships, and just a dash of ennui.

Bree Barr

Digital Marketing Manager | Copywriter | SEO Specialist

- 7+ years of Digital Marketing Management experience - Google Adwords Search/Display & Analytics Certified - Expert in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube advertising & posting - Expert in Google PPC Campaign strategy, management, and creation of advertisements - Expert in data analysis via Google Analytics, MailChimp, HootSuite + more - 7 years of experience in managing large budgets and allocating spend to ensure the best ROI for clients and the organization



Freelance Writer, Michigan

I am a freelance writer and communications professional in Southeast, Michigan. I write from the heart and care enough to get the details right. Contact me at [email protected]


Danielle Alynn McGuire

University graduate and social media buff

I received my BA in communication and have a love for public speaking, writing, and social media. Let me know how I can help you with your brand! Photo by Anna Zizak