Lisa Rinkus

Content writer, Editor, Proofreader

United States

Lisa is a versatile, creative communications pro and storyteller. She has an extensive repertoire of articles she's written for digital and print media about movies, pop culture, healthcare, energy, retail and real estate, among other topics. An eagle-eyed word nerd, Lisa loves making a client's copy shine and edits reports, articles, scripts, emails, brochures, slide decks, websites and direct mail. A public relations consultant for most of her career, Lisa has a nose for what's intriguing and newsworthy, having placed dozens of articles and op/eds in local and national media outlets. She writes pithy social media posts and is a proud member of the #Twitter10, the group that took down Boston's 2024 Olympic bid. When Lisa's not writing, editing or publicizing a project, she's probably cooking or at the movies. She also enjoys ballroom dancing and skydived once. Please note that this online portfolio is representative of some of her work; there's more upon request.


Articles, etc.

Newton Neighbors
Instabragging can put Your Home at Risk

There's no need to post that photo of you while eating a live octopus. Your friends will be just as impressed (or mortified) when you get home.

PR Daily
Why PR pros should enlist the help of proofreaders - PR Daily

It's not just that journalists are nitpickers about spelling. They must trust you to deliver clean, accurate copy. How about baking a quality-control fee into your efforts and hiring an editor? When a reporter sees a mistake in an email pitch, it'll probably get deleted.

A Valentine for Mrs. Mueller - Lisa Rinkus - Medium

The world is going to explode in confetti when Mr. Robert Mueller completes his investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election. But no one on earth is going to be happier than Mrs. Robert Mueller. Of course we all love her husband, who has been elevated to sainthood (Have you seen the devotional candles?).

Modern Musings by an Old-Fashioned Girl
Santorini Dreamin' on Such a Winter's Day

Getting me to leave a cozy house on a frigid winter night is like trying to move a mountain. So when my husband roused me from my sleepy, snow day stupor to venture out, it was a Herculean feat. He was able to do this because we were going to Doretta taverna and raw bar.

"Spotlight" is Spot On

Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo and Brian D'Arcy James play reporters on the Boston Globe investigative team. (Photo by Kerry Hayes) The trailer for, features a haunting piano score, sweeping footage and some touchy interactions. A cover version of XTC's "Dear God," creates an especially unsettling vibe.

Hosting the Olympics Could (Finally!) Raise Boston's Profile

Credit: Igor Golovniov Perhaps no other location in a bid for the 2024 Olympics has stimulated more controversy than Boston has. Some are vehemently opposed. There's even an organized group to rally people against the effort, called No Boston Olympics.

Fear and Loathing at "Hastings-on-Hudson"

Rebecca Ferguson plays Anna, who had much more fun being the "other woman." Photo credit: Barry Wetcher, DreamWorks How can a gripping page-turner be such a mediocre movie? The Girl on the Train, directed by Tate Taylor and based on the blockbuster novel by Paula Hawkins, is upscale, sexy and stylish, featuring many good looking people behaving badly.

My Date With Bobby Orr

When the receptionist chirped this over the intercom, my heart skipped a beat and my palms got sweaty. I was organizing an event that the former Boston Bruin was involved in, but I never expected him to call me. He wondered if I could give him a ride!

Guest Column
'Silver Linings' hard to see

Now that "Silver Linings Playbook" has swept up a number of awards, the movie will attract an even wider following. But the movie's characterization as a comedy with a theme of mental illness is an oxymoron.

Energy Efficiency is the New Oil

As the debate wages on about how to spend the economic stimulus money, President-Elect Obama's talented picks for his energy and environmental czars underscore his commitment to solving the climate crisis. Finally, the welfare of our planet will be a priority again!

Home Energy Magazine
Training is Evergreen

Feature article for energy services client in national publication.
Celebrating 25 years of energy efficiency in Massachusetts

Twenty-five years ago, a trail blazing and provocative report paved the way for energy efficiency in Massachusetts and predicted its enormous potential, write Stephen L. Cowell of Conservation Services Group and Douglas I. Foy, former head of the Conservation Law Foundation.

Newton TAB
Lisa Rinkus: What to say when your Newton teen asks for a smartphone

Every afternoon, a sea of young people cascades down the sidewalk from Newton North High School. Most heads are down, thumbs wildly texting. Every afternoon, a sea of young people cascades down the sidewalk from Newton North High School. Most heads are down, thumbs wildly texting.

Letter to the Editor
Bratz Dolls and Girls' Self-Image

I was delighted to read that "Bratz Dolls Begin to Show Their Age" (Marketplace, Sept. 22). Since awareness of plastic surgery has grown among younger consumers, perhaps MGA Entertainment Inc. could market a line of Bratz face-lift and collagen accessories that will "plump up" sales.

Public Relations Placements Real Estate
Buying a home together? When romances fail, real estate gets ugly

Buying or selling a home can get really messy, and not just from the open house crowds that track in slush and muck. The high stakes of housing can bring out the worst in anyone, especially if there's emotional discord involved.
Better starts for breastfeeding

Every day, millions of women make a choice of whether or not to breastfeed their babies. Science certainly supports the natural option of breastfeeding, and medical and public health groups from the World Health Organization to the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly endorse it.

The Boston Globe
Testing Ground

What's the neighborhood like? Try before you buy with a short-term rental.

The New York Times
Overqualified? Yes, but Happy to Have a Job

A result is a new cadre of underemployed workers dotting American companies, occupying slots several rungs below where they are accustomed to working. These are not the more drastic examples of former professionals toiling away at "survival jobs" at Home Depot or Starbucks.


Color Magazine
Advertising Copy

Half-page ad written for Brandeis University, a sponsor of the 2017 diversity summit.

Real Estate Marketing Brochure
What can we do for you?

If you're a buyer or a seller, our services are listed here

The Boston Globe
Copley Place Ad Headline

Lisa named a series of fashion shows at Copley Place the "Copley Style" series. It was later used as an advertising headline.

As a spokesperson

The Christian Science Monitor
'Hunger Games' is an opportunity to bond for many families

" The Hunger Games " may have fit neatly into a "young adult" category in its early marketing, but this trilogy featuring a 16-year-old heroine from the future is at the leading edge of literature that is bringing the entire family together.

5 Things SpongeBob SquarePants Can Teach You About Business

Nickelodeon's " SpongeBob SquarePants," with its brightly hued colors and juvenile hijinks, may seem like the last place you should look for business or career advice. But if you take a slightly closer look at SpongeBob's madcap energy and Mr. Krabs' relentless pursuit to sell Krabby Patties, you'll notice some familiar workplace scenarios -- and some surprisingly important lessons.
Gotta have: Are smartphones a need or just a want?

Smartphones are on a trajectory to becoming a need instead of just a want as more Americans are integrating the devices into every aspect of their lives - including having to decide if they are appropriate for their children to use.