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Max Silver

Artist, Writer, Creator

Max Silver (he/they) is a Bay Area artist, writer, and multi-faceted creator with an education background in Art at University California Santa Cruz. He is currently working on an independent sci-fi series titled "Adventures In Calthumbria," which involves world-building, illustrating, animating, and producing a podcast series to be made into a tv show and interactive video game. This project involves working with voice actors and musicians in group recording sessions, writing screenplays for each 20-30 minute episode, working with animators, painting digital watercolor illustrations, social media marketing, managing subscriber emails, and working towards NFTs. As a freelancer, Max writes journalism for Broke Ass Stuart, a news-distributor in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Los Angeles and New York. He also has professional experience writing fiction for a remote contractor: Max wrote for a crime fiction website called 50characters.com. The company hired multiple writers for different episodes linked together. This entails closely following the contractor's instructions for what they wanted to occur in the episode, filling in the blanks with fun and original content, and copying the written style of the preceding episode to keep a consistent flow and format throughout the series.


Susie Norris

Chef, Author, Educator

I've been cooking, baking, teaching, and writing about food for 20 years. I focus on desserts and culinary travel. My classes (usually in Boston or the Berkshires) cover classic French techniques, local markets, and sustainable food policy. This portfolio is an archive of my articles and reviews, including those about my cookbooks, CHOCOLATE BLISS (Random House/Celestial Arts, 2008), HAND-CRAFTED CANDY BARS (with Susan Heeger; Chronicle, 2013), and A BAKER'S PASSPORT (Amazon, February 2019). The blog FoodMarketGypsy.com chronicles my adventures and won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Digital Media Award in 2016. In other writing realms, I served as a television executive and a grant writer. I look for collaborations on story concepts, familiarity trips, reviews, junkets, and those who share the philosophy that baking and breaking bread are important, humorous, and life-affirming pursuits.

Jeanette Almada

Writer, reporter, researcher, editor, poet

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to look at a few writing samples that I worked on over decades: feature stories and articles for local and national newspapers and magazines; newsletters, brochures and presentation scripts for some of Chicago's best corporations. You may have seen some of these articles, published in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times or The Washington Post. On hiatus for several years, I now work on a range of personal projects and am always interested to hear from people with interesting stories. Though I would gladly conduct research and/or write about many topics as a freelancer, keen topics over recent years have hovered around politics of water, particularly related to a host of Great Lakes issues, and politics of organic food and seeds for the foods that come to our tables. If you have an idea, an existing rough draft of some special project, I offer a range of research, writing and editing services. Thanks for stopping by. [email protected]

Fran Endicott Miller

Luxury Lifestyle Journalist & Editor

Fran Endicott Miller is a freelance travel and wine writer for a variety of luxury lifestyle publications and websites. She serves as editor-at-large for JustLuxe.com, senior writer for Napa Valley Life Magazine, and California editor for luxury travel concierge service Essentialist. Additionally, she writes and edits web content for varied travel and wine websites. Prior to her journalism career she established and managed the Golden State Warriors' first official community relations department and efforts. Principled and genuine, she’s known for thoughtful and thorough coverage. When not traveling, she can be found walking her Northern California neighborhood with her beloved golden retriever Nate. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @frandicott, and find below a small sampling of her many articles. [email protected]

Jeanine Prezioso

20-year Veteran in Global Energy, Financial, and FinTech Markets

Award-winning journalist and content creator. Expert writer, editor and storyteller. Public speaker. Financial services/B2B marketing.

Wendy Thompson

Bilingual Journalist

“I’ve seen mayhem, pain, outcry, dead...I always run to places where bad things just happened.”(–Manhattan Nights.) I’m a Freelance Bilingual journalist, a storyteller, a truth-digger. Tengo una “Ñ” en el brain. He visto el caos. La muerte, recién nacidos, dicha, tristeza, tragedia. Siempre corro hacia lugares donde algo malo ha sucedido; mirando, buscando las palabras, las arrugas, las patadas que te hagan leer el periódico.” (Parafraseado del filme “Mahattan Nights”.

Nicole Ferraro

Writer, Editor & Storyteller

Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a writer and storyteller based in NYC where I've worked as a tech journalist and editor in b2b and consumer media for 15+ years. Today I cover broadband and the digital divide for Light Reading, where I also host "The Divide" on the Light Reading Podcast. Pre-pandemic, I hosted/performed in many live storytelling shows, including an award-winning solo show "Why So Much Shame?" I also created and ran Art, Humanity & Action: a series of live events, podcasts, and workshops to humanize policy issues and raise funds for local organizing.


Gary McBride

Freelance writer, photographer, marketing, graphics

A career "ad man," I have an extensive background in producing print collateral, including concept, layout, photography, writing, and print production.


Amy Sherman

Freelance Writer, Editor and Content Strategist

Amy Sherman is a San Francisco–based writer, recipe developer, and editor in chief of the Cheese Professor, the Alcohol Professor and the Chocolate Professor, as well as publisher of the award-winning food blog Cooking with Amy. You can find her work in magazines including San Francisco, Marin, Westways, Where Traveler, Wine Enthusiast, Via, Gastronomica, and Caviar Affair. She has written for online food, travel and lifestyle publications including Afar, AllRecipes, Architectural Digest, Southern Living, Tasting Table, Martha Stewart, Food Network, Epicurious, KQED's Bay Area Bites, Fodor's, 7x7, Frommer's and CleanPlates. She develops recipes for clients including Whole Foods, Grocery Outlet, Dannon, Cargill, Keurig, Colman, T-fal, USA Pears, MyWinesDirect and the California Avocado Commission. She is the author of Williams-Sonoma New Flavors for Appetizers and WinePassport: Portugal, A Microwave, A Mug, A Meal and wrote the new introduction to Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book and the foreward to the reprint of the Betty Crocker Good & Easy Cookbook.

Tacuma Robert Roeback

Storyteller | Editor | Senior Communications Professional | Content Strategist

I am a senior communications professional with over 20 years of experience developing compelling content for media organizations, nonprofits and corporations. Whether serving as a communications coordinator or editor-in-chief, the common thread throughout my career is the desire to help entities strategize and develop content that best amplifies their mission.