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Kingston Jael Michaels is a pen name I write under. I am a writer, editor, lifestyle blogger, podcast host, a NITTANY LION (WE ARE! PENN STATE!), and so much more. My favorite topics are LOVE, SEX, PASSION, FRIENDSHIP, and SPIRITUALITY. Yes...sometimes one of my blogs may cover all of those once. If you are looking for the status quo, I am not the writer for you. I curse a lot and am very passionate about every word I write. Besides world domination, my goal is to empower women with my work. One day, I would love to write for a show with a strong female lead.

Kingston Expressions
Summer 2020 (The FEEL The Feelings Edition) ~ Kingston Expressions

The world has gone mad in a million different ways. Covid is sweeping the globe...trailing slowly behind systematic racism. Most of us are locked up in our homes. I am locked up in my home. When it pours. And I am just standing there without a damn umbrella.

Kingston Expressions
Passion In A Time Of Corona ~ Kingston Expressions

It is raining hard here. A dark and dreary Monday...much like how I imagine the night Edgar Allen Poe described in the poem "The Raven." Only it is morning...a dark and dreary morning filled with unexpected twists and turns in an unexpected world. I have been social distancing for weeks...solo.

Kingston Expressions
The Great Pretender ~ Kingston Expressions

I got dressed in a nice outfit. Not unusual for me but important on this particular day. I wore a black, white, and gray dress with bright red lipstick. Lady Balls from TooFaced Cosmetics to be exact. It had become my go to "I'm gonna kick some ass today" lipstick.

Kingston Expressions
At The Edge Of Reason ~ Kingston Expressions

I am sitting at the edge of reason...clinging to my sanity. Yet he does not see nor hear me. I am sitting at the edge of reason...losing all hope and feeling like I'm "losing my religion" literally and figuratively! I'm in the 90's R.E.M. music video!!!

Kingston Expressions
The Struggles Of Strong Women In Relationships ~ Kingston Expressions

There is a quiet storm brewing that no one really directly talks about (positively that is)...the struggles of being a strong woman in relationships. The Lioness, Harmony, and myself all have these struggles in common but deal with them quite differently. Lioness is this powerful and intelligent beauty who isolates herself from love.

Kingston Expressions
Community Penis (The 5 Commandments Edition) ~ Kingston Expressions

Happy Temptation Tuesday! Time to get brutally honest and ignorant. My friend, Lioness, has a couple of exes that she consistently turns down for sex under the notion that they are Community Penis! What is COMMUNITY PENIS? Oh you know it when you see it...hell some women married it!