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Evelyn DuJack

Creative Copywriter

Hi! I'm Evelyn. I'm a Charlotte-based digital copywriter with 5+ years of experience writing for B2B and B2C clients. I'm passionate about helping brands tell their stories—and how their stories fit into those of their audience. As a copywriter, I love helping companies turn prospects into lifelong customers through the power of language. From Mom-and-Pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, I shape brand messages that are clear, engaging, and memorable – within any industry. Don't just reach your audience. Make an impact. Ready to make that happen? Let's connect!


Liz Kozak

Writer, Emmy-nominated producer & creator for some of the world’s most iconic brands

LinkedIn profile & resume linked below. Email Liz: [email protected]


Jenny Platt

Copywriter, Content/Communications Manager, Brand Strategist

If you're looking for an out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate, creative and can flipflop from comedic snark to eloquent prose on a dime, she's sitting right here, multi-tasking and daydreaming of future projects. With a degree in Radio/TV/Film and nearly two decades of my words appearing on the web and in a mailbox near you, I thrive in active, entrepreneurial and team-based environments. Need an inspirational video produced? You got it. Looking for a radio script? On-hold messaging? An email? Brochure copy? Blogs? A mission statement? I've done it all and would be happy to do it for you.


Peter Vaughn Pischke

Health/Disability/Games Reporter; Disabled Otaku, Host of the Happy Warrior Substack & Podcast

My name is Peter Pischke, You may have seen my work covering the opioid crisis or read my report on Resident Evil. I am an independent journalist focused on health & disability issues; as well as entertainment and gaming. My main beat is the opioid crisis. Other topics I frequently write about include nerd culture, film, politics, and journalism ethics. I've appeared on many top podcasts, radio, and television programs. Dennis Prager, Bill O'Reilly, the popular Ayn Rand Centre UK podcast, and the Smithsonian's Old Not Better podcast, which reaches over 200,000 people each week. I've appeared on Newsmax, Ari Hoffman, the Saving Elephants podcast, and more. I aim to always be a creative writer and reporter with a proven history of impactful pieces centered on hard-hitting issues as well as lighthearted nerd topics. A strong communicator possessing a wide network of contacts. A dedicated investigator and researcher experienced in putting months into impactful pieces. My passion is for great journalism, and leaving my audience more entertained and enlightened than before they encountered my work.

Anthony Sophinos

Expert Content Writer

I'm an experienced, proven content creator and copywriter with four-plus years in the automotive space and looking to branch out. My goal? Provide you with high-impact, high-quality content that is informative, entertaining, and highly optimized for SEO. Throughout my writing career, I've worked with WordPress as well as other content management systems. I'm also familiar with SEO optimization techniques and analysis, and I know how to efficiently do extensive research on technical subjects in order to write factual, comprehensive articles. I thrive on tight deadlines. I'm adept at writing in a variety of mediums and styles: product reviews, copywriting, social media posts, YouTube scripts, and retrospective pieces are just some of the types of content I've become proficient in over the years. If you're looking for fresh and original writing, improved SEO optimization, or just an injection of personality into your current content, I'd love to talk. I'm always open to new opportunities and am happy to discuss anything regarding my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Elizabeth Barmeier

Multimedia Journalist

DIGITAL REPORTER/WEB PRODUCER June 2021-Present Fox 2/KPLR 11 is a television station in St. Louis. As a web producer and digital reporter, I post stories and videos to Fox 2's website and social media that were aired during a news broadcast. I edit on-air reporters' scripts and transform them into stories for the website. I livestream breaking news, press events and regular news segments to Facebook and the website. I additionally write 3-5 news and feature stories on a daily basis for online, as well as develop original story ideas. FREELANCER Nov. 2020-May2021 West Newsmagazine is a bimonthly publication where I wrote a minimum of four news stories per month. As a freelancer, I attended city meetings for Town & Country and Ellisville municipalities and I reported on significant agenda items from those meetings. EDITOR May 2017-Jan. 2020 The Missourian is a biweekly paper, where I wrote seven to 10 news and feature stories, and published numerous original photos on a weekly basis. As the St. Clair editor, I attended city, school and county meetings, as well as community events. Most of the people I interviewed were prominent members of the city and Franklin County communities. For each paper, I assisted a page designer with designing the section. Together, we placed my stories and photos to fill three pages. I also proofread copy before it went to print. Deadline was always met. I wrote a weekly column about a variety of local and national topics. I won first place in the National Newspaper Association contest for my column about National Walkout Day. I also won other awards for my news stories and photos from the Missouri Press Association. Not only did I write stories and capture photos for print, but I also posted them online and to social media platforms. In addition to my regular duties, I provided interesting stories about senior residents for the monthly Senior Life Times publication. Most of my time was spent working independently, however, I enjoyed working in collaboration with my colleagues.


Grace M. Taylor

Freelance Journalist, Content and Blog Writer (SEO), Copywriter, Editor, etc.

In 2018 I graduated from Western Washington University with a major in P.P.E. (politics, philosophy and economics) and a minor in journalism (news/editorial). During my time at WWU I gained crucial experience with research, academic and creative writing, fast-paced newsroom functions and publication requirements (copywriting, editing, InDesign/Adobe, SEO functions and content writing as a whole). My passions lie in using the written word to promote ideas, highlight influential aspects of our societies policy, and using the media to create transparency in government and uncover deeper truths. My writing style connects deeply with readers through vivid storytelling and accurate reporting. I bring the curation of my experiences with mindfulness, political and ethical theory, as well as my education in the realm of journalism, to produce the best pieces possible every time. I have a strong attention to detail, as well as reasonably high standards for written pieces. This means I am a strong and meticulous editor, researcher and writer. While mental health, philosophical and socio-political topics are at the heart of my desires to pursue a career in journalism, I also partake in a lot of personal writing surrounding the topics of travel, art, Buddhism and mindfulness practice, and overall ethical and deeply connected living. "Attached to nothing, connected to everything." I pride myself on professionalism and effective, ethical journalism.


Delores Smith-Johnson

Consultant, Copy Editor, Proofreader, and Copywriter

I am an accomplished copy editor, proofreader, and copywriter with proven experience in implementing in-house and industry standard style guidelines, including Associated Press (AP), Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) and American Psychological Association (APA). As an editor, I place special emphasis on retaining the writer's voice. I have an extensive track record in efficiently handling projects in time-sensitive environments. I am skilled in: • Detailed copy evaluations • Content Management Systems (CMS) • Organizing data and information • Oral, written, and interpersonal communications • Online communication platforms; e.g., Slack, Yammer, Hipchat, Google Hangouts and Skype As a consultant, I value opportunities to use my expertise in copy editing, proofreading, copywriting, and corporate communications to help individuals and companies achieve their goals.


Ian Richards

Digital Content Creator/Copywriter/Musician

I am a unique and creative digital content developer with a diverse record of creating effective and niche specific content, marked by several years’ experience in an agency setting producing long and short form email copy, advertisement copy, social media campaigns, gripping audience centric blog posts and short form advertisements accompanied by witty one-two sentence highlights of upcoming video and audio releases, radio shows, and podcasts, that produced a surge in overall brand exposure, measured specifically by HubSpot analytics and further marked by an increase in social media followers. I am fluent in WordPress, Figma, and Adobe XD, as well as Logic Pro, Photoshop, Miro and serval other relevant programs. In addition, I offer over 10 years’ experience in copywriting, digital content creation, multi-media marketing, pharmaceutical medical document copy, instructional design oriented mobile application development and a general background in operations management which drives my view of collaboration in leadership as essential to expert individual team members producing results driven outcomes. My approach to content development starts with research and developing an understanding of my target audience; to accomplish this, I utilize my background in market research and applied principles of social psychology to apply my understanding. This allows me to produce factual, relevant, and continuously cutting-edge content that is driven by high-level integrated strategies embedded with continuity in tone, style and appearance that deliver concise, on-brand and ahead-of-trend messaging. I have been told throughout my life that I have a special gift for making things sound better. I am a forward thinking, emotionally intelligent, tech savvy self-starter. I believe that the best content creation comes from outside of the box thinking, and professional writing involves a special kind of balance. I have the awareness to understand my role within the larger picture and know when it’s time to move to the next phase. This requires a quiet sense of confidence and a higher-level understanding of project goals to know when it’s time to move forward. My keen eye for grammar, quick wit, and strong business acumen are trademarks of my ability to make things sound better while ensuring they remain true to their meaning. I am highly skilled at breaking down complex subjects into easy to understand, concisely written and on-brand copy. Another cornerstone of my content development style stems from my belief that cohesive brand management derives from a shared philosophy amongst leadership and employees which produces a message, tone, and style that is indispensable to team cohesion. I am both a content creator and a visionary who can oversee large scale projects by not losing touch of the desired outcome in the day-to-day details necessary for enhanced project goals. Reinforcing interests that resonate emotionally with the consumer produce a powerful effect that creates a desire to know/learn more about the product. By simply inspiring the consumer to do more of their own independent research, through other avenues such as social media, indirectly increases brand awareness that requires no action, funding, or time from the development team. By isolating the style and tone that resonates most effectively with the target audience, my writing ensures a continuity in flow, and optimal use of appropriate ahead-of-trend syntax in a style that is relatable, easy to understand and highly relevant. I am a team player and am experienced working collaboratively with various teams of writers and designers. I have seen first-hand how interdepartmental collaboration produces polished and ground-breaking content. I am also a musician and producer. I have been working on my craft for close to 20 years. The work of mine that gained the most attention was from a project called The Ten Year Program. The two-person collaboration features long-time best friends, Ian Richards and Jack McCracken. McCracken sings on all songs while Richards wrote, composed, recorded, engineered, and produced the album. He also managed all of the group’s marketing and social media. The project resulted in a royalty deal with a Public Relations record company in Los Angeles. While nothing more ever came of it, I am proud of the work and have included a few samples in my portfolio.


Jennifer Bergus-Sesay

UX Writer

Mid-level professional that thrives on content development, information architecture, user experience, and mentorship.