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My name is Drea, and have 17 years of media experience. This included being a radio personality, red-carpet reporter, freelance writer, and digital producer. I have worked for CBS Radio, Bauer Publishing, Condé Nast, and Move Inc.

I currently work at CBS/Paramount as a digital producer for Inside Edition.


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Culture With Travel
How To Deal With Language Barriers While Traveling - Culture With Travel

They say that comic relief is the best thing to help a stressful situation; well either that or wine, and they are correct. At least that was the case when I visited Europe. It was a comedy of errors and screw-ups. I was so nervous to visit Europe - I mean really nervous.

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I'm Drea
What to Expect: What it is like on Carnival Cruise.

My boyfriend and I recently went on a 4-night cruise from Orlando to the Bahamas (Freeport and Nassau). It was amazing! It was inexpensive, there was ALWAYS something going on to entertain us, and there was SO MUCH FOOD. I repeat - there was so much food!

I'm Drea
The 13 Yummiest Meals I Had In Europe.

First things first, I have no idea how I ate so much food for 12 days in Europe and I didn't gain a pound. I ate EVERYTHING! For once my slow metabolism gave me a break. I visited London, Amsterdam...

I'm Drea
My 10 Must-haves For My Carry-on Bag

Excessive, I know. But I'm always prepared. They are a necessity to block kids yelling chatter when boarding the plane, listening to music during the flight, and drowning out some of the terrifying sounds the plane makes during take off (but seriously though, what are those noises?!)

I'm Drea
I Went to London and Slept in a Prison Cell, and I Loved it!

I knew when I first booked my trip to Europe that I wanted to sleep in a hostel at least one night. It's been on my bucket list forever! I researched hostels pretty extensively beforehand, especially because I've seen the lovely movie Hostel, and because I've heard of every hostel horror story there is (see also: Bed bugs).

I'm Drea
9 Must-Try Restaurants in New York

New York has always been my favorite city, and it is actually the first place I ever traveled to solo. I recently visited and I had some of the most amazing food! I don't eat at the most expensive ...