Mark Peters

Freelance Writer

United States

Mark Peters is a freelance journalist, copywriter, author, and namer living in Chicago. He authored Bullshit: A Lexicon—a handy guide to identifying and calling BS in all its many forms—and has regularly contributed to The Boston Globe, McSweeney’s, and Visual Thesaurus. Over the last 20 years, Mark has written in various genres, including:

— Academic articles for American Speech
— Book reviews for Publisher’s Weekly
— Interviews for The Comics Journal and Salon
— Gift copy for Blue Q
— Trivia and humor calendars for Sellers Publishing
— Ghost-written articles and white papers for Tableau Software

Mark has also published articles in Bark, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Reader, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Columbia Journalism Review, Cracked, Esquire, Funny Times, History Magazine, Jack Kirby Collector, Mental Floss, Nerve, New Scientist, Psychology Today, Slate, The Writer, and Writer’s Digest. At SAP, Mark put his lexical knowledge to use, spending five years as a naming consultant and project manager. He has a PhD in English from the University of Buffalo and is a Second City Writing Program graduate. In his free time he likes to devour graphic novels and hunt for the best grilled/fried/whatever chicken in Chicago.

Let him know if he can write or name something for you.




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