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How Apps Are Helping ELL Parents Learn Alongside Their Student

Abril Parra recently notched a proud parenting moment in her belt. Her young son, a struggling reader, had come to her for help practicing his reading. The only problem? The passage was in English, and Parra, a native of Spain, had never had strong English skills.

Education & Technology

Playing Games Can Build 21st-Century Skills. Research Explains How. - EdSurge News

As anyone who's ever spent hours hunched over Candy Crush can attest, there's something special about games. Sure they're fun, but they can also be absorbing, frustrating, challenging and complex. Research has shown our brains are " wired for pleasure," and that games are an effective way to learn because they simulate adventure and keep our brains engaged and happy.

How AI and Eye Tracking Could Soon Help Schools Screen for Dyslexia - EdSurge News

In an era of breakneck change and tech innovation, evaluating dyslexia in young students looks much the same today as it has in the past: A struggling reader's parents and teachers might sit down, gather information and assess the child on their strengths and weaknesses to determine a diagnosis and appropriate interventions.

​Teachers Can Now Use IBM's Watson to Search for Free Lesson Plans - EdSurge News

IBM's famous Watson computing system-which defeated Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings in 2011-is coming to education, if not quite the classroom. As part of a new IBM philanthropic initiative, the supercomputer is helping to power a searchable database of open educational math resources designed for teachers in grades K-5.

​Denver Public Schools push for smarter data-sharing approach

Data interoperability between districts and vendors can be chaotic and messy. Denver's director of technology would like to change that. Josh Allen is the director of technology for Denver Public Schools. Seven years ago, Denver Public Schools took a bold step toward data privacy.

The High Flyer
A gifted ed teacher's secrets to success

Today's colleges of education generally do a good job prepping new teachers for the traditional classroom. For teaching students outside the mainstream, the training is less robust. At least, that's what Alison Alowonle discovered when she stepped into her first student-teaching job in a gifted ed magnet school thirteen years ago and fell in love with the students.

Education Dive
California's ambitious plans to make community college free

A mix of public and private funding sources is aiming to make community college tuition free for students in California as part of the state's Promise programs, which are growing at a brisk clip. State legislators are also proposing a new bill that would supplement aid to state colleges to help eliminate student loans, Inside Higher Ed reports.

What more schools should know about device rollouts

Top tech directors at TCEA 2017 share how collaboration and planning can help districts scale device rollouts of any size. (Getty Images) As more school districts issue learning devices to more students, the job of rolling out and managing those devices keeps growing in complexity, making once basic considerations more complicated: Which devices do you choose?

eSchool News
Why making, coding, and online learning are the real trends to watch

Take a casual flip through this year's trend-predicting Horizon Report, released today, and you'll find plenty to get excited about. The end of the report is stuffed with tantalizing promise about how future learners will engage with robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and wearable tech (think data-collecting headbands and skill-tracking sensors) that could explode into classrooms in as little as four to five years.

eSchool News
4 radically different school models upending education

These days, there are few that would disagree that education needs to start looking more like the world students will one day work and live in and less like, well, school. What that might look like in the future is anybody's guess, but it may be safe to assume a lot more will be required of students than simple passive learning.

eSchool News
Common Core is changing how schools teach ELA and math

States considered strong adopters of Common Core are more likely to see a de-emphasis of fiction and a decline in advanced math enrollment among middle school students, according to a new report that also found a trivial difference in test scores between states that have and have not adopted the standards.

eSchool News
TED-ED clubs give students a platform for sharing ideas

One of Mitzi Stover's biggest challenges as a teacher is convincing her students they have a voice. Stover teaches speech and English at North Torrance High School in a working-class area of Los Angeles where kids seldom travel or even leave the neighborhood.

eSchool News
11 ed-tech buzzwords and phrases to think about

Get a group of educators together either online or in person and at times it can seem like they're speaking a different dialect. Want to disrupt the fixed mindset and combat the device gap in the age of the digital native? Well, have you tried innovating your hidden curriculum?

eSchool News
Is this model the future of college and career readiness?

North of Los Angeles, not far from the city of Ventura, the brand new Rancho Campana High School sits on a California campus fit for the set of a teen movie, where spacious, airy classrooms open - via retractable glass-paneled garage doors - onto sun soaked courtyards and outdoor learning spaces with sweeping views of the neighboring Camarillo Hills.

eSchool News
7 ways schools can get creative with STEAM

For a while now, schools have been slowly merging science and math lessons with visual arts as a way to add a hands-on component, and perhaps a dash of culture, to ordinary STEM curriculum.

eSchool News
The digital learning plan every educator should read

Like every state, educators in North Carolina are struggling with complex demands around digital learning. In the era of personalized learning-meets-BYOD, and with a big push on 21st century skills, districts and education leaders can still feel pretty isolated as they work out where to go next.

eSchool News
Why Scandinavian schools are superior (and what we can learn)

Thirty-five years ago, back when most schools around the world were still preparing students for their 20th century futures, a clutch of Scandinavian countries were reworking their curricula to include more creativity, collaboration, and communication - today's so-called 21st century skills.

eSchool News
20 tips for putting Google's 20 percent time in your classroom | eSchool News | eSchool News

Originally pioneered at places like 3M and HP, Google's vaunted 20 percent time, which lets employees spend a full one-fifth of their time on passion projects, has spawned everything from Gmail to Google News. Now it's gaining ground among educators who are carving out a chunk of their already-limited time with students to work on innovative inquiry-based projects that resonate on a deeper, personal level.

THE Journal
6 Ways to Engage Every Learner Using UDL -- THE Journal

Special Needs Universal Design for Learning can make your lessons more accessible and your lesson-planning more fun. In any given classroom, there are invariably learners who simply don't connect with what's being taught. Lectures can be easy to tune out. A textbook can feel dense and boring to finish.

THE Journal
How 'Big Three' Publishers Are Approaching iPad Textbooks

Questions and opportunities surround the still-nascent iPad textbook market. T.H.E. Journal looked at the offerings from the 'big three' publishers--Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and HMH--to discern where the industry is, and where it might be headed.

Letters from the Editor

Physical Therapy Products
The Grassroots Approach

In last month's column on concussion safety ("Leveling the Playing Field," May/June 2011), I touched briefly on how PTs might consider educating lawmakers on the physical medicine profession's important role in society

Physical Therapy Products
Leveling the Playing Field

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, media interest in concussion safety has remained relatively strong over the past year, with pieces regularly appearing in major newspapers and on news programs and Web sites...

Physical Therapy Products
POPTS by the Numbers

An investigation into the partisan and peer-reviewed research, studies, and statistics propping up both sides of the physician owned physical therapy clinic (POPTS) debate.

Physical Therapy Products
E-rehab Now a Virtual Reality

Telemedicine is one of the newest buzzwords circling around the health care space in an age dominated by smartphones, razor-thin laptops, and HD cameras that fit in your pocket...

Physical Therapy Products
Ratcheting Down Rates

Recently, a USA Today article highlighted how the use of therapy provider networks can help payors save money on health care while failing to mention how cutting down costs would affect therapists themselves...

Physical Therapy Products
Make Inspiration Infectious

On October 9, a feat accomplished by Allison Lind, a PT at NY Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, likely flew under your radar...


Irrigation & Green Industry
Edible Landscapes

Anyone who has ever tried a fresh heirloom tomato will taste the difference immediately. Sweet and juicy, their distinctive flavor is often absent from the common supermarket varieties, which are grown and picked not for their taste, but for transport and longevity...


Emergency Preparation

On a crisp autumn day last October, Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY, was bracing for a full-blown pandemic influenza catastrophe...

Medical Missions

Missions abroad bring dedicated health care workers from all sectors together to assist those in less fortunate parts of the world achieve better standards of health care, one facility at a time...

Dengue Fever

During a particularly bad dengue fever season, a look at available options.