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Paige Welsh

Writer | Graduate Student at University of Texas at Austin

Paige Welsh is a PhD student studying rhetoric and writing at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include medicine, law, and the philosophy of consciousness. She has published her work in venues such as the LA Review of Books and Narrative Magazine. My professional content writing experience centers on technical material in science and engineering.

Joslyn M. Cassano

Strategic Communications Specialist & Content Producer

As communications and public relations expert with a background in journalism and multimedia content creation, I bring curiosity and a strategic approach to the creation of content for television, print, social media, and web platforms. I leverage this expertise to lead results-driven communications and marketing projects that help organizations manage their reputation with key stakeholders, fulfill their mission, and move the needle on strategic goals. From recruitment videos to long-form feature stories, I know how to help organizations communicate to internal and external audiences. I'm always on the lookout for mission-driven projects. I have produced more than 150 health news segments sponsored by the University of Miami Health System for air on WPLG (ABC-10) in South Florida, as well as longer documentary-style projects for prominent healthcare institutions. I also created The Methods Section, a capsule public health news podcast available on iTunes, www.publichealthmethods.org. My areas of interest include healthcare, higher education, media, and government/non-profit sectors. I hold a Masters of Public Health (MPH) from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a B.S. in Journalism from Syracuse University's Newhouse School (Go Orange!), where I graduated as valedictorian and University Scholar. For fun I write fiction, play tennis, and enjoy spending time between South Florida and Massachusetts with my husband and two daughters.


Dan Downs

Marketing and advertising copywriter, creative thinker, and passionate sustainability advocate

Who I am: Hi there 👋 I'm Dan, a senior copywriter at Bozell, avid reader (see you on Goodreads 👀), amateur pumpkin farmer, and lover of new tech.  What I do: I create accurate, effective copy that fits my clients' brands like a glove, and inspires their audiences to take action. Across the web, social media, emails hot and cold, print and digital media, billboards/OOH, video, radio, and more, I've created content for nearly every industry. Why I do it: Over the last ten years, I've honed my copywriting and marketing skills in both in-house and agency roles. But no matter where I'm working, I love the act of creating and collaborating with other creatives to bring my clients unique, eye-catching, impactful marketing campaigns. Get to know me: - I love keeping up with industry trends and picking up new skills by taking webinars and marketing courses. - I'm passionate about sustainability and would love to talk to you about what you can do to reduce your impact. - On weekends, you can find me spending time with my wife and two sons. We love a good park outing or a hike! What to do next: Let's chat! View my portfolio, then click the link below to reach out on LinkedIn.


Janna Mandell

Personal Health + Skin Health + Wellness Journalist

Janna Mandell is a New York Metropolitan Area-based journalist covering personal health, skin health, and wellness, most recently for The Washington Post. In addition to debunking myths and calling out fearmongering, Ms. Mandell writes evidence-based explainers and service stories on skin conditions and how to treat them. Industry peers have called her a trend-spotter for her early coverage of trends like the Korean beauty craze and the natural beauty boom years before hitting the mainstream. In her reporting, she has interviewed everyone from CEOs and academics to toxicologists and dermatologists.


Lisa Newhouse

Copywriter/Content Marketing Specialist

Persuasive B2B & B2C copywriter and marketing professional who implements digital marketing strategies focused on engaging clients & driving profits. Strong history with email automation, performing keyword research, applying SEO principles, designing WordPress websites that improve UX and increase traffic. Exceptional communication, organization, and leadership skills, with the ability to effectively manage multiple projects and stakeholders.


Hayley Harrison

Health | Personal Finance | Employment

Hayley Harrison is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work appears on the Los Angeles Times website and on a wide range of websites. Indeed, The Home Depot, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart Canada and REI are among her current and former clients. Hayley brings first-hand knowledge of the finance industry thanks to her previous experience as branch manager for a mid-sized regional bank and as a licensed accident and health insurance agent. She is passionate about helping consumers help make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals by simplifying complex topics relating to insurance and personal finance. Early in her freelance career, Hayley began producing content related to health care as well. She provides well-researched articles, blog posts and patient guides for retailers, practices and providers on a wide range of health topics from weight loss to women's health to treatments and prevention.


Gallit Itzhaki

Curious Content Strategist. Data and Word Nerd. Mother. Powerlifter.

My name is Gallit. It's like "delete" with a "G." I help organizations stand out by digging deep into research, developing data driven digital content strategies and copy that is clear, concise, and empathetic. From engaging social media posts to bold web pages, I understand how to simplify, test, optimize, and write content that will attract prospects and engage users. I love the combination of innovative design and captivating words. Below, you'll find examples of web pages, processes, blog articles, eBooks, and case studies I've project managed, designed, written, or edited. Let's help your customers by creating the best content experiences together.


Dinell Williams

Fashion & Beauty Writer/Editor

Dinell Williams is an experienced fashion/beauty writer and editor for consumer and B2B publications and brands. She has over 10 years of experience as a Beauty Editor for various consumer and trade publications, plus experience in the B2B space at a software company managing the content calendar and creative team. Email: [email protected]


Sarah Bowen

Writer | Blogger | Cook Book Author

As a content writer, Sarah has written articles on various subjects, including food, animals, technology, education, and more. She writes articles in the form of top 10 lists, how-to's, promotional material, and informative pieces. Sarah's goal is to help companies grow and gain brand name recognition through her writing. Her favorite writing style is SEO content writing. Sarah also wrote, edited, and self-published a cookbook. Additional writing samples and references are available upon request.


Sasha Laghonh

Founder | Speaker | Host | Creator | Author | Sashatalks.com

Sasha is the Founder of Sasha Talks, an educational and entertainment platform that integrates self & professional development into nurturing meaningful outcomes. She partners with individuals and commercial clients to capitalize upon their talent. Visit www.sashatalks.com to learn more. #business #growth #learning #entertainment #lifestyle