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Kathy Hunt

Writer, journalist, editor

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I am a journalist, online content writer and editor, non-fiction author and photographer experienced in the fields of culinary arts, STEM, healthcare, travel and education. My syndicated features have run in such newspapers as The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Baltimore Sun and online at Zester Daily, MSN, Yahoo! and Reuters. I’ve also covered food, travel and sustainable living for such print magazines as VegNews, BackHome, and Town and Country Living and in the non-fiction books "Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Superbowl" (Greenwood, 2008) and "Start Your Own Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery" (Entrepreneur Media, 2015). Additionally, I am the author of two books, "Fish Market" (Running Press, 2013) and "Herring: A Global History" (Reaktion Books, 2017). Skilled at digital and 35mm photography and the photo editors Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Gimp, I supply the images for my articles as well as for the stock photo company Shutterstock.

When not covering food, travel and sustainable living, I write science and technology articles for ASTM International's Standardization News. I also edit print and e-newsletters, press releases, online content and marketing materials in the fields of healthcare, education and social services and manage social media campaigns. My clients include nonprofit agencies, digital media companies, start-ups and a Fortune 100 company. Lastly, I provide editorial services for academic and medical journals.

Along with being an ardent and well-versed writer, I am an eager traveler. To date, I have journeyed through 51 countries and five continents, collecting and working on story ideas wherever I roam. When I'm not on the road, I split my time between New York City and suburban Philadelphia. An alumnus of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, I hold two Master of Science degrees. For further information about me and my work, please contact me at [email protected]


STEM, Academic and Other Writing/Editing

Standardization News
Autonomous Vehicles Move Forward

n recent years, the tech world has been abuzz over the prospect of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (A-UGVs) being used in industry. From carrying out routine surveillance, maintenance, and deliveries to material handling and assembly line work, these machines promise increased productivity and efficiency across a wide range of applications.

Standardization News
The Fight against PFAS

Since the 1940s, manufacturers and consumers around the world have made use of the nonstick, stain-repellant, and waterproofing properties of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). These manmade chemicals appear in everything from food packaging, cookware, and rain gear to sealants, floor waxes, and firefighting foams.

ASTM Standardization News
Autonomous Flight

Standards and certification are the next steps toward the autonomous flight of pilotless aircraft.

Standardization News
Building a Better Boot

Work on specialized combat boots is leading to the development of international performance standards.

ASTM Standardization News
Connecting International Aviation Regulations

Regulations from European and U.S. aviation agencies demand adherence to rigorous safety standards. Specifications from ASTM International’s general aviation aircraft committee are the solution the industry and agencies need.

Wholesale Food Supplier Marketing
Explaining Sustainability

Sustainable. Increasingly we hear that word tossed about by colleagues, consumers, public figures and the media. What exactly does it mean? In today’s world more and more people base their meal choices on how their food has been raised or caught.

Montgomery County Community College
Student Success

"The curriculum I was taught at Montco in the biotech/biomanufacturing program helped me have a better understanding of how GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) works, understanding batch records, and have good documentation principles that are absolutely necessary when working anywhere in pharma," he says.

Montgomery County Community College
Navigating the FAFSA

Please note that you can apply after the priority deadline but you may miss out on funding opportunities. Also, your financial aid may not be processed in time for payment due dates. In other words, don't miss those deadlines!

Salvation Army Newsletter
A New Avenue for Aiding Foster Children

When child welfare worker Susan Guntz first heard the statistic at a 2004, Washington D.C., foster care symposium, she was stunned. “If one family in every three churches across our country adopted a child out of foster care, there would be no more children waiting for families,” says Mrs. Guntz, a mother of six, one of whom is her former foster son.

Food and Travel Writing

University of Chicago Press
Herring: A Global History

Though tiny, the herring has played an enormous role in history. Battles have been waged over it. International economic alliances have formed over it. Major cities owe their prosperity to it. Political powers have risen and fallen with herring's own rise and fall in population.

Kitchen Kat
9 Tools for Grilling Seafood - Kitchen Kat

Whether you're a newcomer to or longstanding fan of seafood, the thought of grilling fish and shellfish can be intimidating. I used to worry about what would happen after I placed a delicate piece of fish onto a searing hot grill. I might cook it too long or not long enough.

Spirits rise with New York retro gins

Ask a New York history buff about Dorothy Parker or Chief Gowanus and you might hear a discourse on the legendary writer and wit or the leader of the Canarsie Native American tribe. Mention these names to a spirits enthusiast and instead you may be sidling up to a bar and sampling gins from the New ...

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