Julie Anne Petro

Senior Communications Manager

United States

I thrive on keeping business stakeholders aligned around the organizational “why?”

Articulate change agent with 7+ years of communications management experience in
intensive scientific research and software development settings. Insightful, strategic thinker who partners effectively with business leaders to define, plan, and deliver organizational brand.

EarthCube Blog
SeaView: north star of interoperability on the rough seas of science data

The EarthCube-funded SeaView project is approaching an exciting milestone in a few short months: the tool will be graduating on from the developers and masterminds who incepted it, to realize its true purpose in the hands of Southern Ocean Scientists. As one might guess from the name, SeaView's ultimate purpose is to serve EarthCube's considerable...

EarthCube Blog
Striking Power CHORDS with the Geosciences

CHORDS, Cloud-Hosted Real-time Data Services for the Geosciences, is an Earthcube Building Block project first funded in 2014 to provide real-time data services infrastructure for small research teams to acquire, navigate, and distribute real-time data streams via cloud services and the Internet.

EarthCube Blog
2018 AHM Preview: Development for Science-Driven Outcomes

Since its beginning in 2011, EarthCube's mission has been focused on science-driven outcomes; supporting scientists in doing their research in new and innovative ways that will ultimately transform the face of geoscience. EarthCube has undergone substantial shifts and growing pains in that time, and now that cybertools are maturing enough to be more widely used,...

EarthCube Brochure
New Data Tools for New Era of Data Science

I created this brochure to disseminate at various professional conferences, such as American Geophysical Union's Annual Meeting, the American Meteorological Society's Annual Meeting. I wrote and edited copy, created or acquired graphics and imagery, and designed the layout.

NCAR/EOL Brochure Series
Facilities Request Brochure

The Request LAOF brochure was part of a media kit created for distribution to partner universities and agencies to clarify NCAR’s Earth Observing Laboratory’s (EOL) research facilities, services, and the request processes associated with each. This brochure outlined EOL’s Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities (LAOF), their use, and how to request them.

NCAR/EOL Brochure Series
Opportunities in Earth Science Education

The Opportunities in Earth Science Education brochure was part of a media kit created for distribution to partner universities and agencies to clarify EOL's research facilities, services, and the request processes associated with each. This brochure outlined EOL’s educational programs, including special requests for Facilities (aircraft, radars, sounding systems), internships, and field deployment opportunities.

EarthCube Monthly Community Newsletter
2016: Year in Review

This article was a synopsis of all the major events that happened in EarthCube in 2016. Some of the links went to other articles in the newsletter, some went to web pages. The style of writing called for by this audience - a scientific audience - tends to rely more heavily on passive voice than a lot of marketing content. Roles: writer, editor, publisher.

Rug Merchant Blog
Three things to consider when buying a new rug

This blog post is a cropped (no logo or footer) mockup for a client showing blog copy and new layout for optimized engagement of top-funnel prospects based on Inbound Marketing Methodology.

10 Ways to Get Back Into the Studio

This article is part of a series of educational posts written in response to popular questions I fielded from painting students over time. This one gave some tips and tricks for getting back into the art studio after a long absence.

Boulder Crossfit Blog
Paleo Challenge - Riced Cauliflower Five Ways

This recipe was part of a series of educational blog posts to support members of this Crossfit gym in their 31-day Paleo Challenge. They included recipes (like this one) resources, tips, tricks, and ideas meant to help the challengers meet their goals.

Delicious! Magazine
Brain Boosters

“Brain Boosters” was a freelance writing project for the Boulder-based Delicious! Magazine, which is available for free at check-out counters in health food stores.

ZAND Retailer Training Program
Eating for the Allergy Season

Copywriting Project: The ZAND Retailer Training Program was an outreach effort to train retailers and herbalists on ZAND products and issues common to their consumer base. This document supplemented the ZAND Quick Cleanse kit and addressed the allergy season.