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David H Hubbard

Writer and Editor

Location icon United States

I think; therefore I write. I write intending to think.
But not out of the box. I am out of the box, always have been;
yet not always where I need to be.

Though I have always written, I became a writer once I made it my mission to climb into the boxes of others and help with their stuff; peek in the corners and deepen their space; make room for new and perhaps more inventive possibilities; augment them from other sources, or introduce new boxes.

Boxes are our worlds; and more likely places we don't care to escape. They provide the parameters and boundaries we need to navigate and stay focused on our priorities to work more creatively with what we do best.

Think out of the box and we are awash at sea; dissipating into the ether like a hissing balloon. Bring it to the box.

I am deeply grateful for my publishers and editors along my way who saw enough to have joined me in my boxes to share their experience, sage advice and favorite tools.
My 30-plus years experience as a writer and editor in magazine publishing is extensive and varied. This sampling of articles and columns illuminates the wide range of subject areas and topics I have covered, and features only a very few of the people and organizations I have engaged and had the privilege to know and work with.

I hope my articles and columns reflect the tremendous pleasure I take in helping others tell their stories.

Through my writing I get closer to the visual artist I couldn't become; more of the jazz musician I wish I was.

I find the themes and trains of thought; get a feel for their structure, progressions and flow; then turn my riffs and phrases with an economy of words to deliver a solo worth reading; and always with due respect for the story at hand.

It's their song; I am the arranger.


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