Danielle Alynn McGuire

University graduate and social media buff

United States

I received my BA in communication and have a love for public speaking, writing, and social media. Let me know how I can help you with your brand!

Photo by Anna Zizak



Robert Morris University
Congressman Mike Doyle Poster

A promotional poster I made for congressman Mike Doyle's appearance at Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University
Pride Week Poster

Poster made for 2017's annual Pride Week by the Student Alliance For Equality


Robert Morris University
Example Public Relations Plan

A full sample public relations plan developed with a group at Robert Morris University for their Civic Engagement department to increase engagement on campus

Robert Morris University
Press Release: Evita

A sample press release that I completed for my Writing In PR and Advertising class on the musical 'Evita'

Danielle McGuire
Binge Listening (Week 1)

Music blog post that became the succession of 2015's Saturday Top 10. Wrote and optimized for Wordpress.

Social Media

Student Alliance For Equality

Facebook post I made as social media manager of the Student Alliance For Equality about them participating in Pride Week 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Saturday Top 10

Music recommendation blog post I wrote for my Tumblr blog in 2015. Has 70+ interactions.

GIF Post Example

A sample GIF post made on my Tumblr blog. This is one of the top successful posts with over 200,000 interactions.