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Jessica is a passionate writer residing in the Greater Boston area. A copywriter and editor by profession, she spends her days brewing endless coffee and adding to her "words to use later" list. And writing, of course.

Even outside of her 9-5, she can't stop writing. She's a contributing writer to indie music blog Unheard Gems, and lends her skill to a variety of freelance clients, mainly in the music industry. She herself is a lifelong musician, having studied songwriting under seasoned industry professionals and Grammy voters. She uses the writing of music and lyrics as a way to understand the world around her. Whether those songs will ever see the light of day, only time will tell.

While she mainly writes about lifestyle and the arts, she is also well-versed in the world of creative fiction. She took classes to enrich her storytelling in Copenhagen, Denmark in the fall of 2019, where she wrote her first-ever short play.

Boston 25 News
Taylor Swift and Gillette Stadium: A Love Story

Fans online are speculating that this weekend won't just be a big deal for local fans, but will be legendary for Swifties as a whole; that's because her history with Gillette Stadium runs as deep as her 10-album discography.

How Artificial Intelligence is Affecting Schools

There’s no way around it: artificial intelligence has maneuvered its way into the education sphere. While AI has been around for a while, usually in the form of grading standardized tests and identifying plagiarism, the ultra-advanced technology has made its way to students for the first time ever, and it has the potential to transform education as we know it. We’ll break down both the good and the bad to AI in school, so you’re fully equipped to handle these situations as they arise.

Creating Your District's Anti-Bullying Policy

Ever since in-person learning has returned, teachers and school staff alike have cited worsened student behavior as a major problem. This includes poor manners, increased bullying, and generally more destructive behavior. Tackling these issues individually has always been difficult, but how should districts approach solutions when they’re all on the rise?

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off May 2nd, so don’t forget to show your teachers how they’re a valued part of your schools! While you may not be able to personally reach out to every teacher on your staff, there are plenty of ways to show them how they’re making a meaningful difference in their communities. Here are 7 fun ways to mark the celebration!

Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Children who learn social-emotional skills early on grow up to be adults with a strong sense of self, empathy, and who are good at making decisions as well as setting and achieving goals. If you haven’t started integrating these values into the classroom, now is a good time to start thinking about it. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to work these into your curriculum—many of which the students will enjoy!

10 Ways to Beat the Pandemic Blues

The past two years have taken a toll on teachers. Between the constant changes of protocol and keeping parents updated, it’s become increasingly difficult to take care of yourself. As a result, you may, like many, find yourself feeling the pandemic blues.

Unheard Gems
"Lemon Lung" - Soft Top Intrepid |Review

If you too are waiting for the Coachella lineup to drop (any day now, right?), this song will keep you satisfied while you wait. You’ll get lost in the daydream of palm trees swaying in the golden desert sun as you dance the day away, thanks to the warm and silky smooth guitar tones that give the song that signature sunshine indie/bedroom pop sound.

Unheard Gems
Sidney Bird goes 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems | Interview

Sidney Bird is a jack-of-all-trades. She's no stranger to the arts, as she's trying her hand at songwriting after endeavors in both comedy and musical theater. Largely inspired by her western upbringing, her music fuses together sounds of indie pop and indie folk.

Unheard Gems
"Don't Call Anymore" - Ava McCoy | Review

Mending heartbreak and moving on is one of life's most difficult challenges. In her new song, "Don't Call Anymore," Ava McCoy wonders if cutting all lines of communication with her ex-love is the right course of action in her healing.

Unheard Gems
"Role Model" (ft. Tessa Violet) - daysormay | Review

Tessa Violet serves as a pop of color to daysofmay's revamped single, "Role Model". The song was originally released by the Vancouver-based group in 2018, but was given a makeover when they toured with Violet and decided to give it new life.

Unheard Gems
"Telephone" - Tamaraebi | Review

Do you ever find yourself feeling nostalgic for a place you've never been? "Telephone" by Tamaraebi is a psychedelic indie pop tune that transcends genres as we know them, taking us to new places both mentally and sonically. Combining elements of neo-soul, bedroom pop, and psychedelia with a hint of retro-futurist undertones, this song is a vivid daydream all on its own.

Unheard Gems
"Unless" - Haiden | Review

That time of year is coming once again- time to dance the night away under twinkling string lights until the sun begins to rise. The soundtrack for the night? "Unless" by Haiden, the infectious indie pop song that makes you want to drive down the road with all the windows down, singing your heart out with the people you love most.

Unheard Gems
"Carried Away" - The Day Dreamers | Review

If escapism were a song, the title would rightfully go to "Carried Away" by The Day Dreamers. The folk-inspired indie rock song is an upbeat venture that's just off-kilter enough to be charming and inspired, while maintaining a sense of familiarity and comfort- all the right ingredients for a song that sounds like pure sunshine.

Unheard Gems
"Greenwich Village Ghosts" - Jakob Leventhal/Sarah Jarosz | Review

"Greenwich Village Ghosts" is the first release from Jakob Leventhal since his 2019 debut album, "Oh, So Bittersweet!" which was met with critical acclaim, even from Sir Elton John, citing it as "one of the most beautiful records (he's) heard in a long time."

Unheard Gems
"Light Shine In" - Conor Gains | Review

Let me say first that I like to write my reviews with a sense of imagery, putting you in a special and specific mental place as you listen.

Unheard Gems
"It's Not You" - Roni Bar Hadas | Review

Unrequited love is a theme within music that has withstood the test of time. While you may think you're familiar with how artists approach such a topic, Roni Bar Hadas implores you to think again.

Unheard Gems
"Non Essential" - Julia Karr | Review

German bedroom pop artist Julia Karr released her new organic, honeyed single "Non Essential" today, exploring the jaunty sounds of the summer and the heavyweight feelings of anxiety and unease. The song grooves as smoothly and naturally as her voice.

Unheard Gems
"To Be Alone" - Galaxy Family | Review

Chaotic feelings can only be expressed properly with chaotic sounds, and "To Be Alone," the new single by Galaxy Family, packs a hearty punch. A song about the fear of commitment while also not wanting to lose the person, is one full of lyrical conflict, accompanied with sounds that take a different direction as soon as you think you know where it's going.

Unheard Gems
"Wash" - Mae Krell | Review

Rustic indie folk musician Mae Krell explores themes of self-improvement and self-reflection in their new optimistic yet honest tune, "wash".

Unheard Gems
"Still In Love" - The Beach | Review

Two things are universally understood as crucial to the human experience: music and heartbreak. "Still in Love" by The Beach is a slice-of-life piece right after a breakup that chronicles taking the long way home to avoid their house, and realizing you're not quite over them yet.

604 Records
Jessica Ward Featured on 604 Records Website

The forecast predicts sunshine, warmth, and absolute joy now that Vox Rae's new feel-good single, "Rest" is here. Opening with ethereal vocal harmonies, only to launch into a groovy, indie pop swing, it's guaranteed to make you smile as you dream of the warmer, longer days that lie ahead.

Unheard Gems
"Ghost In Your Dreams" - NYIKO | Review

As temperatures drop and leaves turn to shades of amber and red, indie singer/songwriter NYIKO has been busy exploring the almost paranormal mysteries that lie in the graveyards of past relationships. Today he releases his findings in his new single, "Ghost in Your Dreams, amidst the spooky season.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Classroom

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is the most important holiday in China. Following the Chinese Lunar calendar, this holiday honors ancestors and deities– this year, it falls on February 1st. It’s a great opportunity to teach your students about this culturally-rich celebration, and it’s one your students will love learning about!

7 Must-Have Supplies for the New Year

Welcome, 2022! With winter break over, it’s time to set your students up for success for the rest of the school year. With these 7 must-haves, you’ll be ready to conquer the classroom in no time. Get started on those productive new year’s resolutions now!

How to Get To Know Your Roommate (Virtually!)

College is on the horizon, and things are about to get real; mid-summer is dorm room assignment season! When that email comes through, you'll have butterflies in your stomach and an enormous smile stretched ear-to-ear. And what's more, you'll find out who your roommate is going to be!

Who Brings What?

Dorm shopping takes a lot of strategy, especially when you're trying to coordinate with your new roommate. It doesn't have to be difficult- here are a few ways to keep it simple, fun, and as cheap!

7 Truths About Studying Abroad (That No One Tells You!)

Many study abroad alumni often cite their semester overseas as the time of their life. If you're going abroad in the future, you have so much to look forward to! And while everyone rants and raves about their own experiences, there are a few things they leave out of their stories.

Countdown to Move-In Day Sweepstakes - CollegeCheckLists

Is Move-In Day anxiety putting a damper on your summer? Get excited for what’s next with Countdown to Move-In Day— keeping you on track for success and giving you a chance to WIN a six-month subscription to one of three must-have college lifestyle subscription boxes!
When to Buy for College

The summer leading up to your first move-in day is full of excitement, goodbyes, and… shopping! And while shopping for college is fun, we recommend not buying all at once and spacing it out throughout the summer to prevent last minute stress-buying, overpacking, or forgetting an essential. Here’s our advice and a basic outline on when to buy for college.

10 Questions to Ask During a College Tour

So you’re going on a college tour! Tours are one of the best ways to determine whether a college is the right fit for you, but the experience is what you make of it. Your tour guide has a list of things they have to cover, so here are ten questions you should have ready in case it’s not on their list.

TeacherLists Random Acts of Kindness Contest

Contest was held over Instagram and Facebook to TeacherLists followers -Facebook post was given paid boost, concluded through data analytics that engagement percentage actually lowered with boost. -Moving forward, contest will be kept to Instagram, with no boost, considering that is where we saw the most engagement

TeacherLists Blog
8 Elementary Teachers You Should Follow on Instagram

Making a difference to young learners means making a difference for the future. These eight elementary teachers are bringing something new to their classrooms in their own way, keeping their students engaged and ready to learn.

TeacherLists Blog
10 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Whether you’re teaching online or in person, there’s lots of mischievous fun to be had on St. Patrick’s Day! From growing your own lucky clovers to setting up genius leprechaun traps, students of all ages can celebrate the holiday in an easy, fun, and educational way.