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Kathy Hunt

Writer, journalist, photographer

I am an East Coast-based journalist, content writer and editor, nonfiction author and photographer experienced in the fields of STEM, healthcare, environmental issues, culinary arts, travel and education. My nationally syndicated features have run in such newspapers as The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Baltimore Sun and online at MSN, Yahoo and Reuters. I have covered food, travel and sustainable living for such print magazines as VegNews, BackHome, and Town and Country Living. I am the author of three nonfiction books, "Fish Market" (Running Press, 2013), "Herring: A Global History" (Reaktion Books, 2017), and the technique cookbook "Luscious, Tender, Juicy" (Countryman Press/W.W. Nortong, 2021). I have served as a contributing writer to two other nonfiction books, "Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Superbowl" (Greenwood, 2008) and "Start Your Own Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery" (Entrepreneur Media, 2015). Adept at covering a range of topics, I write long-form STEM articles for Standardization News, the digital and print magazine of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) International. I also create and edit newsletters, press releases, online content and marketing materials in the fields of healthcare, education and social services. Additionally, I manage social media campaigns and am versed in SEO, web analytics, content management and AP, AMA and Chicago style guides. My clients include nonprofit agencies, digital media companies, higher education, start-ups and a Fortune 100 company. Skilled at digital and 35mm photography and the photo editors Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Gimp, I supply the images for my articles as well as for the stock photo company Shutterstock. Along with being an ardent and skilled writer, I am an eager traveler. To date, I have independently journeyed through 52 countries and six continents, collecting and working on story ideas wherever I roam. Equally passionate about education, I am an alumnus of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and hold two Master of Science degrees. When I'm not working or exploring the world, I serve as the board vice-president for the therapeutic art program Barnstone Art for Kids and mentor young writers and photographers. For further information about me and my work, please contact me at [email protected].

Jacqueline Ferrara

Social Media Coordinator - Anthropologie (URBN)

I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor's Mass Communications Degree and double minor in French and Global Studies. My skills include news writing, press releases, broadcast writing, AP style editing, data analysis, social media content creation and website construction. In the social world, my skills include content creation, copy editing, publishing, paid ads, influencer relations and community management. Below is a collection of editorial work I completed writing for the digital newspaper Cola Daily (www.coladaily.com).


Bianca King

Editorial and Copy Manager | Creative Leader

I’m a killer writer and an editor, and a skilled project manager of both. I have 20 years of experience writing professionally, and I work on both web and print copy and content. I have read manically since childhood, and written for others since I could hold a quill upright. I started editing other writers' work when I was in secondary college, and have not stopped. Not even for water. As a writer, I began my (paid) career as an associate editor of magazines. I wrote all content and features that were not outsourced. Outside of the magazines, I also wrote all company and client material, and managed quality control for all marketing material. In that previous role, I was responsible for publishing six print magazines, all company web content, and scripting two podcasts. I worked in tandem with teams on new projects, including the launch of two new magazines and subsequent websites. I have successfully selected, overseen and developed new writers, editors and teams of both. I am brimming with content and ideas, and am in my element given the chance to brainstorm, mentor, commission, write and edit. I excel at the management of creative teams, freelancers and all aspects of editorial production, planning and strategy. While leading comes naturally, I really want to contribute to a team’s performance. I love to collaborate, I am creative and people’s brains are wonderful. Making authentic connections with colleagues, clients and others is essential to create success, and I am proud to build trust and rapport with others quickly. As a writer and editor (or project manager of both) being accountable is important to me. Company culture and quality colleagues are a priority, as work/life balance is to everyone. I’m flexible, entrepreneurial and will always accept a challenge. #AustralianLostinUSA


Alison St. Onge

Content Strategist | SEO Copywriter | Podcast Host | eCommerce Pro

Once upon a time, a little 7-year-old girl wanted to be a children's author. It was kind of a weird dream job since she wanted to write for children but was a child herself at that time. Anyway, she liked drawing too and drew all over the paper mats at restaurants with her family. She hoped to write AND illustrate children's books someday. Spoiler: that little girl was me. I know. You didn't see that one coming. Back then, I wrote my own imaginative stories, read tons of books, and came in second in the fifth-grade spelling bee. These days, I have eight years of experience in content writing, coupled with six years of copywriting experience. I'm interested in writing engaging copy that drives traffic and improves ranking for online content. I enjoy the keyword research process and finding ways to boost search engine optimization. The most unique thing about me is that I'm both left-brained and right-brained. I'm not sure if it's because of my love of true crime, but I have a difficult time walking away from a problem without solving it first! In addition, I need to be precise, thorough, and I'm detail-oriented in everything that I do. I'm equal parts artsy and creative! When I'm not working, you can find me conquering the karaoke floor, traveling, or even getting out of my comfort zone by trying improv or stand-up comedy! This balance of both worlds gives me a range of passions from clean beauty to self-care to pop culture to music. I'm extremely passionate about health, holistic healing, and self-care.


Lisa Marie Cooper


A versatile writer with both a technical and marketing background, I've written a huge variety of content for various clients over the years. I excel at breaking down complicated concepts so anyone can understand them and vivid storytelling. My experience ranges from business proposals and press releases to social media and UI text. My article on the history of anime, written for RightStufAnime.com, is the #1 google result for the topic and Right Stuf's top organic traffic generator. When a Gartner consultant reviewed the first press release I wrote for edge cloud service company Zenlayer, they said "I'd left nothing for them [the consultant] to improve on." I am an expert at mimicking styles and voices to follow company guidelines or ghostwrite interview responses for executives, and my engaging, light-hearted posts celebrating success increased Zenlayer's LinkedIn follower count by over 400% in just eighteen months.


Crystal K. Parsley

Certified Technical Writer

I write high level documentation for organizations in the financial, tech, medical, consumer goods and non profit fields. As a Certified Technical Writer, I have a deep passion for transforming intricate technical information into clear and concise documentation. Some of the companies I have worked for are in the following industries: Transportation Hospitality Entertainment Work/after life benefits administration Technology Insurance My educational journey includes a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from South Carolina State University and a Master of Professional Studies degree in Corporate Communication. This provides me with a solid foundation in the technical subjects I write about and how best to engage from the consumer perspective. Over the course of more than a decade in the field, I've gained extensive experience write writing reports, case studies, talking points, technical procedure manuals, speeches, RFPs, information architecture, case studies, web content, SOWs, troubleshooting guides, and contracts. I have experience interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) and I take pride in my ability to adapt my writing to suit diverse audiences, whether they are end-users, investors, or government agencies. Some of my key strengths include: Clarity and Precision: I have a knack for distilling intricate technical details into accessible and easy-to-understand language, ensuring that users can effectively utilize the products or systems I document. Adaptability: My experience covers various industries and technologies, enabling me to quickly adapt to new subject matter and produce high-quality documentation in diverse contexts. Collaborative Skills: I excel in working closely with cross-functional teams, extracting essential information from subject matter experts, and effectively managing documentation projects from start to finish. Meticulous Research: I approach each project with a commitment to thorough research, ensuring accuracy and completeness in my documentation. User-Centered Approach: I prioritize the needs and perspectives of end-users, crafting documentation that empowers them to navigate complex technical environments confidently. I strive to improve user experiences but also contribute to the success and efficiency of the organizations I serve. My dedication to excellence and passion for making products accessible through clear and concise documentation make me a valuable asset to any organization seeking to enhance their technical communication efforts. Contact: Crystal Parsley [email protected]


Travis Erwin

Freelance Writer

Travis Erwin is an experienced author adept at content creation and social media engagement. In a writing career spanning over twenty years, Travis has authored a popular blog, published a comedic memoir, two novels, two short story collections and countless Music, Sports, and Lifestyle articles for magazines and businesses, including Farce The Music, LA on Lock, Wide Open Country, Money Pit Media, Get Out!, and The Cheat Sheet. Travis also spent three years managing the social media accounts and created a monthly newsletter for a Texas firm in that is part of the oil and gas industry with subsidiaries in trucking, maintenance, and wind energy.


Christian Baber


Former writer/blogger/editor at Posting and Toasting, an SBNation site. Known by the pseudonym Paul Chillsap before going mainstream. Love to type about basketball, politics, anime/manga, and video games.


Hania Asad

Content & SEO Specialist

That sign on the wall... those colors splashed across the building...the lyrics rolling in my head- say hello to my inspirations. An experienced storyteller, strategist & marketer - with a strong focus on meeting multi-channel KPIs with optimized copy.


Lauren Michelle Hunter


I am a strong communicator who believes in the importance of an informed community. I possess the skills to tackle projects across various platforms including print, broadcast and social. I feel comfortable speaking on camera and off to audiences of all sizes. By utilizing my outstanding oral and written communication skills, I can also manage multiple tasks while staying organized on a deadline.