Toni Leland

Freelance Writer & Photographer

United States

I'm a retired professional writer, freelance journalist and photographer in Connecticut.

I love to write about almost any subject, but my areas of expertise include regional and local history, gardening and horticulture, destination travel pieces, and nature and the environment. My work has been published in local, regional, and national publications, both print and online. I supply the artwork for 95% of my assignments.



CT Coast & Country 2020, pg. 86
Crazy for Classic Cars

Nostalgia is a big deal – especially when it comes to cars. Whether it's your great-grandad's Model T or the muscle car you drove in high school, classic vintage and antique cars never seem to lose their appeal. They're the cars we used to drive, and now they're classics.

The Bulletin
Victory gardens could make a comeback

Victory gardens are back as residents fight a war with the COVID-19 virus. As Americans shelter in place and scramble to secure the food they need, there's been a surge of interest in becoming self-sustaining.

Norwich Magazine, pg. 20
Cultured: The Red House a center for artistry

A hidden treasure in the middle of nowhere. That perfectly describes the Red House Cultural Arts Center in Salem. Tucked away on Darling Road, this cozy space invites leisurely browsing and plenty of opportunities to come across that perfect something you've always wanted.

Norwich Magazine, pg. 16
Toni's Garden: Cats and poisonous house plants

"Curiosity killed the cat," but so can certain house plants. Cats are, by nature, nosy and into everything and anything new - especially indoor cats. More than two-dozen common house plants have the capability to make your cat very ill. Other than curiosity, why do cats nibble on things?

Connecticut Family Magazine, pg. 51
Help on the Home Front: Fleet & Family services at Submarine Base New London

Forty years ago at a Family Awareness Conference in Norfolk, VA, attendees worried about the welfare and future of U.S. Navy sailors. To encourage sailors to re-enlist, something needed to be done to support military families. The Navy listened and, under the leadership of Rear Admiral Richard E. Nicholson, an organization called Family Service Center was founded.

Norwich Magazine, pg. 16
Toni's Garden: Attract beneficial insects to the garden

Insect species in the United States number around 91,000 and sometimes it seems as though they are all in our own gardens. While each insect on the planet has a place in the ecosystem, the insects we want to attract are those that contribute something positive.

Connecticut Family Magazine, pg. 6
Sweet, Sweet Indulgences: Connecticut Chocolatiers

What could possibly be better than chocolate? Unless it's double chocolate. Or white chocolate. Or chocolate fudge. Or...? If chocolate is your passion, you'll be happy to know that some of the finest chocolates are made right here in Connecticut. So fire up your sweet tooth and start indulging.

Aspire, pg. 8
Fine Art & Flowers at Wadsworth Atheneum

History and continuity prevail as the oldest museum in the country – the Wadsworth Atheneum – hosts the 39th Annual Fine Art & Flowers exhibition in Hartford this spring. The event is a spectacular explosion of innovative floral design, paired with some of the finest art in the world.

Ohio Cooperative Living - May 2019, pg. 12
Grow Your Own Butterflies

Create your own butterfly habitat from egg to butterfly and keep them right at home in your garden!