Jon Blackstock

Writer, Educator, Facilitator, Director

United States

As a former co-sponsor and editor for The Foxfire Magazine and as an online tutor, my specialties include writing, editing, and proofreading. I create clearer and more engaging sentences from my own ideas and from those of my clients. Along with my editing experience, I have also written several articles on topics such as teaching theatre and using Moodle in the classroom. For international Elance clients, I have written articles that range from children’s health to motorcycle gear reviews, and I have edited and proofread articles for electronic and print publications. Most recently, I have written general introductions for the magazine issues and for the forthcoming Foxfire Book of Simple Living.

I am a native English speaker with a master's degree in literature. I am a former sponsor/editor of The Foxfire Magazine, and I have editing experience as the chair and chief editor of a SACS accreditation document at Jenkins County High School in Millen, Georgia. I have been an English and drama teacher since 1995. I currently tutor high school and college students in academic writing, and I teach Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. As an academic writer and as a journalist, I have completed a one-hundred-twenty-page thesis on Hugh Henry Brackenridge, and I have worked for a local newspaper.



The Asphalt Cathedral
Home - The Asphalt Cathedral

At first, my wife and I were just practicing running away, but a pair of raccoons taught me on our first long trip together that, if we keep practicing, Amandla and I were going to make it.

The James E. Edmonds Trail: A Day Hike in Northeast Georgia

If you want to spend a few days backpacking, hike the Bartram Trail or part of the Appalachian Trail, both of which have major sections in the area. These trails are great for backpacking and even self-esteem, but s ometimes, you just want to spend the day walking in the woods.

5 Reasons to Visit the Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center

Amy Pigford The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center provides not only a short hike in the Southern Appalachian Mountains but also a journey to a simpler time. The museum in Mountain City, Georgia, displays many artifacts from the Appalachian pioneer days, including tools, wagons and folk art pieces.

Southeastern Rider

The Published Introduction of the Raccoon Riders

Bubblemuffins | Buying Local Produce Makes Mealtime an Adventure

Parents often struggle trying to encourage children to be active rather than passive. Whether children are engaged in reading, exercising, or eating, parents often want children to be consciously aware of what they are doing and the reasons for their activities, rather than simply and mindlessly accepting whatever happens.

Bubblemuffins | Organized Recreational Sports May not be Enough

Organized Recreational Sports May not be Enough Parents often associate children's physical activity with playing recreational team sports. Practices and games are usually fun for children who like the sports in which they participate, but recreational sports do not offer all of the activity that children need.


Be extreme. Don't compromise! Certainly there are limits to buying all of your food locally. While it's good to buy fresh food that our neighbors grow in order to sell at a Saturday morning market, only a limited variety of foods will grow in the same climate.