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I tell stories. Writing everything from in-depth research pieces and creative social media posts, to lifestyle articles as well as technical copywriting and brand marketing — I keep your reader engaged, connected, and inspired.


Feature Interviews + Fashion

Verileet Magazine
Krista Brumm: How to Stay Authentic and Know Your Worth

Sharing your inner world for all the internet to see - your thoughts, life struggles, insecurities, and successes takes a certain courage and vulnerability. And while sifting through the carefully curated Instagram images and the perfectly put-together lifestyle of bloggers, you'll find Krista Brumm, an influencer and blogger.

Health + Wellness

Twin Cities Agenda
Remedies for your spring allergies

Spring weather will get here eventually (though at this point I'm still relatively skeptical). With the joys of spring, however, come seasonal allergies as well. We have such a small window of lovely weather here in Minnesota that it's a shame if you can only enjoy it between sneezes.

Twin Cities Agenda
Before you pay up and commit, I've tried out a few gyms for you

I probably don't need to sell you on the benefits of exercise, and especially don't need to convince you of the benefits of a good sale. So whether or not you're all about making New Year's resolutions, if you're looking to get rid of a little bit of squish, this is definitely a great time ...

Verileet Magazine
7 Ingredients in Beauty Products You Want to Avoid

In search of vibrant beauty, most of us have happily opened our wallets for the latest groundbreaking moisturizer or the perfect shade of lipstick. But you may unintentionally be doing yourself more harm than good. The majority of commercial beauty products we use to feel beautiful destroy our natural beauty and health.


Verileet Magazine
What you should do if you lose your passport traveling abroad

I vividly remember the moment when my friend announced with a look of abject horror, that she lost her passport. We were in Milan, on a weekend trip from Rome, where we were studying abroad. Granted, if you had to be stranded somewhere, staying extra days in a beautiful country with easy access to mouthwatering pizza and delicious gelato isn't too terrible.

Verileet Magazine
What You Need to Know Before Booking a Night at a Hostel

My trip to London was unforgettable, though not in the way you'd expect. Sure, I saw Buckingham Palace, explored Westminster Abbey, and in keeping with tourist tradition, angered many drivers attempting to get an ultimately unsuccessful photo crossing Abbey Road. But, the truly unforgettable moment of my trip to London was the Hostel.

Verileet Magazine
Why It's the Perfect Time for Solo Travel

If you told me last year going to the grocery store would start to feel like a mini-vacation, I probably wouldn't have believed you. While the grocery store has now transformed into a welcoming oasis away from my tiny apartment, it doesn't quite have the same restorative power as a real vacation.

Real Estate + Hospitality

Why Moving to the Membership Model Spells Success for Resorts

With subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ClassPass, Blue Apron, and well, the list invariably goes on and on... the membership model has effectively permeated across dozens and dozens of industries, quickly eclipsing the pay-per-product model.