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I'm curious and enjoy bringing an audience along on the adventure. Whether it's voice or tone, an unfamiliar topic or a new technology, I learn fast and produce solid writing - just ask my mom. If you don't think she can be objective, I have professional references who can speak to my ability to put words together and meet deadlines.

Flannery O’Connor said, "The writer should never be ashamed of staring. There is nothing that does not require her attention."

Stare away.


Letter to the Editor

The Seattle Times
Movie theaters: 'Communal experience'

Re: "Dinner at a Movie: The sweet return of Seattle's beloved Cinerama - aka SIFFerama" : I enjoyed the repartee between Seattle Times film critic Moira Macdonald and food critic Bethany Jean Clement. It's a great reminder...

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Concentrix Catalyst DEI Newsletter
Día de los Muertos

I spoke with colleagues in Mexico to learn the history, customs, and traditions behind Día de los Muertos and how and why they celebrate.

Concentrix Catalyst DEI Newsletter
National Guide Dog Month

I detail the differences between guide and service dogs and share best practices for interacting with working dogs.

Concentrix Catalyst DEI Newsletter
Just Three Questions

I created this column to spotlight colleagues. This edition focuses on one of the original member of the onboarding buddy program.

Concentrix Catalyst DEI Newsletter
Beyond Blue and Pink

This recap details the Catalyst Queer Collective's first event led by transgender educator Jess Clark who covered the differences between gender identity, expression, and roles; the importance of pronouns, and how to navigate evolving terms.

Technology Case Studies and White Papers

White Paper
The 21st Century Remote Workplace Handbook

This white paper details 10 best practices for a successful and productive virtual team. It’s targeted to enterprise clients looking to move to the work-from-home (WFH) model.

Animal Welfare

Pet Connection Magazine
Cobber's Pet Supply

A neighborhood shop connects with animal lovers

Pet Connection Magazine
No Pet Left Behind

Make a plan to reunite following a natural disaster

Pet Connection Magazine
Wolf Haven

Aiding wolves, wolf dogs, and coyotes for 35 years


Food and Nutrition

American Harvest Volume 1, Issue 3
Celebrating Cilantro

If you've tried Mexican salsa, you've tried cilantro, the signature ingredient in most authentic salsas

American Harvest Volume 1, Issue 2
The Charms of Chervil

If you are versed in French cuisine, you are no stranger to the anise-like fragrance of chervil

American Harvest Volume 1, Issue 2
The Banana Revisited

The yellow Cavendish variety is a popular banana but don't overlook the other varieties

American Harvest Volume 1, Issue 1
Winsome Winter Pears

Perhaps the last time you purchased a pear, it was too hard or too mushy

American Harvest Volume 1, Issue 1
How to Preserve Gourds

Explore the world of gourds and add a twist to holiday decorating