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Karen Connelly

Copywriter · Copy Editor · Graphic Designer · Marketing Stuff

I am a freelance writer, editor, and designer from the Greater New York area. I began my career in 1990 working in Children's Books Marketing in New York City where I created promotional pieces that supported the full catalog of books for the company's five imprints. I soon sashayed on to magazine publishing where I was honored to work alongside elite designers, editors, and writers as an art/editorial production assistant. Throughout my career, I have worked with companies and clients across a number of industries, including fashion, entertaining, travel, interior design, health and beauty, automotive, medical, and human services. My specialties include copywriting and copy editing, designing all manner of print and digital media, and generating marketing and social media campaigns. I'm also a chick singer in a rock and blues band, a potter, lover of dogs, an Oxford comma loyalist, and do not have an actual mustache (as reflected in my profile photo).


Erin O'Neil

Writer, Editor, Journalist, Copywriter, Content Manager

Over seven years of professional content writing, digital media and editing experience working across all mediums, from communications, copywriting and white papers to journalism and lifestyle pieces. I've created content for a variety of companies on a variety of subjects, including: News, finance, business, marketing, copywriting and editing for various types of products and businesses, infographics and lifestyle pieces. My copywriting and editing experience includes business to business, business to consumer, email marketing, digital marketing, social media and social media marketing, product descriptions, SEO, white papers, mission statements. I have a penchant for analytics and enjoy content strategy. Click on the subject categories below to find the clips that interest you; feel free to contact me for more information.

Chelsea E. Regan


A savvy writer and editor with: 10+ years of experience in digital and print B2B and B2C media; familiarity with covering entertainment, sports, politics, technology, business and more; ability to turn around quick news articles, engaging Q&As and compelling features; well-honed copyediting, proofreading and fact-checking skills; and a creative writing background. From the U.S., but currently calling Belgium home.


Jennifer Blue

Creative Content Writer for Digital Media

I write scripts, copy and concepts for video, web and interactive media. Get people reacting the way you want when they EXPERIENCE your message via CREATIVE videos, websites, interactive media, e-learning, print and blogs. Call (206) 795-5453 or email [email protected] for engaging, interactive stories to connect audiences with your message – on pages, stages, or screens: big or small. What else? I'm also founder/editor of 4Girls GLocal Leadership e-zine - an online magazine for young women worldwide. And author of Supergurls: empowering novels for teen girls: Series One: "Stitch 20/20." PLEASE USE THE TABS BELOW TO CHECK OUT SOME OF MY WORK SAMPLES: Videos / Web Sites / Print / Case Studies / Blog Posts / Social Media


Melissa Phipps

Author | Financial Writer and Editor | Content Marketer and Copywriter

I am an experienced writer, editor and digital strategist who has covered personal finance and business topics from various angles and for all types of readers. My goal has always been to simplify the topic of money and make it accessible to everyone. My book, <a href="https://smile.amazon.com/Retirement-Rescue-Plan-Solutions-Americans/dp/1943451222/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477485535&sr=8-1&keywords=retirement+rescue+plan"><i>The Retirement Rescue Plan</i></a>, was published in Summer 2016. I have held long-term staff positions as a Senior Editor of Business & Finance at About.com, as a Senior Writer at <i>Worth</i> magazine, and as an Associate Editor at <i>Financial Planning</i> magazine, and have written for and edited many other print and online publications. I am also a savvy digital content strategist, SEO expert and marketing copywriter, who most recently has held positions in content marketing at Farmers Insurance and Capital Group. Below are examples of my recent writing, editing and project management work. Scroll down for a fuller listing of clips according to category and publication.

Nichole Singleton


Journalist/Freelance Writer. I've been published in three magazines as a freelance journalist. My primary discipline has been sports journalism/soccer, but I've expanded into the cultural and tourism scene. My work was awarded in the 2020 Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition when one of my unpublished articles won Honorable Mention in the Unpublished Journalism category.


Timothy M. Cornish (Tim)

Marketing | Marketing Communications | Industrial Storytelling

Content creator with more than twenty years of B2B experience in Marketing/Marketing Communications, Product Management, and Direct Business Development Support. Focus on technological, engineering, and industrial markets for leaders in their respective space. Experience includes: • Content development, management over several mediums • External press releases • Technical writing/ghost writing • Website creation and management • Internal communications • Product management/marketing • Co-owner of Healthcare Provider <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Inbound'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/EF3629590EE941E3AFC2CF5613DD0932' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge --> <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Content Marketing Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Content Marketing'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/DA54FDA44B444013AC672D5F3CC6B958' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Content Marketing Badge --> <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Email Marketing'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/9E6DC11AF87E45A3B74CAEB815520D1B' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Badge -->


Dan Pizzuta

NFL Writer

Dan is currently the lead NFL writer and editor for Sharp Football Analysis. He has also contributed to the Football Outsiders Almanac for the past three years.

Julianne Balmain

Copywriter, author, and content strategist

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area writer and copywriter with many years of experience helping people and organizations hone their voice and tell their stories. I've written just about everything there is to write, including all kinds of brand messaging and corporate communications. I'm also the author of numerous nonfiction works on a variety of topics, from travel to romance, as well as several mystery novels. Much of my copywriting work has focused on helping technology and innovation companies convey their ideas and connect with customers. Often that means a timely blog, article, or case study, or a thought-leadership asset such as a long-form piece or ebook. It can also mean copy for websites and multichannel marketing campaigns. I also work with clients in finance, HR, education, consumer products, publishing, and other industries to create and deliver strategic brand messaging. If you have a message to share, I can help. Let's get your story out there.


Tasha Shayne


Why, hello there! Welcome to my online writing portfolio! As a freelance writer, editor, and consultant with more than 15 years of professional experience, I've played major roles in the creation of a vast array of content. I'm talking everything digital —including blogs, social media content, ads, PowerPoint presentations, website copy, brochures, flyers, product descriptions, newsletters, marketing emails, manuals, case studies, short-film scripts, infographics, speeches, and so on. Whatever style you need for your brand, chances are I'll nail it. I've written and contributed to a few house style guides myself, for a few different companies, and find it easy to code switch from formal to informal, humorous to philosophical, industry-relevant to layman's terms...whatever you're looking for. Your brand is key to having clients and potential clients not just remember but respect you — and I'm here to uphold it. Whether you're looking for a seasoned freelancer to add to your team, or you just need a couple blog contributions a month, I'd be happy to help! Shoot me a quick email at [email protected], and we'll work out the details. I look forward to chatting with you soon! Tasha