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J. Wukotich

Freelance Writer|Toledo, Ohio

I'm a freelance writer from Toledo, Ohio. I’ve written articles on music, mental health, film criticism, and spirituality for several online publications, and I’m pursuing a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from Tiffin University. An amateur photographer and sometimes poet with a keen interest in sharing and improving both, I pride myself on being a flexible, well-researched, and skilled communicator with excellent critical thinking skills. As an explorer of emotions and off-beat ideas, I often take the opportunity to operate outside my comfort zone. I celebrate accomplishment, encourage self-healing, and measure success one smile at a time. My favorite thing to be is a dad. There are always new lessons to learn, new skills to master, and people to meet. There is no better reason to strive for improvement or give yourself permission to exhale after jumping a hurdle.

Terin Benavente

Grad Student & Freelance Writer/Contributer

My name is Terin and I am: Dallas-based Grad Student @DBU, Freelance Writer, Parent, & Contributor for Phoebemd.com, publications "Family Matters", and "Change your Mind, Change your Life" @medium.com A creative, outside-of-the-box thinker A voracious reader and writer My extensive background in Public Relations has not only sharpened my communication skills and business acumen but has also fueled my passion for reading and writing which has ultimately brought me here. 2020 was a tough year, am I right? My blog was created as an outlet to showcase how I navigate life through quarantine, allowing readers to resonate with the same struggles we all face; seek a healthy work/life balance, stay sane as many aspire to change directions within a career, and work to raise a family (whilst finishing college degrees to make BIG dreams become a reality.) Throughout my career, I have gained valuable education through both college courses and professional experience in: -English Composition -Principles of Marketing -Public Policy -Proofreading/Editing Recently, I have decided to move in a different direction and pursue my lifelong passion of working in Journalism, preferably in Publishing. WHAT I DO: -Blogging: Lifestyle, Parenting, Health/Wellness -Proofreading -Editing WHAT I OFFER: Professionalism Quality Content Accuracy Below are selected examples from my blog(s) that I hope you enjoy. https://mrs-b.medium.com https://terinbenavente.wordpress.com CONTACT ME TODAY: [email protected]


Ryan Redding

Freelance writer. History buff. Golf fanatic.

Freelance copy writer with 15+ years experience; contributor for FanSided/ProGolfNow and copywriter with Wpromote.

Kristen Hennebry

National Vice President, Communications

Creative communications leader with proven success in building internal, external, and executive communication programs that grow brand awareness and drive employee engagement. Passion for developing compelling written and visual content and producing experiential events that connect executives and employees with culture, brand values, and strategic direction. Highly skilled at transforming complex topics around cybersecurity, geopolitics, and public policy into compelling narratives for diverse audiences.


Heather Wiedenhoft

Environmental Scientist and Writer. Outdoor Guru.

I am a scientist and freelance writer with a passion for the outdoors. My scientific research has led to publications in Cell, Harmful Algae, and Frontiers in Neuroscience. More creative environmental science writing has revolved around marine and fisheries ecosystems, with a nod to indigenous perspectives and practices. Recently I have been working in multimedia storytelling and crafting short videos. When I'm not making discoveries in the lab or crafting on my computer you can find me exploring the backwoods of Oregon, tip- toeing to mountain tops or taming raging rivers.


Anna Giles

Senior Copywriter, Content Strategist, Producer

Ugh, this is the hard part, isn't it? How do you encapsulate 15+ years of writing experience and 10+ years of marketing experience into a couple of paragraphs for a portfolio website? How do you talk about being published in well-known publications like Romper and Time Out New York? How do you explain that you've interviewed everyone from drag queens to C-Suite executives? Do you write about the millions of eyeballs that have been on your content, how you've [technically] gone viral on TikTok, and how you were once called "the voice of Bravo" when you worked for NBC? I mean...ya could. Like I just did.


Patricia Conte

Marketing Communications Manager

Patricia Conte is a marketing communications leader with experience as a writer/editor and account manager for clients including those in healthcare, higher education, nonprofit organizations, and food and consumer products. She also operates her own website where she not only partners with brands as an influencer, but delivers mouthwatering recipes and original, vibrant images. She is focused on strategic communications, and paired with her creative thinking and leadership expertise, she can turn ideas into practice and tell a story that resonates and motivates. Patricia offers organization, flexibility, dedication, and collaboration to all projects she works on. You'll find Patricia with pencil and paper, her laptop, and even her camera to develop imaginative and compelling content. She works to engage new audiences via social media, creates headlines that pop, brochures that shine, and website copy that tells a story.


Jill Schlabig Williams

Communications Manager and Nonprofit Leader

As an experienced project manager, communications strategist, science writer and nonprofit leader, I help healthcare organizations achieve their goals. My strengths include storytelling, strategic planning, digital marketing, patient advocacy and project management.


#Princess #Leia #Lucas®

Founder, Partner & Trustee; PL Lucas® Foundations; Neuro-Theoretical Scientist; U.S. Press Agent; Designer; Inventor of: IFNBT®, Life Force Recovery®, Decorative Remodeling®, Digital Protected Producer®, CSNP®, The Right Force®, G-4Force®...

Guess what? Princess Leia Lucas® was actually my name BEFORE Star Wars movies, I'm older! That is, I'm a Jewish American Princess, Hebrew name, Leia, with royal family who escaped from other countries. Everyone called me, Princess Leia, and I was adopted by my Uncle, Richard M. Lucas, (known at Stanford University for Imaging, MRI, cancer treatment technologies), to get me away from abusers in my family. I also grew up and worked with some great relatives / friends in the FBI, Dept. of Defense and more. But, it all left me with some amnesia. Then, I was finally fully healed, including with Brain Transmission Technologies® as harnessed by Richard and I, combined with LOTS of caring support from people, like you. THANK YOU. **** As of now, my partners and I have created the many (Princess Leia) PL Lucas® Foundations & Trust.-to support trauma / abuse healing for the 1 in 4 people known to be survivors. Actual numbers may be much higher. 1 in 3 adults will be arrested in California, and are often thrown in jail based on stories alone. Yet, statistics demonstrate that ***80% of people are known to fully heal if they have the correct support. You can see our many websites, audiences, and how much publishing I've done if you do a browser (Google) search on my name, P. Leia Lucas. Together we are one. The Force is YOU©. Find us at: 6150 Center Street, #1152, Clayton, CA 94517. SAMPLE WEBSITES: https://princessleialucas.webnode.com/ https://decorativeremodeling.wixsite.com/decorativeremodeling https://www.linkedin.com/in/princess-leia-lucas/ -Foundation https://www.facebook.com/PrincessLeiaLucasFoundations/ https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/brain-transmissions-heal-us-princess-leia-lucas/ http://www.digitalprotectedproducer.com/ https://combinedintelligence.wixsite.com/ifnbt https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/princess-leias-law-whatever-can-go-right-willgo-princess-leia-lucas-/?published=t https://princess-leia-news.business.site/ (Google) https://www.facebook.com/PrincessLeiaNEWS/ https://www.instagram.com/princessleialucas/ https://www.pinterest.com/princessleialucas/ https://twitter.com/PLeiaLucas

David H Hubbard

Writer and Editor

I think therefore I write. I write intending to think – but not out of the box. I am out of the box. I always have been, though not always where I need to be. I have always written but became a writer once I made it my mission to climb into the boxes of others and help with their stuff; peek in the corners and deepen their space; make room for new and perhaps more inventive possibilities; augment them from other sources or introduce new boxes. Boxes are our worlds in comfortable spaces we may have no reason to escape. They provide the parameters and boundaries we need to navigate and stay focused on our priorities to live freely and work more creatively with what we enjoy and do best. Think out of the box and we are awash; like a loose balloon hissing and dissipating into the ether. Bring it to the box. I am deeply grateful for my publishers, editors and fellow writers along my way who saw enough to have joined me in my boxes to share their experience, sage advice and valuable tools. My 40 years as a writer and editor in magazine publishing is extensive and varied. This select sampling of articles and columns illuminates the wide range of areas and topics I have covered. These are only a few of the many people and organizations I have engaged and had the privilege to work with and know. I hope my articles and columns reflect the tremendous pleasure I take in helping others tell their stories. Through my writing I get closer to the jazz musician I wish I were. I settle on the themes and trains of thought; get a feel for the structure, progressions and flow, then turn my riffs and phrasings with an economy of words to deliver a solo I hope is worth reading – and always with due respect for the story at hand. It is their song; I am the arranger.