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Ryan is an award-winning independent journalist whose work has been published by the Associated Press, Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe New Mexican, Idaho Business Review, and many others. He also regularly covers crime, criminal justice and investigative stories for the Las Vegas Optic.

Las Vegas Optic
One Way Out: July homicide tied to violent New Mexico prison gang

A car horn disrupted the quiet July evening. Then came the gunshots. Three bullets that killed Leroy "Smurf" Lucero, leaving his wife without a husband, and his four children without their father. His violent death also shifted the focus of a nearly five-year-long FBI investigation to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Optic
A summer of secrets: Police provide little information on multiple homicides, while skirting...

Following a particularly violent summer, the Las Vegas Police Department is investigating four homicides and one non-fatal shooting. To date, charges have been filed in just one case. Police have provided the public with very little information on these incidents, and have denied three open records requests made by the Optic under New Mexico's Inspection of Public Records Act, or IPRA.

Las Vegas Optic
Smoking gun: Man ID'd in 2018 deadly shooting remains free

On a cold Sunday morning, just 21 days into 2018, the sound of gunfire shattered the peace in a small west side neighborhood nestled between Luis E. Armijo Elementary and an Allsup's convenience store. A man reported the incident to police dispatchers at 10:44 a.m. "There's been a shooting.

Idaho Business Review
Public art fosters 'creative class' community downtown

From traffic light control boxes wrapped in colorful artwork to multiple murals and sculptures, downtown Boise is home to hundreds of works of public art. These publicly accessible works are both privately and publicly funded, but are available for viewing by anyone without paying admission. Of course, none of these works would be possible without...

AP News
Lead ammo concerns New Mexico bird watcher

LAS VEGAS, N.M. (AP) - Dr. Douglas Thal has always been fascinated by golden eagles. He grew up on his family's ranch in Golondrinas, where for hours he would watch the majestic birds of prey that resided in large nests built on the ledges of sandstone cliffs.

Las Vegas Optic
AG determines PD, city violated sunshine laws

The City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Police Department violated state law, according to determinations issued last week by the Office of the Attorney General. In a series of determination letters sent to city officials, the OAG concluded that the City of Las Vegas violated portions of both the Inspection of Public Records Act and the Open Meetings Act, and warned the city that continued violations could result in criminal charges.

Las Vegas Optic
Restoration renews former Harvey Girls dorm known as Rawlins Building

With the restoration of another historic building on Railroad Avenue nearing completion, it could soon feel a bit like 1898 again in Las Vegas, N.M. Work on the Rawlins Building — a National Register of Historic Places structure — is nearly done, and once completed, it will operate much like it did in the late 19th century...

Santa Fe New Mexican
Las Vegas, N.M., gas stations offer return to simpler times

LAS VEGAS, N.M. - Drive down almost any street in Las Vegas and it's easy to see remnants of the past. Stop for gas at either of the town's two full-service gas stations and you can experience a small piece of that past.

Las Vegas Optic
Concerns arise at RHS over anonymous reporting app

Las Vegas City Schools will soon introduce a smartphone application designed to make it easier for students to report inappropriate or dangerous activities happening on campus. The app, called STOPit, was designed by a New Jersey-based software company as a way to allow students to anonymously report things like drug use, bullying, inappropriate student-teacher relationships, or even a planned school shooting.

Las Vegas Optic
July homicide drew FBI attention to Las Vegas

Agents and officers from several law enforcement agencies executed more than 20 search warrants on Sept. 19, raiding multiple homes and one business in Las Vegas. The raids were part of a federal investigation that began nearly five years ago, but recently-unsealed court documents reveal that Las Vegas wasn't a target of the investigation until the July 22 slaying of Leroy "Smurf" Lucero.

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