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Copywriter & Account Director

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I'm an energetic Marketing/Account Director who's passionate about copywriting, digital marketing, and brand storytelling. I have hands-on experience with everything from consumer research, to cross-channel campaigns, to navigating diverse stakeholder groups, and beyond. I love collaborating with awesome people to make creative ideas happen.


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Why Am I Seeing This Ad?

T he Internet, not surprisingly, knows a lot about me. All is garnered from my infatuation with Googling new vacation spots (please don't tell my husband), to my yearning to be a better gardener (super grateful they can't see the finished product), to my affinity for clicking on cat memes, puns, and all things Beyoncé.

My 7 Favorite Digital-Marketing Tools

With new marketing tools being launched-what seems like-nearly every day, finding the right one can be a headache. Lucky for you, as a digital marketer, I've slogged through my fair share of marketing tools over the years, so I can present you with my list of time-tested and marketer-approved tools.

How To Really Tell If Your Website Is Effective

While website traffic is important, it only tells one part of your website's story. Engagement metrics help you go beyond visitor volume to explore visitor value. By Sherri Huleatt The other day a client asked me, what seemed like, a straightforward question: "Is our website traffic good?"

Video Marketing: Easy, Effective, and On-the-Rise

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business or organization. According to the State of Video Marketing 2018 report by Wizowl, 97% of marketers say video helped increase consumers' understanding of their product or service, and 76% said it increased sales.

How Facebook's Changing Algorithm Impacts Your Business...

By Sherri Huleatt I n January 2018, Facebook released its new "meaningful interactions" algorithm to highlight more content from family and friends and less content from brands. While this might be a welcome change for the everyday social-media consumer, it's anything but welcome for businesses scrambling to break through the social-media clutter.

Red Rokk
4 Quick and Easy Ways to Write Copy that Converts

Most of us, at some point or another, have taken an English class. But just because you can locate a dangling modifier (which is, actually, pretty impressive), doesn't mean you know how to be a marketing copywriter. In fact, no matter how awesome your grammar is or how wide your vocabulary, one terrifying truth remains: Words is real hard.

High ROI and Engagement Through Automated Emails

T he typical email-marketing campaign goes like this: You (or someone on your team) create an email, hit "Send," analyze the results, and then move on to the next email, repeating the process. But what if you could create an email once and benefit from it continuously-without ever manually hitting "Send" again?

Business Pulse Magazine
The Sole of Superfeet

How the company dominates the insole world, but still keeps its heart.

Northwest Yachting
Choose Your Own Adventure - Northwest Yachting

Jean Turnbull is one of the most experienced mariners you're likely to meet. She's cruised all over the world with her partner, Priscilla Myers, including a one-year, 6,300-mile circumnavigation around eastern North America and an 18-week trip around Alaska's Inside Passage. She's cruised the Bahamas, the Great Lakes, the St.


Breeding Hope

By Sherri Huleatt Brigadoon Service Dogs Give People In Need a Second Chance P laying fetch is one thing. But Brigadoon Service Dogs, a local nonprofit, trains their dogs to another level.

Whatcom Business Alliance - WBA
Back To The Future of Local Salmon | Whatcom Business Alliance - WBA

By Sherri Huleatt Experts mark 1985 as Whatcom County's last great fishing season. Stakeholders from business, government, the Lummi Nation, higher education, and more have joined forces to raise the region's fish population to 1985 levels. Doug Thomas, President and CEO of Bellingham Cold Storage, chairs the new Whatcom Creek Hatchery Improvement Committee.

Whatcom Business Alliance - WBA
OFF TO THE RACES | Whatcom Business Alliance - WBA

Bellingham Traverse, a five-leg relay race, was founded in 2001, to raise awareness of salmon's importance to our environment, while also encouraging people to get outside and have fun. Photos by Brandon Sawaya By Sherri Huleatt Washington is known for its stunning outdoor adventures.

Whatcom Business Alliance - WBA
Farm-to-Table at its finest | Whatcom Business Alliance - WBA

By Sherri Huleatt ACME's weekly food delivery box brings local food straight to your doorstep. Several years before "local" food was a staple and brand of Pacific Northwest grocery stores, and before subscription boxes popped up for nearly everything (clothes, cosmetics, and books, et al), two architects had a novel idea: Instead of searching for local food themselves and bouncing from farm to co-op to grocer, and then juggling the responsibilities of a mom, wife, architect, and homeowner .

Northwest Yachting
San Juan Secrets - Northwest Yachting

By Amy Pemberton Regardless of your interests, the San Juans have something for you. Tour an eerie mausoleum at Roche Harbor, spot exotic goats along the savannah-like coast of Spieden Island, take a spa day at Rosario Resort, go birdwatching at a secluded sand spit, or spot orcas off beautiful cliffside vistas.

Business Pulse Magazine
The Million Dollar Couple

Innotech Metal Design's has more than doubled annual revenue in the last few years.


Red Rokk
8 Tips to Improve Your Library's Website Design - Red Rokk

During a recent presentation at a library marketing conference, I asked a group of about 150 library marketers: "How many of you like your library's website?" Of the 150 people, just one lone librarian raised her hand.

Red Rokk
Don't Let This Be You! 4 Signs Your Website Needs a Makeover

But you'd be shocked to discover how many brands are missing out on key opportunities to increase sales and reel in new customers. From terrible button placement, to poor messaging, to non-responsive sites, there's not a day that goes by where we don't see a brand, with oodles of potential, fall flat when it comes to its online presence.

8 Things You Didn't Know about Classic Fairy Tales

Once upon a time . . . we celebrated Freebie Friday with some of the most beloved stories of all time: classic folktales. Dig into the origins of literature's most ubiquitous characters, like prince charming, the evil stepmother, the lovely, yet ill-treated orphan, and the predatory wolf in the w...

Red Rokk
3 Tools to Improve Your Library's Social Media Marketing

As many librarians can attest, people love the library. In fact, you'd be hardpressed to find someone who didn't believe public libraries are a necessary fixture in every community. But as much as people might cherish the library . . . getting them to engage with it is an entirely different story.

3 Ways the Internet of Things Benefits Marketers

The "Internet of Things" is a fairly new concept in the marketing world; it's the idea that there's a network of physical objects connected with sensors and software, and these objects track and share data amongst themselves, with consumers, and with brands. IoT-enabled products include wearable devices, like Google Goggles, home products, like refrigerators that know...

You Down with UGC? (Yeah, You Know Me . . .)

Yeah, you know me . . . If you're unfamiliar with the acronym, UGC stands for "user-generated content;" it's one of today's most effective and affordable means of marketing. In fact, a 2015 study by the Content Marketing Institute found that 78% of B2C companies are planning on using UGC in their marketing strategies this year;...

3 Sneaky Ways Brands Are Tracking Your Mobile Activity

It's no secret that companies track your Internet activity. That's why Amazon's homepage is catered to your interests, web ads follow you around after looking at a product, and Google knows your common search terms. What's becoming more common, but less known about, is mobile tracking.

Exit Pop-Ups: 3 Ways to See Conversions Skyrocket

Regular pop-ups are a bit old-hat now. Everyone's used to visiting a site, being affronted with a pop-up offering a "special deal," and then instantly closing the pesky little box. So now, marketers have found a new way to entice visitors: exit pop-ups. According to Wishpond, a SaaS that specializes in pop-ups of all flavors,...

Google and the AI Ethics Debate

For most of us, Google has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives: how we discover information, how we communicate with each other, o...

Studying Scripture in Context: Why It Matters and How to Do It

Regardless of where you are in your Bible study-from eager novice to sophisticated scholar-you've no doubt come across an obscure or confusing passage, word, image, or practice. The Bible is filled with images and cultural references that meant a lot to the ancient Eastern mind, but are flat-out dumbfounding today, which-unfortunately for us-means a lot of Scripture's messages and practices get lost in translation.

No Rules: Faithlife Threw Out the Employee Handbook

At Faithlife Corporation, the leading producer of digital Bible study tools, we've taken a unique approach to corporate culture: no rules. We operate without an HR department, offer unlimited vacations, provide a free bike and kayak center, and offer flexible schedules and unlimited free soda and espresso.

Better Sermons, Faster Study, More Insights: See How

Keeping up with your Bible study, let alone keeping it rich and exciting, is a daily struggle for many people. Whether you're a pastor tired from late-night sermon prep, a seminary student buried under tedious tasks, an academic lacking the resources to make new discoveries, or a layperson wanting to be more confident in your biblical knowledge, there will almost always be roadblocks in your Bible study.


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