Siobhan Climer

Professional Writer, Technical and Copywriting

United States

Siobhan Climer studied biology and professional writing at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and graduated with her B.S. in English from Central Connecticut State University.

Today she writes for Orbit Media Studios, an award-winning web design and development firm, creating content and copy for companies across the country. She has previously held technical writing, educator, and science writing positions.

Siobhan also consults with academic scientists and professionals to prepare blogs, posts, white papers, case studies, and research papers for publication in journals, including Nature, Hippocampus, and Neuron. She is both a U.S. and Irish citizen.



Maestro Health
Maestro Health - Discovery & Copywriting

Conducted interviews, discovery, content strategy, navigation, and copywriting for key conversion pages, including Home, What We Do, and Clinical Care Management.

CPO Magazine
A Heart of Gold: The Hidden Value Behind Your DNA - CPO Magazine

DNA testing companies are collecting millions of DNA samples that include personal health information (PHI) and turning around to sell it to research and pharmaceutical companies. Consumers need to weigh the privacy risks and decide if these DNA testing companies have a heart of gold or are just looking for one.

Cristaux Copywriting

Collaborated on copy with Orbit's senior copywriter for key conversion pages of the Cristaux site, including Home, Creations + subpages, and Solutions + subpages.

Orbit Media Studios
Orbit Media - Copywriting

Supported internal initiative to redesign and rewrite the award-winning, Chicago based, digital marketing, web design and development company, Orbit Media Studios.

Mindsight and Related Technical Writing

Top Five Human Threats To Your Data - White Paper

Whether through intentional malicious acts or simple negligence, people are the biggest threat to your enterprise data. Review this white paper to reveal the top 5 threats to your data, along with strategic measures you can take to eliminate & prevent exposure.

Why 2020 Will Be The Year Of dHCI: An Infrastructure Report | Mindsight

December 19, 2019 by Siobhan Climer and Eric White The next evolutionary step in data center architecture arrived quietly back in 2012. A small group of former Data Domain and VMware engineers joined together to found Datrium. Their mission? "Liberation from complexity" through technology - specifically via disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure (dHCI).

HIPAA Compliance And The Contact Center: Protecting PHI | Mindsight

Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996. In 2013, the Final Omnibus Rule went into effect, and since then any service provider directly or indirectly processing, storing, or handling patient health information (PHI) must adhere to the standards and policies set forth in HIPAA.

5 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Companies Make | Mindsight

Enormous data breaches and cybersecurity incidents rock the news cycle practically every week. From the dramatic 2017 Equifax data breach to the March 2019 Facebook unsecured database of 600 million users, even the biggest companies make mistakes. The same is true of organizations of every size in every industry.

How To Schedule Disaster Recovery Testing: Find Your Magic Number |

A rookie mistake in backup and disaster recovery planning is to take a one-and-done mentality to the process. The reality is that preparing for disasters requires regular updates and testing to ensure the plan works. But how often should you test your disaster recovery plan?

What Is The Darknet? From The Surface To The Deep | Mindsight

You probably use it every day. You might even have used it to find this article. But do you really understand what it is and how deep it goes? Internetwork - A system of interconnected networks, abbreviated as "internet". The most well-known internetwork is "the Internet", which is a global computer internetwork that uses standardized communication protocols.

Privacy With Google Classroom: Use Rises, Critics Claim Risks | Mindsight

Students across the country are starting off the school year powering on their laptops or tablets and opening the Google Classroom app. They'll use the app throughout the year to write essays in Google Docs, store their data in the Google Drive, coordinate activities with Google Calendar, and manage communications with Google Forms. And if they don't know the quadratic equation, well, they can just Google it.

NVMe Vs SATA SSDs: A Saga of Solid State Storage | Mindsight

With so many BYOD (bring-your-own-device) programs and shifts toward tinier and tinier devices, purchasing additional storage has become a regular practice in the industry. You have two primary options: hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SDDs).

Security In The Cloud: Reckoning With Lingering Cloud Concerns | Mindsight

An autumnal golden hue captures the setting sun, which means the crunch of leaves under your shoes and the warmth of a hot coffee in your hands is just around the corner. With the cardigans and jack-o-lanterns comes a holiday that includes events like 'Scarefest', 'Horror House', and 'Ghost Town Trolley'.

Mindsight Blog
Millennials In The Workplace

Adapting for millennials in the workplace means adapting for a connected, convergent market. Learn the 4 steps to retaining millennials.

Develop A Manufacturing Backup And Disaster Recovery Strategy | Mindsight

The manufacturing industry remains the backbone of the U.S. economy, and new technological developments impact the sector every day. While some manufacturers are beginning to implement technologies like the cloud, new developments in AI, machine learning, and IIoT are lining up to knock down silos and inefficiencies, building a new future for manufacturing in the U.S.

Deploy Cisco SD-WAN: Improve Efficiency And Performance | Mindsight

Cisco's acquisition of Viptela in 2017 made waves; not only because Cisco already had two SD-WAN technology acquisitions under its belt, but because it gave Cisco yet another edge in the SD-WAN market. Viptela, along with Cisco's other SD-WAN technologies, provides extended offerings for midmarket and enterprise customers expanding into global communications.

Mindsight Print Collateral
Mindsight Overview Brochure

Climer worked with a graphic designer to develop this print collateral brochure redefining brand tone.

Mindsight Print Collateral
Mindsight Managed IT Services

Climer worked with a graphic designer to develop this print collateral brochure.


Private Client
5 Ways To Improve Email Security - White Paper

Climer developed and designed this white paper to address ongoing concerns both internally and externally around email security. The white paper saw a high number of downloads and lead conversions.

Training and User Guides
Lunch Bunch AV Training Module

Created layout and some copy, as well as instructional modeling, for AV team to present to staff.

Client, Horticulture/Nursery Sales
American Elm

Sales article (SEO) for a Nursery Client

Theoretical Deviation
Teaching Thanksgiving

The conversation usually goes something like this: "Let's trace our hands on harvest-colored construction paper and make adorable turkeys to staple on our district-mandated bulletin boards!" Thanksgiving has come and gone, and as always classroom conversation remains simplistic and pristine. How do we teach our students the complicated history of the First Thanksgiving in the...

Theoretical Deviation
What is the Common Core?

As you read, consider these questions. Leave your thoughts in the comments: 1) Should the U.S. continue to support the CCSS even if implementation becomes a financial drain on school districts? 2) Do you think the CCSS is another way to push for privatization of education?

Worcester Roller Derby

Up until November of 2011, the Worcester Roller Derby (WoRD) girls had collaborated with Girls Incorporated of Worcester; Girls Inc. offered their basketball court as a practice space for WoRD, while WoRD offered classes and activities to support Girls Inc.'s programs aimed at assisting young girls in the Worcester area.

Theoretical Deviation
Top Ten Children's Picture Books (Umm, actually 11)

Top Ten Children's Books (Umm, actually 11) Being a child is generally considered to be a time of adventure. There are drawbacks, some of which we tend to forget once we have reached "adulthood" (whatever that is). For example, do you recall the utter distaste you had for authority?