Bianca Grant

EDUadmin & Content Creative

United States

I provide virtual project management services and content services to EDUpreneurs who are seeking the support they need to close gaps around administrative overwhelm.

Failure to Delegate: From Classroom Educator to EDUpreneur - VBSofTX

Delegation When you hear the word delegation, do your knees buckle? Get the sweats? Feel faint? You are not the only one. All entrepreneurs face challenges when it comes to delegating. However, EDUpreneurs (education entrepreneurs) face a unique set of delegation challenges, especially educators le

Why I Use Dubsado For My Business - VBSofTX

Hello Dubsado! Dubsado is an all-in-one business management system. It is designed to cut out the busywork of running your business. How? The Dubsado platform allows you to automate your business processes, such as lead generation, client meetings, calendar management, contracts, invoices, and so m

Are You Taking Care of Yourself? - VBSofTX

How many of you have sacrificed your well-being? Sometimes it's because you feel like have no other choice or are so committed to helping others that you put yourself aside.

The Benefits of Networking - VBSofTX

I know you've seen it. Your LinkedIn page. Your Twitter feed. Maybe even your email inbox. How long are you going to avoid that invitation to the networking event? What's the point of networking anyway? I would much rather be at home in my jammies... I mean that IS why I work virtually, right?

Back-Office Like a BOSS! - VBSofTX

As a service-based entrepreneur, you have many moving pieces in your business. Most (if not all) of your business comes from having conversations with potential clients, following up, and executing a plan of action that will provide your client a solution to their needs. Therefore, you need certain elements of your back-office streamlined and functional.

Lessons in Professionalism - VBSofTX

Let's face it... all professionals do not exhibit professionalism. Could it be because they are in a certain position, make a certain amount of money, or they never learned the art of professionalism? Really it could be one, or all of those things. More than likely you will not meet someone who admittedly says, "I am unprofessional."