Aurelio Mitjans

Content Creator.

United States

I'm a content creator based in Austin, TX. I have a background in journalism. I've written for magazines, tech companies, and private clients.

I've also done video production photography and worked with modeling agencies and magazines.

There are 7 types of content in this portfolio divided into sections:

1. Blog Posts
2. Spec UX Writing
3. Spec Ads
4. Social Media Posts
5. Photography
6. Video
7. Magazine Cover Stories

I hope you see something you like. Don't hesitate to reach out if you think I can be of service.


Blog Posts

Top Business Software Resources for Buyers - 2022 | Software Advice
5 Questions to Ask Before Selling Digital Products

Digital products are all around you-the podcast you listen to, that newsletter you subscribe to, and that Netflix series you just binged. Because digital products are soon projected to be a trillion-dollar space , it's never been a more exciting time to be a digital creator in the retail/ecommerce space.

HubSpot x SamCart's Ultimate Product Marketing Go-to-Market Kit

HubSpot and SamCart recently collaborated to create The Ultimate Product Marketing Go-to-Market Kit [Free Templates] . These free resources will get your ducks in a row, and set you up for your biggest launch yet. Make sure to today, and keep them at your side.

SamCart Takeover: Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a ridiculously successful, UK-based doctor, content and course creator, investor, mentor, author and more with a global following in the millions. Much of his content has to do with productivity, studying and content creation.

Pat Flynn's Master P.L.A.N.

There's a great chance you've heard of Pat Flynn if you've spent more than five minutes researching how to make passive income online. We're all about passive, recurring revenue at SamCart. For anyone not in the know, Pat Flynn is one of the biggest names and thought leaders in digital entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses.

SamCart Takeover: Vanessa Lau

On this SamCart Takeover , we're looking at Vanessa Lau, the entrepreneur helping content creators productize their genius and become digital CEOs. Vanessa is a "corporate escapee" who quit while climbing up the ladder in 2018. She later went on to work part-time in a coffee shop and is now a seven-figure CEO with over 700,000 followers online.

Up Next: SamCart Takeover: Becki and Chris

Becki and Chris have around 500,000 followers across their social media platforms, but the skies are looking cloudy as far as their monetization strategy goes. That's why we're here. Becki and Chris have their hands in many pots. That sounds great, but not every pot is created equal.

Black History Month Creator Spotlight

SamCart has over 23,000 creators all over the world from all walks of life doing amazing things. During this Black History Month, we're taking time to highlight some Black creators who are crushing it with their online businesses. Learn more about these amazing creators, and stop by their online businesses.

SamCart Takeover: Chris Do

In this SamCart Takeover , we look into The Futur -the creation of Emmy award-winning designer and director, Chris Do. The Futur plans to "help one billion people make a living doing what they love (without losing their soul)" with the #1BMinusOne project. They are doing so by providing courses, coaching, and community for creatives.

SamCart Takeover: HINDZ

HINDZ is an artist and storyteller from Vancouver who will tell you that his credentials are in his spirit, and he puts his spirit on display on various platforms. He's got over half a million subscribers on YouTube. He's got another half million on TikTok.

Customer Hub is Live

As a creator you often start off alone, grinding away on a laptop late into the night trying to breathe life into your dream. At some point, you find it. That first sale comes through. You did it. You're a creator. Then you go from your first sale to your first $1,000.

How to Launch a Digital Product in 2022

Right now, sitting on your hard drive is a life-changing digital product . Here's the exact blueprint for launching that digital product . There are really three simple steps to launching a digital product : - Find a community you love, and learn about its problems. - Create a product to help solve those problems. - Build your page, and launch.

27 Digital Product Ideas That 10X Your Business in 2022

Selling online is huge, and it's only getting bigger. It's inevitable. Everyone is taking their business online, working remotely and reaching new customers around the world from their living rooms. Many people want to get in the game but are unsure of how to do so.

New Feature: Course Cross-Sells™

SamCart's Course Cross-Sells™ feature is the biggest thing to hit online courses since... SamCart Courses ! With Course Cross-Sells you can now advertise your other courses and products to your students from within their already purchased courses using the payment method from their original order in just a couple of clicks.

Why You Need a Cohort Course | SamCart Blog

This is part of our Advanced Selling Techniques video series. Make sure to check out the rest to get all the tools you need to crush it with SamCart Courses. So, you've done the research alongside legendary online entrepreneur Pat Flynn for your course, and now you have your P.L.A.N.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is a product that's not tangible and is delivered and experienced through software and tech. - Create once, sell infinitely - No scaling headaches - Typically cheaper to make than physical products - No physical inventory taking up space In 2020 over 2 billion people worldwide purchased products and services online with sales totaling over 4 trillion dollars.

7 Reasons You Should Create an Online Course

Everyone's an expert at something. Your course represents what you feel people want or need. That's a big deal. If people agree then you'll succeed. It's another way to offer yourself to the world. There really are a lot more than seven reasons to create an online course with SamCart.

How Maurice Bowman went from Homelessness to $1,000,000

Maurice "Runway Billionaire" Bowman's life is a movie. As a kid he was always into fashion, hence the "Runway". The "Billionaire" part is self-explanatory. He used to call himself "Runway Millionaire", but he felt he wasn't thinking big enough. He figured it was time to set a new goal.

Track Facebook Ads Performance with Facebook's Conversions API

As if the news of being able to scale your business with Facebook Ads wasn't awesome enough, you can now track your Facebook Ads, and get better ROI from paid traffic. The Conversions API is a Facebook Business Tool that lets SamCart users track customer actions; improve targeting, and get better control of your data.

One-Click Student Import Feature

SamCart Courses is the best way to deliver your courses to your audience, and the Student Import feature makes it even better. Bringing your course and students over to SamCart lets you do the following.

How to Create a Winning Sales Page

You did it! You've taken an idea for a great product, service, eBook, or course and created something valuable. It's taken some time, but you're finally ready to showcase your hard work, and start making sales. There's just one last step to getting your product out to the masses: creating the perfect sales page that gets people ready to click that "buy" button.

How Caitlin Bacher turned One Course into $1,000,000

Caitlin Bacher has a history of doing too much. *Entrepreneurs nod in agreement. She has always been a hustler, launching course after course trying to grow her business. Grind mode was activated 24/7 until five tear-soaked words brought that train to a screeching halt. "You forgot all about me."

Announcing SamCart's New API

SamCart's new API is what everyone's been asking about. For the non-techies... API stands for "Application Programming Interface". You might not know what an API is, but you probably use many every day. Every time you use Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox or Google Maps you're using an API.

Spec UX Writing

Spec 404 Error Sample
404 Error - FIFA

404 Error Sample - Copy, content and button design by me, image provided by FIFA

Spec 404 Error Sample
404 Error - Bel-Air

404 Error Sample - Copy, content and button design by me, image provided by NBC

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