Anne Caskey Farmer

Global Marketing VP | Data, Analytics & Technology Industries | Marketing Strategy | Branding | Growth | Content

United States

Experienced marketing executive with a proven track record in setting and driving marketing strategy, launching products, developing brands, and growing revenue across multiple geographies.

[email protected] +1 312 618 1511


Key Accomplishments


Led the post-acquisition rebranding of Crivo, a Brazil technology company, to CrivoTransUnion.

Event marketing
TransUnion Financial Services Global Forum

Planned, programmed and executed the company’s first global thought leadership event, bringing in customers from around the world. ROI of 10:1 and a net promoter score of 4.7/5.

Thought leadership
South Africa Consumer Credit Index

Developed communications for the quarterly TransUnion Consumer Credit Index, which is an indicator of consumer credit health in South Africa.

Product launch
CIBIL TransUnion Score in India

Led the marketing planning and execution for the launch of the first credit score designed for the Indian market.

Product launch
Launch of MobileCredit in South Africa

Developed the go-to-market messaging and content for the 2009 launch of MobileCredit, a technology that allows consumers to apply for credit via text messaging.


Naming and collateral
VantageScore launch

Managed the naming process and content development for the launch of VantageScore, a consumer risk score that competes with FICO Scores. The score currently has a market penetration of 7 of the top 10 US financial institutions.

Product launch
Identity Manager

Created marketing materials for the Hong Kong launch of Identity Manager, a suite of solutions that helps financial institutions prevent fraud and reduce risk.


Developed collateral that promotes TransUnion CreditVision, enhanced consumer data that provides deeper insights into credit behavior, to the insurance market.